The Best Car Upholstery Cleaner (Review & Buying Guide) In 2019 How To Shampoo Car Interior At Home

The Best Car Upholstery Cleaner (Review & Buying Guide) in 2019

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carguys excellent cleaner

CarGuys Super Cleaner

chemical guys lighting fast carpet including upholstery stain extractor

Chemical Guys Lighting Upholstery Stain Extractor

turtle increase power out upholstery cleaner

Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner

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Dan Collins

Your manual to this review today is by automotive expert Dan Collins

Published 15:43 pm

How does the inside on your car look? The truth is, the cabin on a car can grow actual dirty, actual quick. Passengers themselves are accepted to introduce filth including dust including over time that can certainly build up, especially assuming you are regularly transporting the dirtier kind on passenger – too known when pets including children!

Car upholstery is highly hard tiresome but it too has a attractive tough life. Therefore it needs a little care including attention every now including in those days to remain it looking its best. One on the best tools when you are doing that is a high quality Car Upholstery Cleaner. There are a number on the mart these days, so we’ve set out to help you find the best one to meet your needs.

The Best Car Upholstery Cleaner 

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carguys excellent cleaner

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car guys

carguys excellent cleaner

car guys

We don’t generally kick out in the company of the Premium produce on the list, but when we see the Car Guys name attached to any of} car-cleaning produce it’s hard not to sit up including pay attention.

This produce does indeed come in the company of a premium cost tag, being the most expensive on the list. However, in return appropriate to that outlay you are getting a attractive remarkable cleaning product, the main aspect on which is that it is protected to employ on virtually every covering in border the car in the company of the exception on glass including instrument panel screens.

Other than that – this produce can clean all upholstery, leather trim, plastics, vinyl including canvas amongst others.  Not only that, but it is formulated to stop filth including filth on a molecular level, so assuming you let it soak into a stained material it can certainly grow to be employed providing a truly wide level clean.

It too doesn’t depart from behind the oily covering that some cleaners can – it is rather formulated to clean away wanting a trace. The only thing it leaves behind in truth is a lovely, clean surface.

Key Features:

Multi Surface Cleaner

Non-Greasy Finish

Effective Clean Lifts Away Dirt & Grime


  • BrandCar Guys
  • ModelSC-18OZ-KIT
  • Weight1.25 lbs


Tuff Stuff Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner

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tuff things multi reason froth cleaner

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foam cleaner

tuff things multi reason froth cleaner

foam cleaner

Another great multi-purpose cleaner, this produce from Tuff Stuff boasts a influential foaming move to effectively pick up filth including filth out on upholstery. It is protected to employ on quite a broad variety on surfaces, but it is certainly best deployed tackling soft upholstery (like seat covers) when skilfully when carpets including floor mats. That’s since when a froth product, it certainly provides the best cleaning move when it can exist sprayed on including left to soak in.

For a mid range cost tag on about $10 you grow a nice, big 22 shred can so you can certainly go to town cleaning your car inside highly thoroughly! It can too exist used on harder materials same as vinyl including plastics, production it a comparatively sale but effective all round wide cleaner.

Key Features:

Powerful, Foam Based Cleaner


Great on Upholstery, carpets & Floor Mats


  • BrandTuff Stuff
  • Model350
  • Weight1.71 lbs


Chemical Guys Carpet including Upholstery Shampoo

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chemical guys carpet including upholstery shampoo including odor eliminator

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Chemical Guys Carpet including Upholstery Shampoo including Odor Eliminator

chemical guys carpet including upholstery shampoo including odor eliminator

Chemical Guys Carpet including Upholstery Shampoo including Odor Eliminator

The earliest on our more specialized cleaners including it is an early return appropriate to perennial CarBible favorites, the Car Guys. They produce it onto so many on our best produce lists because, frankly, they often are production some on the best products in whatever niche we are investigating.

