Goodman Heating and Cooling Solutions for Your Home

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Goodman Heating and Cooling

Since 1982, Goodman Heating and Cooling has produced great, American-built domestic consolation era, promoting reliable air conditioners, warmness pumps, and fuel furnaces. In 2012, the Daikin Group bought Goodman to feature to their suite of merchandise.

Goodman products

Expanding from air conditioners and heat pumps, Goodman’s merchandise now run the gamut of heating and cooling equipment, including home add-ons and temperature-monitoring gear.

Gas Furnaces

Goodman’s gas furnaces fall into two classes: those which are rated ninety% AFUE and above and people which are rated 80% AFUE. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency; the higher the rating, the more green the gadget.

Systems in the pinnacle-rated category encompass the GMVM97, rated ninety eight% AFUE, and the popular GCVVC96, which boasts 96% AFUE.

The GMVM97 is an upflow horizontal modulating gas version at 60,000-a hundred and twenty,000BTU/H, equipped with a warmness exchanger constructed with existence-tough tubular aluminized metallic. This version has CoolCloud talents, allowing technicians to diagnose troubles and configure systems electronically via an app. It also functions ComfortBridge era, which constantly video display units machine performance. The cupboard is completely insulated to reduce noise and air leakage. This unit runs about $2,500.

The GCVC96 is a mid-variety model with a downflow horizontal configuration that still capabilities CoolCloud and ComfortBridge technologies. It’s able to forty,000-one hundred twenty,000BTU/H. It has a -stage gas valve for efficiency and quiet overall performance and prices about $2,100.

In the eighty% AFUE class, Goodman gives the GMES80-U. This single-degree gasoline furnace puts out 40,000-80,000 BTU/H and is derived with a multi-pace blower motor. It’s compliant with Ultra-Low NOx emissions to decrease a home’s environmental footprint and prices about $1,two hundred.

Goodman Air Conditioners

Just like furnaces, air conditioners are labeled based on output and performance, but in preference to AFUE, AC units are rated in terms of SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The SEER rating gadget tops out at 21 SEER, with a rating of 14.five SEER or higher vital to qualify for an ENERGY STAR score.

At the pinnacle quit of Goodman air conditioners is the GSXC18. Offering as much as 19 SEER, this version is able to 24,000-60,000 BTU/H. It features Smart Speed generation, which amps up the electricity for extremely hot days however runs at lower speeds at other times to maximise power savings. A heavy-gauge, galvanized metal enclosure cupboard protects the unit from the factors, while a valid blanket reduces noise. The unit charges around $three,200.

With a barely smaller capacity, the 18,000-60,000BTU/H GSX14 offers up 15 SEER. It runs with a unmarried-pace condenser fan motor for constant and quiet airflow and maximizes temperature switch with top rate copper tubing and aluminum fin condenser coils. This unit expenses approximately $1,600.

Goodman Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can heat and funky homes by means of extracting heat air from one area and shifting it to another. Goodman’s warmness pumps function louvered coil guards that shield the outside unit from the elements and manufacturing unit-mounted filter out drivers that reduce contaminants.

Goodman gives warmness pump fashions that acquire as much as 19 SEER, just like the GSZC18, that could warmness as much as 59,500 BTU/H and cool as much as 56,500 BTU/H. Equipped with a high-density foam sound blanket on the compressor, the unit is quiet and charges round $three,200.

The GSZ14 offers up to 15 SEER and comes with a single-speed condenser motor and SmartShift technology. It provides heating and cooling capacities as much as 60,000 BTU/H and costs around $1,six hundred.

Goodman Packaged Systems

Goodman gives some packaged devices, that means the complete unit is positioned outdoor the house, inclusive of air conditioners. GPC14H, 14M, and GPC15H packaged air conditioners reach 14-15 SEER scores and provide each horizontal and multi-function installation. They can attain 57,500 BTU/H and range from 2-five tons, costing round $2,000.

Efficient electric powered heating can come in a package deal, too. Goodman’s GPH16M and 16H packaged warmth pumps boast ENERGY STAR certification and up to 58,000 BTU/H. Two-level scroll compressors and multi-pace blower motors offer masses of electricity in a compact unit. Prices vary, however the 2-ton GPH1624M41 is available for $three,two hundred.

In climates where each heating and cooling are required, gas-electric furnace/air conditioner packaged devices are useful. Combining the performance and affordability of gas heat with electric powered cooling power, the $four,400 GPG16M gives as much as sixteen SEER and 81% AFUE. It’s capable of fifty eight,500 BTU/H cooling and a hundred and forty,000 BTU/H heating with a downflow or horizontal software.

The GPD14 is a twin-gasoline packaged unit that offers efficiency via the usage of gas or electric powered heating power, depending on what’s most reasonably-priced. It presents up to 14.five SEER and 81% AFUE and has multi-function set up functionality, focused on $3,100.

Goodman Warranties

The duration and breadth of Goodman’s warranties vary through unit. For example, the GPG16M comes with a 20-yr restricted guarantee and 10-yr elements warranty, whilst the GPC14H is included handiest by a ten-yr elements assurance.

The GMVM97 comes with a constrained lifetime warranty for the authentic, registered homeowner. If the warmth exchanger gives up inside 10 years, Goodman will replace the entire unit. The GMES80-U fuel model is also backed by using a alternative warranty; if the warmth exchanger fails within 10 years, Goodman will cowl its replacement.

Goodman Reviews

Reviews offer precious perception into particular components of Goodman’s units. You can locate opinions on Goodman’s website at the lowest of every product web page, in addition to on numerous on line websites selling Goodman products. Reviews offer facts on problems like customer service, product durability, quietness, and effectiveness, supporting you make the first-class preference to your needs.

Goodman’s customers regularly rave about great warranties, product effectiveness, and sturdiness, though critiques are combined in relation to unit noise.

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