Comfort Aire Heating and Cooling

Comfort Aire Heating and Cooling

Comfort Aire offers a number of HVAC structures for residential and commercial packages. The logo become hooked up by means of Heat Controller Inc. To fabricate air conditioners and dehumidifiers. The agency improved over time, acquiring Century and Aiton manufacturers inside the technique. In 2013, MARS, one of the oldest groups within the HVAC market obtained Heat Controller Inc. Today, MARS sells the entire suite of Comfort Aire products.

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Comfort Aire products

Comfort Aire gives an exhaustive line of merchandise for heating, cooling, and dehumidification. We list some of the pinnacle products the company gives under.

Comfort Aire Furnaces

The organisation sells each gas and oil furnaces, which can be electricity-green and reliable in overall performance. These furnace fashions are available in exclusive heating capacities, AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) scores, and characteristic sets so that it will maintain you warm even for the duration of the coldest days. Learn approximately the top Comfort Aire furnace fashions below.

Gas Furnaces


This variable-pace fuel furnace from Comfort Aire boasts an performance score of ninety seven% AFUE and comes in unit sizes starting from three ton to 5 ton. The furnace model uses a modulating fuel valve which ensures regular temperatures no matter how bloodless it's miles outdoor. The unit is also dual-gas like minded, which means that you may pair the furnace with an electric powered warmness pump to switch between electric powered and gas fuel for more strength-efficiency and luxury. The furnace additionally comes with a self-diagnostic gadget that continuously video display units internal additives to save you faults.


Another strength-green furnace from Comfort Aire, the GUH95T collection fashions supply AFUE of up to 95%. The variable-velocity motor ensures even temperatures and continues the operation quiet. This -level furnace model comes in heating capacities that variety from 3 ton to 5 ton. The charges for these models variety from $1,three hundred to $2,500, depending on the unit length.

Oil Furnaces

Highboy 84% Efficiency

The oil furnaces from Comfort Aire provide energy efficiencies underneath the advocated requirements. This Highboy model delivers AFUE of as much as eighty four% and springs in unit sizes ranging from 3 ton to 5 ton. This oil furnace comes with a multi-pace direct drive blower that can provide premiere heating even as supporting you keep on application expenses. The furnace expenses among $1,500 and $1,800, depending at the unit size.

Comfort Aire air conditioners


The RSG16 collection AC condensers from Comfort Aire provide SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of up to fourteen.0. These units use heavy-responsibility two-level scroll compressors that provide great cooling performance even as keeping the operation quiet, with sound degrees as little as seventy four dBA. Available in sizes starting from 2 ton to five ton, the expenses for those devices fall between $1,four hundred to $2,400, relying at the cooling ability.


RSG13 is every other collection of power-green air conditioners that deliver SEER of as much as thirteen.zero, in an effort to preserve your electricity payments low. The devices are available one of a kind sizes, ranging from 1.five ton to 5 ton, and use single-level scroll compressors that make certain quiet operation, with noise ranges as little as 74 dBA. The air conditioner version fees among $1,a hundred and $1,seven hundred, depending on unit size.

Comfort Aire warmth pumps


HRG16-S1M collection heat pumps include a excessive-performance two-stage scroll compressor that offers optimum heating and cooling. With noise degrees as little as 70 dBA, those heat pumps also are a number of the quietest in the marketplace. The warmth pump version gives efficiencies up to sixteen SEER and 9.zero HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and stages in size from 2 ton to 5 ton.


The HRG14-S1M grants efficiencies of up to 14 SEER and eight.zero HSPF, that are nicely above the federal energy-performance requirements. The warmth pump uses a unmarried-level scroll compressor that continues the operation silent even as delivering superior cooling/heating year-spherical. Depending on the unit length, which varies from 2 to 5 lots, the sound scores range from 80 dBA to seventy four dBA.

Comfort Aire packaged structures

TGRG Gas/Electric

The TGRG series packaged systems combine an electric air con gadget and gasoline furnace in a single unit to offer superior consolation at some point of the 12 months. These smooth-to-deploy packaged systems are perfect for houses with restricted space. The gadgets come in sizes ranging from 2 to five lots and provide efficiencies of up to 14 SEER and eighty one% AFUE. With sound degrees as low as seventy one dBA, those self-contained systems are also quiet.


Comfort Aire’s TRAG & TPRG is a packaged unit collection comprising an electric powered air conditioner and a warmness pump that offers reliable cooling/heating overall performance season after season. This self-contained gadget boasts a SEER of 14.zero and HSPF of 8.zero, so that you can keep your energy bills low. The packaged device is good for space-challenged homes and springs in specific heating/cooling capacities, starting from 2 ton to five ton.


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Comfort Aire warranties

Warranties fluctuate based totally on the Comfort Aire product you pick out. For instance, the RSG and HRG fashions for AC and warmth pumps include a confined six-yr parts assurance. However, if the unit is part of a complete AHRI-matched machine, you’ll get a further six-year assurance at the compressor and all other components, amounting to 12 years.

The GDD and GUH collection furnace models from Comfort Aire come with a constrained five-yr assurance on parts that extends to an extra seven years upon product registration. The organisation additionally provides a constrained 20-12 months guarantee on the heat exchanger. All oil furnace models come with a restricted five-year guarantee on parts and lifetime assurance on the heat exchanger.

For Comfort Aire packaged devices, the agency gives a restrained five-year warranty on elements. Upon product registration, the assurance extends five years, totaling 10 years. You’ll additionally get a restricted 20-12 months guarantee on the warmth exchanger for TGRG series models.

Comfort Aire reviews

Installing or changing your heating and cooling system can be an high-priced assignment. Before you put money into a new Comfort Aire HVAC system for your home, research what existing customers have to say approximately the products that the organisation offers. Read impartial Comfort Aire reviews from customers on Freshome.com.

Make sure to check what human beings have to say approximately the set up and service enjoy. Find out how well the product is performing in phrases of cooling or heating performance as well as reliability. Also, search for evaluations that talk about components failure and restore fees to get a higher know-how of renovation requirements.

Finally, evaluate these information with what the employer advertises and plan your purchase therefore. If you’re still hesitant, visit a neighborhood HVAC expert too.

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