12 Best Bedroom Paint Ideas

Have you noticed how colour can affect your temper? When thinking about bedroom paint thoughts, the right bed room paint shade desire will make a huge distinction in the way you feel.

Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung pioneered the concept of color psychology. He become interested by colours’ homes and meanings and believed that colourful artwork had the potential as a device for psychotherapy.

Although there are rules on what colorations are quality for a bed room, anyone has their very own choices and tastes. You may be drawn to an surprising color that has traits you want extra of on your life. Forget the conventional regulations. Pick a shade you like and paint your bed room partitions, ceiling, trim, furniture, or some thing that makes you happy.

Bedroom Paint Ideas and Techniques

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Painting your bed room is an less expensive way to customise your bedroom’s style. To maximize your bed room paint design, paint extra than simply the walls.  You can paint any spot from the bed room ceiling to the ground. Here are a few decorating thoughts that use paint to take your bedroom to the subsequent stage:

Wall Molding

If you’re feeling adventurous, add intensity to a wall by using attaching wall molding in rectangular or square shapes earlier than painting. The wall molding provides a completely unique dimensional impact to your bedroom. For contrast, select a different paint shade for the molding.



Stripes and Patterns

For a dramatic effect, try portray a stripe or several on your partitions. Stripes don’t have to be uniform or constantly vertical. A stripe can run horizontally or in a sample.


Metallic Wall Paint

If your room is obviously dark, metallic paints upload a warm sheen on your walls. They require numerous coats to use but are really worth the very last effect. You can locate clean-to-use metal paints in a variety of hues. The wall in the photograph below is painted in a metal metallic paint colour.


Paint the Ceiling

Painting your bedroom ceiling can create extra visual interest. For a bold appearance, paint your bed’s headboard wall as a non-stop line that consists of up to the ceiling, forming a cover effect just like the picture below, or upload stripes to the ceiling like the black and white bed room underneath.



Lighting Effect

A easy DIY mission that makes a huge effect in a painted bedroom is a wall dimmer transfer. Dimmers are less expensive and help create the proper lighting fixtures to enhance your temper. Being capable of brighten or dim a room on call for is specifically helpful in case you’ve painted your bed room partitions in a bold color.

What Bedroom Paint Colors Say About You

Look at the colors beneath and select your favourite. We’re going to check what your colour choice says approximately your personality or what you could want extra of on your existence.



If you chose gray as your favored, you want minimalist layout and the ultra-modern high-tech devices. You’re hard running and need a bedroom in which you can recharge. Luckily, grey isn't handiest the top modern paint shade coloration of the moment, grey walls are soothing and restful.



If you’re drawn to yellow, you’re a perfectionist and a dreamer. Highly highbrow, you have a first-rate thoughts for abstract topics and commercial enterprise. You’re surprisingly charismatic and make humans experience at ease for your organisation. Choosing yellow says you need to provide your self extra time to loosen up, suppose and dream.

If you’re no longer positive approximately portray your whole bedroom vivid yellow, try those guidelines:

–Only paint one wall yellow
Go for gold to create a rich, inviting bed room
Use yellow as an accessory colour for bedding or add-ons



Orange enthusiasts are noticeably social and fearless. You love adventure, tour and meeting humans. Orange bedroom walls are warm and invoke enthusiasm. It’s one of the top colors of preference in modern design. If you’re drawn to orange, it’s time to feature some a laugh to your lifestyles (and bed room partitions).



Blue may additionally come in quite a few shade tones, but most blue fanatics have some thing in not unusual: a want for peace and harmony. If you selected blue, you’re loyal, have lifelong buddies and prefer a habitual. Blue enthusiasts generally tend to decide on a space that is easy and prepared, so make certain to no longer best paint your walls, but also upload a bit greater garage and business enterprise in your bed room. You’ll experience extra at domestic and rested in a peaceful, uncluttered blue bed room.




Choosing mocha manner you’re down-to-earth and honest. Reliable and confident, human beings are drawn in your proper self. You respect the easy luxuries of life and love adorning your home. Being interested in the shade mocha may be telling you which you need to gradual down and experience extra time in nature.



If black is your color choice, you’re mysterious and sultry. Prestige and energy are vital to you. You’re robust, impartial and on top of things. People who are attracted to black love privateness — black is the suitable colour for the blanketed, intimate area of your bed room. If you chose black, ask yourself if you need to set extra barriers on your private and work relationships to sense balanced and in control.



If green became your color preference, you’re smooth to get at the side of, patient and steer clean of drama. Green is considered the most relaxing color. There are many shades of green available, all of which can create a strain-free environment. Is your life a bit chaotic lately? That may be the purpose you’ve chosen inexperienced. Embrace it and create a peaceful, zen bedroom.

If you furthermore may need an environmentally green room, select indoors paints that are low-VOC and chemical loose.


Using colour therapy in your bed room is as easy as portray the partitions. If you’re considering ambitious colorations and need to ease into things, start small. Paint a single wall, upload stripes or use the chosen colour as your accent shade. Share with us, what shade persona did you pick?

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