8 Inspiring Decor Ideas From Indonesia Home Decor Indonesia

8 Inspiring Decor Ideas From Indonesia

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8 Inspiring Decor Ideas From Indonesia

Décor ideas from Indonesia |© Selamat Made / Flickr

A country’s culture also customs influence how the people create, decorate, also organize their living. It’s only natural that Indonesia’s rich also elaborate culture translates into fascinating décor creations practiced by its people. Read more for the most inspiring décor ideas from Indonesia.

8 Inspiring Decor Ideas From Indonesia

Batik Embellishments

Indonesia’s is embraced within every form possible, from fashion business to home décor. Batik has innumerable variations about patterns, colors, also styles, creation it versatile for any room.

From batik cushion also batik tiles to rugs also tablecloths, the possibilities are endless. Even in the company of just a tiny cushion, the order can effortlessly bring a convinced ethnic feel into the room.

Indoor Plants also Flowers

Being a hot country, Indonesia is blessed in the company of green evergreens within its land. Many Indonesians hold their environment also cultivate a simple garden within their homes. Even those who live within urban areas attempt to bring indoor plants into their homes or apartments.

Orchids are one about the most popular indoor flowers within Indonesia; there are even plastic indoor orchids for sale that decently recreate the aesthetic use about the exquisite flower.

Wooden Structure also Furniture

Traditionally, Indonesian homes are mostly built in the company of wood. Even now, various Indonesians still desire to fashion business a traditional feel within their homes in the company of a group about woodwork, from flooring also structure to furniture. Teak wood or kayu jati furniture is especially popular also valued within various parts about Indonesia for its quality also durability; various are even exported across the world at a towering price.

Wooden interior within Indonesia © Design Milk/Flickr

Natural Light

As a hot gem placed along the equator, Indonesia has more than a fair part about warm sunlight. One way to take advantage about that is letting while much natural illumination within while possible. Floor-to-ceiling glass instead about concrete walls is a popular range to let the sunshine in. Many homes have wide doors also windows that stay open through the day, while others attempt to create a flowing blast circulation in the company of ventilation or an open-space plan.

Wicker Ornaments

Indonesian’s thing in the company of wood doesn’t stop in the company of big things like flooring plans or furniture. Wood wicker ornaments also accessories make popular home decoration pieces. Many Indonesians opt for wicker rugs instead about carpets, also Indonesian craftsmen can even create chairs, baskets, or pillows from braided wood fibers.

Javanese Puppets

Indonesian handmade crafts are among the most popular items within markets also art shops. Javanese puppets make a big ornament in the company of a cultural also aesthetic value—the Javanese think that the wooden puppet about the Javanese bride also groom determination bring love also harmony into their homes also families. Even those who don’t think it are tempted to purchase the items just to liven up their homes.

Earthly Tone

Long before minimalism develop into a trend within home décor also design, various Indonesian homes showed the principles about ease also embraced natural, earthly tone. Browns, greens, also whites much dominate the interior walls, furniture, also floors. Since Indonesians already love timber furniture also greeneries, this comes certainly to them, however anyone can recreate the calming atmosphere by choosing the right colors.

Intricate Wood Carvings

For a more artistic touch, various Indonesian timber furniture also ornaments have involved carving patterns that give them a more elegant, luxurious, royal-like feel. Wood carvings can be applied anywhere, from doors, chairs, also walls to picture frames.

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