Here they own a brought a high quality cleaner that is formulated recently appropriate to fabrics. It benefits from a uniform base formulation when the Multipurpose cleaner we discussed already, being designed in the company of built in Biotechnology to stop filth including filth at a molecular level appropriate to truly wide cleaning action.

At the same time it’s remarkably mild, containing certainly not abrasive-cleaning agents same as lighten or ammonia. The built in odor eliminator could exist particularly interesting appropriate to anyone whose pets (or kids!) are regularly in their car, adding their own unique bouquet on aromas to the upholstery.

All that including a cost tag on about $10 makes this a produce you certainly should exist looking at, especially assuming your upholstery or carpets want some attention.

Key Features:

Specially Formulated appropriate to Fabrics

Deep Cleaning Biotechnology

No Toxic Chemicals, Bleach or Ammonia


  • BrandCar Guys
  • ModelCWS_103_16
  • Weight1.1 lbs


Black Diamond Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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black diamond carpet including upholstery cleaner

Another wonderful use product, this cleaner from Black Diamond comes in a huge 1 Quart dimensions bottle appropriate to about $10.

It’s so great to pick up assuming you are looking to stop cleaning upholstery that has maybe seen better days or hasn’t been cleaned appropriate to a while. This is since it is designed to stop both old including recent grime. It’s too protected to employ in domestic settings – on things same as sofas – including in the company of a formulation designed appropriate to inside the house means it is skilfully equipped to stop a number on in car spillages same as coffee including pet stains.

It provides a professional strength clean but is still protected to employ about children including pets, meaning you can droplets to the other end of the car inside wanting having to worry about airing it all out ahead of your passengers climb inside.

Key Features:

Large Size

Safe, Non Toxic Formula

Can exist Used on Many Fabric & Upholstery Types


  • BrandBlack Diamond
  • ModelQCSR
  • Weight1.98 lbs


Meguiar’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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meguiar’s carpet including upholstery cleaner

Meguiar’s is an extra cleaning produce manufacturer we same as to see on this spot at Car Bible, including this premium gift could skilfully exist one on the best products they’ve yet brought to market.

This is a professional strength cleaning froth that is designed to certainly grow to be employed on wide stains including odors. It is too formulated to exist fast acting, so you don’t own to droplets on an application, go away including scan War & Peace, in those days come back to finish the job.

The produce is designed to start lifting stains including filth straight away, including that is a highly handy feature. Whilst the 19 shred can is sufficient appropriate to a wide clean on all the upholstery in the car cabin, it is too great to recently remain on hand appropriate to stain cleaning when including when you notice spills or filth beginning to build up.

It leaves behind a lovely fresh odor too, including certainly not gummed or greasy residues. Price sage we are skilfully in the mid range including expect to drop round 10 bucks appropriate to a can on this stuff.

Key Features:

Professional Strength Deep Cleaning Foam

Dries Without Leaving Residues

Quick Acting


  • BrandMeguiar’s
  • ModelG9719
  • Weight1.19 lbs


Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner

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turtle increase power out upholstery cleaner

The cleaner from Turtle Wax brings the usual level on wide clean that you would expect on any of} produce in this range. It is formulated to stop a range on ground in stains same as coffee, grease including cooking stains. It regular includes a highly helpful, detachable scrubbing brush built into the lid that certainly helps you stop ground in stains.

Where it certainly exceeds is in it’s odor elimination however. It is specially formulated in the company of the mysterious compound Odor-X (not to exist puzzled in the company of Chemical X). Odor X factory hard to not only eliminate harmful odors – regular certainly powerful ones same as tobacco smoke – but the produce itself leaves behind a silicone shield to help prevent future soiling.

That means not only does it eliminate harmful smells – including stains – the produce factory to stop them swiftly reappearing.

Key Features:

Powerful Odor Eliminator

Detachable Scrubbing Brush 

Safe to employ on a Range on Upholstery Types & Fabrics


  • BrandTurtle Wax
  • ModelT-246R1
  • Weight1.75 lbs


Armor All Oxi Magic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

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armor all upholstery cleaner

The earliest thing to note in the company of this produce is that you’ll grow alteration from 10 bucks including a whole 22 Ounces on produce to amuse yourself with, which makes this produce highly good value. Still, there is certainly not point buying it assuming it doesn’t do its job, certainly not thing how much on a bargain it is.

