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Carrier, one of the leading HVAC device manufacturers, offers a lot of heating and cooling products. Carrier manufactures units with first-class substances and stringent first-class control. While the company’s merchandise fee extra than the ones from competing brands, Carrier units are green and long-lasting.

Carrier’s wide choice of products lets in you to find exactly what you need. This guide includes facts approximately Carrier heating and cooling products, together with air conditioners, furnaces, warmth pumps, and packaged systems.

Key definitions

Below are some enterprise definitions you need to realize to assess the efficiency of Carrier products.

  • SEER and EER Ratings: The (seasonal strength performance ratio (SEER) represents the efficiency of an AC unit. The SEER score is calculated by way of dividing the unit’s cooling output in a given season via the energy it makes use of in that length. The energy performance ratio (EER) indicates a unit’s efficiency whilst out of doors temperatures are at a ninety five levels Fahrenheit.
  • AFUE Rating: The annualized gas usage performance (AFUE) score indicates how efficaciously a furnace uses fuel. Higher rankings suggest greater efficient gadgets.
  • BTU: The British thermal unit (BTU) is used to degree thermal electricity. One BTU represents the amount of heat power had to increase one pound of water to at least one diploma Fahrenheit at sea level. Units with more BTUs cool areas greater quickly.
  • HSPF: A warmth pump’s heat season overall performance issue (HSPF) illustrates its efficiency. The HSPF rating measures the total heating output, in BTU, in comparison to the full electricity utilized, in watts. Higher HSPF rankings imply extra green warmness pumps.

Carrier furnaces

Carrier offers gasoline and oil furnaces. These devices radiate warm temperature for the duration of winter and can be an crucial part of your air conditioning system inside the summer. A furnace ensures steady air movement, allows keep even temperatures and reduces humidity.

Gas furnaces

Carrier fuel furnace fashions are classified into several series: Infinity with Greenspeed intelligence, Infinity, Performance, and Comfort.

Models in the Infinity collection with Greenspeed intelligence monitor indoor and outdoor humidity and temperature and mechanically alter operation to suit the situations. The 59MN7 model is the maximum famous Infinity furnace. Carrier gives the unit in capacities of 60,000 to a hundred and twenty,000 BTU in step with hour and an AFUE rating of as much as 98.5%.

Other Infinity furnaces include the 59TN6, 58CVA, 58CUO, and 58TN fashions. These excessive-efficiency gasoline devices offer comfort thru variable-velocity or two-pace operation. They can paintings together with your AC gadget to reduce humidity.

Carrier’s Performance furnaces are efficient, quiet and sturdy. These devices are best for various climates. The series includes several multispeed fashions. The 59TP6 furnace is to be had in capacities of 40,000 to 120,000 BTU according to hour and an AFUE rating of up to ninety six.five%.

The Comfort collection contains budget-pleasant models that don't compromise on overall performance. The 59SC5 version has a single-degree gasoline valve and is to be had in capacities of 26,000 to 140,000 BTU consistent with hour. This unit has a maximum efficiency of 96.5% AFUE.

Oil furnaces

A Carrier oil furnace can supply years of indoor comfort. Carrier offers Performance and Comfort oil gadgets.

Performance series options consist of quiet, efficient and durable oil furnaces. The OVL and OVM furnace models are to be had in various sizes and are Energy Star licensed. The OVL model is to be had in capacities from seventy seven,000 to 154,000 BTU consistent with hour and provides a maximum performance of 86.6% AFUE.

The Comfort series functions the OBL and OBM fashions, which supply dependable consolation whilst decreasing heating costs. The OBL version is available in capacities of 70,000 to 154,000 BTU according to hour and grants efficiency of up to 86.6% AFUE. The unit has a hard and fast-pace blower motor and sound-reduction capabilities.

Carrier air conditioners

Carrier is a leading air conditioner brand, with units that deliver cushty cooling and may reduce energy expenses. Carrier offers AC devices inside the Infinity collection with Greenspeed intelligence, the Infinity collection, the Performance series, and the Comfort collection.

The 24VNAO critical AC unit is the best alternative in the Infinity collection with Greenspeed intelligence. This version delivers refined cooling and regular consolation. With available capacities among and five lots, this air conditioner has a maximum performance of 20.5 SEER and operates as quietly as fifty eight decibels.

The Infinity series comprises 5 of the quietest and maximum efficient models Carrier produces. Infinity air conditioners provide general home comfort and feature SEER scores of up to 21, at the side of Infinity control for improved comfort management.

The Performance collection capabilities energy-efficient, quiet and reliable air conditioners. Performance fashions include conventional AC units and compact fashions which are best for tight installations. Carrier offers the 24ACB7 unit in capacities from to five heaps. The model has a SEER score of up to 17 and functions as quietly as seventy two decibels. The unit functions a -stage scroll compressor, a filter drier and a Carrier Cor thermostat.

