Best Kitchen Flooring Ideas

There are so many kitchen floors options available that it is able to sense difficult to find the proper one. When making your selection, you’ll need to remember two factors: function and durability. Whatever it’s fabricated from, your kitchen ground have to be easy-to-keep and long-lasting. There is a lovely alternative for you, irrespective of your fashion or budget. Follow this guide to recognize the expected prices and the professionals and cons of a number of the most popular kitchen floors options.

The kitchen is often one of the most famous rooms in the entire residence. For this purpose, you’ll want a cloth constructed to face up to lots of foot visitors over time. And because of the high quantity of spills — whether it's wine, sauce, oil or another liquid and food that has a tendency to stain — you’ll want kitchen floors that’s smooth to clean and maintain.

The pinnacle durable flooring options consist of:

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–Rubber flooring
–Wood laminate

Besides durability, cooking normally requires long durations of status and strolling to and fro. Flooring that has some cushioning is helpful, specially in case you be afflicted by returned troubles.

The maximum ergonomic flooring alternatives consist of:

–Carpet tile
–Rubber floors
–Hardwood laminate

Let’s study the materials to be had on your kitchen flooring ideas (in alphabetical order) and weigh their execs and cons.

Bamboo Kitchen Flooring

bamboo main

If you like green products, bamboo is great for kitchen floors. Bamboo grows extraordinarily speedy, making it a sustainable source for floors. In addition to being green, bamboo is one of the most powerful herbal substances available on the market, so it will withstand masses of use. Be sure to go along with a good brand with an extended guarantee, should you choose bamboo floors. The nice of the bamboo flooring is contemplated by using the length of the assurance.

Pros: Durable, superbly grained, green, long assurance available.

Cons: Some bamboo floors can dent without difficulty.

Cost: $2.09 – $5.91 according to rectangular foot, set up averages at $8 consistent with rectangular foot.

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

carpet 1

Since carpet is regularly hard to preserve and smooth, as it can soak up stains and spills, it has not continually been one of the more popular kitchen floors options. But the contemporary carpet tiles are a current kitchen ground solution. Designed and examined to be industrial grade for excessive traffic regions, made from durable, smooth to easy materials and easy to put in, they now make a unique kitchen floors idea. The nice part is that a carpet tile may be eliminated for cleaning or alternative. Choose a carpet tile from a corporation like Flor, designed for the contemporary, DIY purchaser. Be certain to shop for an extra container of tiles and keep for destiny replacements. For a contemporary look, use carpet tiles selectively in certain regions of your kitchen like the picture above, in place of wall to wall.

Pros: Durable, cutting-edge colours and textures, smooth and padded, recyclable.

Cons: Needs common cleaning and vacuuming.

Cost: $1 to $three.60 in line with rectangular foot

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

concrete main

Concrete has a present day look and tone this is hard to suit. It no longer only looks outstanding; due to its sturdiness, it can rise up to the busiest kitchens. There are various finishes you may provide concrete to customise its look. Freshly poured concrete can be stamped, whilst all concrete can be stained, polished, stenciled and waxed. If you like concrete floors and stay in a chillier weather, don't forget adding radiant floor heating beneath the concrete to warm up the fabric’s bloodless surface.

Pros: Durable, versatile, moisture resistant, modern searching.

Cons: Hard if status is needed for extended periods, bloodless, wishes resealing, can stain.

Cost: Depending on the level of practise required to put in and finish concrete, value averages range extensively between $2 – $30 according to rectangular foot set up.

Cork Kitchen Flooring

Cork is a good kitchen floors idea that offers a unique texture and a padded feel underfoot. Cork is a herbal insulator, and may help with both temperature adjustments and noise. It’s also obviously antimicrobial, because the waxy substance in the cork repels insects and pests. On a price range? Cork tiles are a great DIY answer that’s clean to put in. Choose a high-quality cork that like wooden, can be sanded and refinished periodically. Confirm that the cork has a long lasting end a good way to repel water and moisture. If choosing to install cork tiles, purchase some spares which can serve as future replacements have to the tile floors emerge as broken.

Pros: Earth pleasant, anti-microbial, smooth, padded experience, appealing texture options.

Cons: Can dent or scratch easily, developing imperfections at the floor that can trouble a few cork floors owners.

Cost: $5.24 – $7.24 in step with square foot.