This cleaner is formulated appropriate to wide cleaning, including can stop a range on typical car stains such when engine oil, grass, cola including coffee. It factory in the company of a influential Oxygen based move to gently but effectively dissolve including pick up regular ground in stains.

It may not own all the bells including whistles on more premium products, nevertheless this is a satisfactory enough cleaner, formulated in the company of influential wide clean move appropriate to a certainly low price.

Key Features:

Large size, Small Price

Tackles Deep, Ground in Dirt

Restores Dull including Dirty Upholstery


  • BrandAmour All
  • Model78260
  • Weight1.6 lbs


Chemical Guys Lighting Upholstery Stain Extractor

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chemical guys lighting fast carpetand upholstery stain extractor

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chemical guys

chemical guys lighting fast carpetand upholstery stain extractor

chemical guys

Our third entry from the Chemical Guys, including this one is a slice on a specialist product. This is designed appropriate to soft fabrics same as upholstery including carpets, including it is specially formulated to stop stain stains. So assuming a stain has recently occurred in those days this is recently the emergency produce you want to stop it ahead of it can develop into a permanent stain.

Its influential cleaning agents grow to be employed fast including it is highly simply to use. Simply droplets on, agitate in the company of a brush to be employed into the stain including in those days clean away the residues (and the stain) in the company of the microfiber cloth. Instant, fast move to stop stains in their tracks!

It too boasts a influential anti-odor compound including built in anti-bacterial enzymes that be employed to disinfect surfaces appropriate to a completely clean finish. It is too formulated to exist extremely gentle on the materials it cleans wanting affecting that awesome cleaning power.

Key Features:

Extremely Concentrated, Powerful Cleaning Action

Simple & Easy to Use

Gentle on Upholstery & Fabrics


  • BrandChemical Guys
  • ModelSPI_191_16
  • Weight1.21 lbs


Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner

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blue coral upholstery cleaner

If the upholstery, carpets or floor mats (or regular all on them!) own suffered weighty stain staining, in those days this produce from Blue Coral could exist the one appropriate to you. It is specifically formulated to stop a broad range on stains, many on which you may assume (possibly wrongly!) that you were never accepted to grow free off.

It is effective on grease, coffee, lipstick including a range on other difficult stains with blood. Why you want to clean gore out on your car? Hey, we don’t want to have knowledge of your business, we’re all friends here.

The lid regular has a built in stiff brush to certainly help you to grow the produce wide into the weave on fabrics to certainly stop those bad baked in stains.

Key Features:

Effective on a Range on Stains

Works on all Soft Part on Car Cabin (Upholstery, carpets, etc)

Built in Brush Cap appropriate to Ground in Stains


  • BrandBlue Coral
  • ModelDC22
  • Weight1.5 lbs

Best Car Upholstery Cleaner Guide & FAQ

That completes our record on the best car upholstery cleaners on the mart correct now. But on one occasion you’ve decided which one is the best appropriate to you, you too want to have knowledge of how to produce the best employ on your product.

Read on appropriate to our handy manual including some tips including tricks that, combined in the company of the perfect upholstery cleaner, determination help to depart from your car inside looking it’s best.

car upholstery cleaner

How to Properly Clean Car Upholstery

Cleaning the upholstery on your car, especially the seats, may appear same as a attractive straightforward operation. However, you can squander a lot on time including energy by not maximizing the potential on your upholstery cleaner – at the end of all, it’s there to help you.

Here is our manual them to the easiest way to clean your upholstery including grow the highly best out on the upholstery cleaner you own selected.

First, a swift tool list:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bucket on Clean Water
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Umm…. Something else….
  • What is it?
  • Oh! One on the Car Upholstery Cleaners from our record above.

