Tips for Home Security This Summer

Home Security This Summer

So, you? re planning your regular annual summer vacation and you are wondering if you are forgetting something? Have you made arrangements to have your mail and newspapers collected by a neighbor? Have you placed timers on several lights and home electronics, such as a television or radio? Did you do a thorough safety check around your entire home?

What does that mean? Well, spring and summer are a great time to do some really thorough examinations of your home?s overall security. Almost every home has at least one area or location that is a liability. Of course, this does not mean only to intruders, but general problems and disasters as well.
Home Security
Home Security

Consider that springtime is also a time for pipes to burst. A good home security inspection will look for signs of trouble, and may also be a good time to install sensors or detectors that will be triggered at the first signs of trouble.

The spring and summer months are also a time when many homeowners discover that latches and locking mechanisms on their screen doors and windows are not operating correctly. This too is a serious liability where security is concerned and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Home Security cameras

What about the garage? Crime statistics indicate that the majority of convicted home burglars will admit that they entered a home primarily from two locations? the front door and the door that connected the home to the attached garage. This means that anyone planning on heading out for a week?s vacation might want to spend an afternoon installing a strong connecting door along with a very durable locking mechanism as well.

What about all of the shrubs and bushes around the home? Sadly enough, burglars also admit to using our beautiful plantings and garden areas as cover for their activities. It is very easy to hide in a thick and blooming forsythia or hydrangea bush while tinkering with a window or locked gate. Spring and summer might not be the ideal time to prune back all flowering shrubs, but it is a good time to identify those that need to be cut back in order to make them less appealing to criminals.

Have you tried to get into your basement access way? Not many homeowners actually use this hatchway on a regular basis, and many don't realize that a lock has deteriorated. If you haven't gone up and out of your basement through this door in a while, the springtime is a great time to see if it is still secure.
Home Security systems

The spring and summer months are a time of fun and relaxation, but remember that burglars and disasters never take a break. If you want to enjoy complete comfort during a vacation or getaway, you can perform all of the tasks recommended in this article, and you might want to consider contacting your local security system company. They can install alarms and systems that monitor for water leaks, burglary attempts, fire, smoke, and other problems. They provide 24-hour a day monitoring, which means you can vacation knowing that your home is safe from every possible threat, this is Tips for Home Security This Summer, hopefully, this article can add ideas to you

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