The Comfort series consists of the most important wide variety of models. These reasonable alternatives deliver dependable, yr-spherical comfort. With SEER rankings of up to 16, Comfort fashions can lessen application payments, and they prioritize quiet operation. The 24AAA6 air conditioner is available in capacities of 1.5 to five heaps. This unit has electricity performance rankings of as much as sixteen SEER and 13 EER and operates as quietly as 72 decibels.

Carrier heat pumps

A warmness pump can warmness, cool and control humidity in your home. Carrier offers several of these versatile devices, which function like air conditioners and reverse operation in the course of cold months. Carrier categorizes warmth pumps into the identical 4 collection.

The Infinity series with Greenspeed intelligence includes the 25VNAO model. This among the best heat pump gives efficient heating and cooling for dependable comfort. The energy-green unit capabilities quiet operation to hold a non violent domestic surroundings, and it's far to be had in capacities among two and five lots. The warmness pump features strength efficiency rankings of 20.5 SEER, sixteen EER, and 13 HSPF, and the unit operates as quietly as fifty eight decibels.

Infinity heat pumps function an shrewd speaking device, quiet performance, superior comfort, and stunning performance rankings. These Energy Star-certified units can reduce electricity charges without compromising on performance.

Models inside the Performance collection deliver dependable operation, along with flexibility and performance. The Performance sixteen heat pump 25HCB6 capabilities a two-level scroll compressor, a filter out drier and WeatherArmor Ultra protection. With to be had capacities between two and 5 tons, the unit offers efficiencies of as much as 17.5 SEER, 13.3 EER, and 9.five HSPF. This model operates as quietly as 70 decibels.

The Comfort collection gives low-budget heating and cooling alternatives, with electricity-green heat pumps that provide dehumidification in summer season. Comfort models consist of the 25HBC5, 25HCE4, and 25HCE4**C. The Comfort 15 25HBC5 warmness pump is to be had with capacities from 1.five to 5 lots and has efficiency ratings of up to fifteen SEER, 12.5 EER, and 8.5 HSPF. This warmness pump capabilities as quietly as sixty nine decibels.

Carrier packaged systems

Carrier provides packaged systems that may update less efficient air conditioners and heat pumps. Packaged structures feature more than one additives in a unmarried unit and are available in Performance and Comfort series fashions.

The Performance series consists of advanced packaged structures that integrate energy performance with dependable overall performance. The 48VG model is a packaged gasoline furnace and air conditioner device. The unit is available in sizes of two to five tons, with 40,000 to 130,000 BTU according to hour heating capacities. This packaged machine features a -level scroll compressor, a multi-pace blower motor, a filter drier, and a thermostatic expansion valve. With efficiency scores of as much as 16 SEER, 12.five EER and 80.1% AFUE, this version can reduce strength fees. The 48VG operates as quietly as seventy two decibels.

Comfort collection packaged structures include the 50ZHC, 50ZPC, 48VL, 48VT, 50VL, and 50VT. These budget-friendly units provide reliability and performance. The Comfort 14 50ZHC packaged heat pump system gives quiet and cheap consolation. Carrier gives the unit in capacities between two and five heaps. The machine has a unmarried-stage scroll compressor, a set-pace blower motor, a completely insulated cupboard, and sound-discount features. The unit has electricity efficiency ratings of up to 14.five SEER, 11.5 EER, and eight HSPF and capabilities as quietly as seventy three decibels in cooling mode.

Carrier HVAC products prices

Factors impacting Carrier HVAC product costs include the model’s series, length, kind, electricity performance, and functions. Installation and site also effect the final cost. Contact a neighborhood HVAC expert for correct pricing facts. You can visit Carrier’s website to find out about pricing, financing, and approaches to save cash.

  • The 59MN7 furnace costs among $4,399 and $7,299, which include installation. The 59TP6 furnace charges about $1,650 for the unit alone.
  • The OVL oil furnace and the OBL oil furnace value about $1,850 and $1,615, respectively.
  • The 24VNAO air conditioner sells for approximately $2,900. The 24ACB7 and 24AAA6 AC devices price approximately $2,159 and $1,825, respectively.
  • For the unit by myself, the 25VNAO warmth pump prices approximately $four,940. The Performance 16 25HCB6 warmness pump fees approximately $2,950, whilst the Comfort 15 25HBC5 warmness pump retails for about $2,485.

Carrier warranties

Carrier offers a ten-year constrained elements warranty on all Infinity, Performance and Comfort HVAC merchandise. To qualify for the warranty, you need to sign up your product.

Carrier opinions

To choose the excellent HVAC product in your needs, you should come to be familiar with the to be had options. You can find out about Carrier merchandise by analyzing client critiques. Reviews let you apprehend client studies and each product’s strengths and weaknesses. You can read Carrier product reviews at Freshome.com.

When analyzing reviews, look for records associated with each model’s overall performance, durability, ease of use, strength efficiency, capacity, and sound score. Understanding these functions can help you make an knowledgeable buying selection.

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