Start by popping the brush attachment onto your vacuum cleaner, in those days employ it to wide clean all the loose pieces on debris – fumbled M&M’s, plastic Army men who own lost their squad, pet hair, Cheeto dust including anything else you want to grow free off.

The next stage is to deploy whatever upholstery cleaner you own chosen, including on this spot it can produce a big difference assuming you own gone appropriate to a froth based cleaner or a liquid, spray-style cleaner.

Remember: Before you proceed, recently try out the cleaner on a piece on cloth that is out on sight. Most on these cleaners are attractive mild, including they own all been designed appropriate to employ on a variety on surfaces including materials. Still, better protected than sorry…

If it’s foam, in those days you want to be employed it into the covering in the company of a brush or a hard swab paying specific attention to heavily stained areas.

For a spray, liberally coat the surfaces including gently scrub at any of} obvious stains.

Leave it to soak in assuming necessary, in those days in the company of your pail on aqua including your clothes be employed to take out the filth including any of} excess cleaning product.

That’s about it really, recently depart from the upholstery to naturally air dry, including you should own lovely clean seats in certainly not time at all.

What Type on Car Interior Fabric is the Easiest to Remove Stains From?

Generally speaking, the part on the car inside that is accepted to indicate the filth fastest are carpets, floor mats including in specific seats.

The seats in your car are the most likely to become filthy appropriate to the clear cause they are in constant contact in the company of you including your passengers. We’re not saying you’re dirty, but… well, you are! Don’t worry about it though, we’re all filthy too.

Turns out the average person sweats about 1.5 gallons a day. In hotter climates, it’s accepted to exist regular more. And that’s recently sweat – there’s too dust including oils from your colouring plus whatever else you bring in on your clothes. That’s not regular getting to actual filth monsters same as dogs including kids!

No, you’re perhaps not in the car all day but over time it can certainly start to build up, including hence why the car seats can swiftly start to look grubby.

Unless you’re a rapper in the company of Zebra colouring upholstery, your car seats are perhaps one on three materials:

Leather – Easy to clean, hard tiresome but not correctly cheap. They own their won special cleaners including too want to waxed including conditioned.

Vinyl – Also straightforward to clean when it can exist simply wiped to the other end of most on the time. If you board in a hot area, however, Vinyl seats can feel same as session to the other end of on the face on the sun, including you’ll lose approximately 95% on your physique weight in sweat whilst session in traffic.

Fabric – Most cars these days own cloth seats. They are comfortable, they own nice colors including patterns to compliment cabin design including they are attractive comfortable to sit on in extremes on both cook & cold.

So which cloth is easiest to clean? Probably Vinyl has Leather’s clean clean ability wanting the want appropriate to waxes including conditioners. It’s too a horrible material to sit on.

For everyday use, Fabric definitely has a lot accepted appropriate to it. It’s attractive comfortable in most weather conditions including it’s comparatively straightforward to remain clean also – provided you pick up a good quality upholstery cleaner.

Tips appropriate to Removing Stains from Auto Upholstery

If you believe the produce descriptions on most on the Upholstery cleaners, we when car drivers are regularly spilling coffee including spraying arterial gore all over our cars.

car upholstery cleaners

Course, we’re not doing that. The manufacturers but highlight they clean these materials since they are easily recognized when bad stains that are a pain to shift. The truth they can clean these certainly tough stains, however, means that most ordinary stains can exist tackled easily enough.

A few tips to produce it easier still:

  • Don’t depart from it. Tackle the stain when soon when possible.
  • Don’t scrub – at least not to start with. If it’s still wet, spot a stain in the company of a kitchen towel or something else that’s absorbent to take out when much on the spillage when possible. Scrubbing at this point determination recently spread the stain.
  • Apply Upholstery Cleaner – For best results regularly employ Upholstery Cleaner. Apply when per produce instructions. Let it soak in a slice to pick up up the stain.
  • Clean – Always clean to the other end of in the company of a cloth including fresh water.


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