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Horseshoe Wall Decor

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Horseshoe Wall Decor

A horseshoe when partition decoration may symbolize great luck.

A horseshoe when partition decoration may symbolize great luck.

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Horseshoe Wall Decor

For somebody who enjoys spending time on top of a ranch or riding a horse, a splash of western decoration is sure to please during time spent at home. Whether the dwelling is already packed in the company of state style or only a do business within progress, horseshoe partition decoration embellishes the look without requiring much space.

Get Lucky

For some, a horseshoe in the company of its ends pointing upward symbolizes luck. Place only horseshoe over a door entering or exiting a dwelling to set the tone for both visitors and those leaving the house for the day. If you have horseshoes to spare, create a partition frontier in the company of them, placing only every several feet along the summit edge of only partition or even all the walls within the room. Using mismatched horseshoes for the ceiling frontier adds homegrown charm, when if you've saved each shoe you've found over a number of years.

Stompin' With Stamps

A craft stamp showing only or two horseshoes is another way to add themed decoration to the wall. If you can't find a stamp big enough for your standard horseshoe print, make only yourself from a sheet of shipping foam carved on top of only side in the company of a horseshoe design. Apply latex or acrylic craft paint to a stamp of any size to create your design, such when hoofprints across the partition within a random fashion business or when a frontier near the floor or ceiling. Play off the Olympic rings theme by stamping a series of overlapping horseshoe prints on top of the partition when a focal point, using separate colors for each shoeprint, if you like.

Framed Finds

A horseshoe can be used when a wall-mounted picture setting of sorts; run a fine disrobe of leather through holes within the shoe, creating a loop at the summit to hang the horseshoe open end up on top of a wall. A picture slit to the size of the horseshoe mounts to the back of the shoe in the company of double-sided tape. Actual relations photos or reprints of Old West scenes serve when fillers for the horseshoe photo frames.

Embellished Accents

The horseshoes themselves do not need to be left within found or as-is condition; embellish them to match the room's decor, such when painting them in the company of a scene of sky and pine trees for lodge-style decor, or within shades of tan, light blue or light green for a lakeside cabin vibe. Add webbing and feathers for a dreamcatcher-style horseshoe, uniting themes of the Old West.

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