Laminate Wood Kitchen Flooring

laminate fllors

Laminate wooden floors is an low-priced and sturdy kitchen floors concept. The pinnacle layer can face up to maximum abuse. If you upload padding under, it’s a tender, ergonomic floors answer. Easy-to-install and available in a huge type of styles, laminate wooden flooring is a easy, modern answer for kitchen floors. Choose laminate floors with the longest warranty feasible. Many include a 25-yr assure. For extra cushioning when status, deploy a manufacturer-recommended skinny foam sheet layer under.

Pros: Durable, value powerful, extensive variety of options, clean to put in and uninstall.

Cons: Is not as valued as actual timber floors, may be slippery, noisy, no longer refinishable.

Cost: $2.00 – $4.00 per square foot.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring


Rubber has comparable homes to cork, but comes in a larger form of shades and textures. It’s both easy-to-installation and doesn’t require an adhesive, way to its excessive-grip properties. This makes it a good temporary floors improve in case you’re in a rental apartment. It’s cushy underfoot, durable and has a non-slip floor, so it’s best for busy kitchens. And it’s to be had in sheeting or tiles so it’s easy to personalize. Choose richer, darker hues which cover oil stains higher. As an brought bonus, rubber tiles are less complicated to put in than sheeting. For an earth-pleasant kitchen floor, choose recycled rubber flooring, which is likewise much less luxurious.

Pros: Recyclable, naturally water and fireplace-resistant, durable, clean to clean, smooth, padded experience.

Cons: Some human beings are sensitive to the initial odor, oils can also stain the rubber’s surface.

Cost: Approximately $3.50, inclusive of set up.

Stone Kitchen Flooring

stone 1

There’s a excellent sort of stone floors to be had along with the most popular marble, travertine and slate. Because of the natural pattern and color variations determined in the cloth, stone is a superb kitchen floors idea that offers every kitchen a unique, earthy look. Stone flooring is also evidently cool, that's ideal in hotter climates. If installing stone flooring in a chilly climate, recall adding subfloor radiant heat to heat the floors inside the wintry weather. Purchase as a minimum 25% more than you need and keep your receipt to go back the rejected stone. Look via all your stone tiles before having them professionally installed. It’s probable that the grain and coloring of the stone will vary dramatically and you’ll want to hand pick out the portions you need mounted for a similar texture and tonal in shape.

Pros: Hard, long lasting floor, clean to clean.

Cons: Certain stones may additionally stain, calls for habitual sealing, some fragile stones like slate may additionally chip without difficulty.

Cost: Depending at the cloth, $17.ninety one – $27.53 in line with rectangular foot.

Tile Kitchen Flooring

tile pat

Tile floors is a outstanding, low-maintenance answer for a kitchen. It’s clean-to-easy, long lasting and has a reflective nice that expands the advent of area in a kitchen. The latest tile designs mimic timber and different textures and patterns. Know that tile no longer comes solely as a 12” square, so that you can personalize your design more without problems. Some of the today's current designs are huge, rectangular shapes. Hire a expert to install the tile floors, mainly if the subflooring is not perfectly stage. For ease of protection, set up tiles with grout traces which can be as small as feasible.

Pros: Durable, moisture resistant, smooth to keep, to be had in a massive assortment of patterns, shapes, and hues.

Cons: Grout strains may be hard to maintain smooth, dropped gadgets like glassware and dishes will likely shatter.

Cost: $eleven.34 – $17.38 consistent with square foot.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring


Vinyl is low cost, is available in a whole lot of textures and styles and is one of the maximum water-proof kitchen floors options. While tiles are easy to install, sheet vinyl calls for expert set up. Consider the brand new wood-appearance vinyl flooring planks. Easy to install, water-proof sufficient to be used in a bath, kitchen or wet area and textured to mimic wooden grain, it takes a careful appearance to see if the wooden plank vinyl flooring is clearly wood or no longer.

Pros: Easy to put in, water-proof, positive styles look much like timber.

Cons: Offgasses potentially dangerous chemical substances in your house, requires a perfect subfloor to put in on, can gouge without difficulty.

Cost: $2.83 – $three.82 per rectangular foot.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood has traditionally been on the top of purchaser’s lists for floors selections. Hardwood has a high-stop, warm look that’s unique, in step with grain and age. But hardwood inside the kitchen calls for unique protection from excess moisture. Add an extra coat of end in the kitchen to preserve the wooden sealed. If living in a high humidity or coastal location, keep away from wider planks, if you want to cup and deform over the years.

Pros: Adds resale price, attractive, long lasting, can be refinished.

Cons: Can be noisy, desires periodic refinishing, may also dent or scratch without problems.

Cost: $6 – $18 in keeping with square foot, such as set up.

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