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  • Vendors offering decorations
    • .
    • .
    • after the Tier 4 upgrade assorted decorations for Guild Commendations
    • .
    • Quatermasters within Dragonfall.
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  • Upgrading the ]


    Decorations for personalizing your society hall.

    Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
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      Obstacles to customize your society lobby arena. Items within the Arena category can only be used when obstacles within the owning guild's arena. Spend items by talking to the Obstacle Coordinator within the arena.

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      • ]

        Guild panel > Guild storage > Decorations

        When decorations are crafted or purchased, each is immediately placed into the society storage flap of the . Guild permissions are required to place, remove, or use decorations when a scribe:

        • Decorator — Players can place, move, and remove decorations within the society hall.
        • Arena Decorator — Players can place, move, and remove decorations within the arena.
        • Remove All Decorations — Players can remove all decorations from the society lobby and return them to society storage.


        • Players are restricted to placing decorations according to the current guild's permission
        • Each decoration can be selected via the ]
          • Holding left click while placing down a decoration allows you to rotate it.
          • Purchased decorations are deposited directly into society storage.
          • Decorations can be removed after being placed and will return to the guild's storage
          • There is a maximum limit of 2000 placed decorations per Guild Hall
          • There is no limit per decoration within the Storage UI


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