100 Country Kitchen Ideas To Inspire The Heart Of Your Home Kitchen Room Ideas

100 Country Kitchen Ideas to Inspire the Heart of Your Home

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It's the place where everyone gathers to enjoy meals, shares stories, including cause memories, so on course inspire your own area.

Stainless Steel

Pairing stainless steel appliances with a rustic made of wood table including chair place keeps from looking overly industrial.

100 Country Kitchen Ideas to Inspire the Heart of Your Home

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Bright including White

incorporated a beautiful low rug in her kitchen to add a pop on color.

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Reclaimed Island

Seth including Chad Gilbert used chippy low wainscoting they salvaged from their front porch for the isle in their .

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Rolling Island

Take a tip from the queen on the kitchen,: "I like using restaurant rolling carts topped with marble. I keep three, including they're useful for moving approximately heavy equipment," she says.

100 Country Kitchen Ideas to Inspire the Heart of Your Home

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Wooden Beams

Beautiful beams, holding large galvanized lights, force the eyeball to look up, down, including all approximately .

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Show off Your Stuff

No storage space? No problem! uses open shelving to show off his collectables.

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Play With Patterns

prefers his kitchen utensils to be just a little bit different. "I like to mix including match vintage patterns," he says.

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Nice including Balance

Wooden cabinets including a matching hood—reclaimed from a chicken coop!—bring a country feel, including a subway tile backsplash refines .

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Shortcut Shiplap

Although it's nice to keep the real deal, you can get the same look by using an idea from . "They’re just strips on plywood nailed to the wall," she says.

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Wood Clad Walls

Lynne Knowlton brightens up her dark with pale decorative elements.

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Bigger including Better

While renovating his , Bobby Houston knew he wanted the kitchen as big as could be. His volume features pale ash cabinets, pale Carrara marble, impassioned concrete floors, including a fireplace, all under a timberframe ceiling.

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Airy including Neutral

Floating shelves including open storage take the place on bulky cabinets to cause feel even more spacious. The shelves above the sink including under the isle are also the faultless place to display favorite kitchenwares including trinkets.

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Rustic including Refined

This volume is the faultless juxtaposition on modern amenities including country charm. Plaid pillows, made of wood chairs, including raw beams ensure this volume feels cozy including homey, while polished metals throughout cause it feel sophisticated.

Get the look: Plaid hurl pillows ($53 each; )

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Light It Up

"I love a table lamp in a kitchen," says James, the couturier at the rear of )

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Checked Ceiling

All-white cabinetry? Indulge in a pattern overhead. Green gingham wallpaper will be a color you'll at no time get tired on seeing.

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Black including White Flooring

When hardwoods won't do, this certain combo foots the bill.

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Milk Glass Lighting

The (a steal at $90!) including kitchen cabinets.

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Black Appliances

Plain old stainless steel has its merits, but in a small kitchen, a giant section on silvery metal can quickly prevail over the room. Appliance manufacturers such as keep wised up to this dilemma, including keep introduced refrigerators, stoves, including microwaves in complex shades on black including slate.

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