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For years, owners offered air conditioners and furnaces one at a time to cool and warmth their homes. Today, warmth pumps are gaining popularity because they could independently warmth and funky a area. Heat pumps also are strength-efficient, presenting vast financial savings on heating and cooling prices.

However, the various warmth pump fashions on the market can make it difficult to pick out the proper one to your wishes. This on hand guide carries information on what you must search for in a warmth pump, the exceptional forms of warmth pumps available, and the costs you may anticipate, so you could make an informed shopping for decision.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is largely an all-in-one air con and heating machine that works yr-spherical to keep your dwelling area comfortable. During the summer season, it extracts warmness from the interior of your property and movements it outside. During cooler months, the tool reverses the system, collecting heat from the outdoor air and shifting it to the internal of your property.

Even whilst it’s bloodless outdoor, there may be still a few heat in the air. A heat pump pulls this warmth out of the air and transfers it into your property. If outside heat is insufficient, the heat pump has an electric heater so that it will supplement the outdoor air to fulfill your heating needs. 

How to shop for the first-class warmness pump

A warmth pump is a prime investment, so you need to carefully take into account several factors earlier than making a buying selection to ensure you get the most value from it. We cowl these factors inside the following sections. 

Types of heat pumps

There are three fundamental forms of heat pumps: air supply, split-ductless, and geothermal. All heat pumps perform on the identical ideas but gather warmth from different assets. Regardless of the sort, all heat pumps must be mounted by using a expert HVAC technician who can determine the right size and product for your private home and climate.

Air source heat pump

Air source, also called air-to-air, is the maximum popular sort of warmth pump. The device is made from an indoor and outdoor unit and works by means of extracting warmth from the outdoor air and moving it into the house. These heat pumps are less expensive and take in little area. Since they use out of doors air because the medium for heat alternate, the devices feature properly in slight climates.

Split-ductless warmth pump

Split-ductless warmth pumps are also known as mini-splits. They encompass two devices: an out of doors compressor and a maximum of four indoor handlers. These systems do no longer require ductwork, circulating refrigerant through the tubing that connects the indoor and outside devices. Split-ductless warmth pumps are quiet, power-efficient, and may be operated by using faraway manipulate. They provide design flexibility and are best for homes without ducts. 

Geothermal warmth pump

Geothermal heat pumps are labeled into ground and water source warmth pumps. They pass warmth through a sequence of pipes which are buried in loops exterior. In addition to controlling temperature, geothermal warmth pumps additionally control humidity. These structures require little protection and work nicely in excessive climates. 

Heat pump sub-kinds

In addition to the 3 primary sorts of heat pumps, there are also numerous sub-kinds, such as hybrid, solar, and absorption, or gasoline-fired, warmth pumps.

Choose the proper size

Size is a critical issue while thinking about warmness pumps. Choosing the proper length will assist you avoid troubles which includes inflated power fees, high temperature fluctuations, imbalance in indoor humidity, and quick cycling of the system. A heat pump that is too small will work too hard to provide the amount of heat you want in your house, at the same time as one that is too large will emit too much warmness, resulting in inefficiency.

When it comes to length, it's miles more approximately the unit’s heating and cooling output than its bodily bulk. Generally, warmth pumps range from 1.2kW to over 10kW. 

Here are some factors to take into account whilst choosing your warmness pump’s size:

  • Whether it will be used specially for heating or cooling
  • Your nearby climate, along with the average seasonal high and coffee temperatures
  • The stage of insulation in your own home
  • The size of your residing space and the variety of folks that live in it.

Compare warmness pump’s price

Factors that affect the price of a warmth pump consist of the logo and excellent, size and output, performance, and kind of unit. Installation and placement also have an effect on the final value. On average, it costs approximately $5,six hundred to install a warmness pump. For precise pricing information, which includes set up prices, you must touch a neighborhood HVAC professional.

Read heat pumps opinions

Before buying a heat pump, it’s beneficial to research evaluations. Reviews come up with perception into the professionals and cons of a particular unit and how it compares to different devices within its variety. When going via critiques, awareness on overall performance, temperature range, electricity-efficiency, sound ratings, cost, functions, reliability, and warranties. You can study multiple warmness pump critiques on freshome.com.


There are a few extraordinary methods to install warmness pump structures. To make certain optimal consolation, you should recollect hiring a professional to install it for you.

  • Split device: This is the maximum common installation of any ductless heat pump. An indoor evaporative unit is placed inside the attic, basement, or closet, while the condenser and compressor unit is located out of doors in a massive metallic field.
  • Package system: With this kind of set up, all of the mechanical additives are housed in a massive steel container out of doors. Only the ductwork is found inside the domestic.
  • Mini-cut up machine: Also referred to as a ductless warmness pump device, this gadget is brilliant for houses with out ducts. The system works just like air supply warmth pumps but on a smaller scale.

Window warmth pumps are best for owners who want to control indoor temperatures with out spending an excessive amount of on electricity payments.

Heat pump manufacturers

Before we evaluation some of the pinnacle heat pump brands available on the market, right here are a few key enterprise definitions: 

  • AFUE Rating: The AFUE (Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating is a measure of how efficiently a unit uses gas. The better the score, the extra green a unit is. 
  • SEER and EER Ratings: The SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is calculated through dividing the cooling output of the unit in a given season via the electricity it used at some stage in that length. EER is a measure of a unit’s performance whilst outside temperatures are at 95 levels Fahrenheit.
  • BTU: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit, which measures the amount of heat power needed to enhance one pound of water to at least one diploma Fahrenheit at sea level. The better the BTU, the quicker the unit can cool a area. 
  • HSPF: HSPF (Heat Season Performance Factor) is a measure of a heat pump’s performance. It measures the whole heating output in BTU as compared to the full power utilized in watts. The higher the HSPF, the more green the heat pump. 

Below we overview a number of the top warmth pump brands in the marketplace.


Goodman makes their very own components, gives desirable warranties, and offers tremendous cost. Goodman warmth pumps are also quiet and last for years with adequate protection. Popular models encompass GSZC18 and GSZC16.

  • The GSZC18 has a cooling capacity among 23,000 and 56,500 BTU/h and a heating capacity between 22,000 and fifty nine,500 BTU/h. The GSZC16 has capacities between 24,000 and 60,000 BTU/h while cooling and heating.
  • The GSZC18 offers efficiencies of up to 19 SEER and up to 10 HSPF, at the same time as the GSZC16 offers up to 16 SEER and nine.7 HSPF.
  • The GSZC18 expenses approximately $2,886 and the GSZC16 fees around $2,485.


Trane makes strong machines and gives higher-than-common warmness pump warranties. While the warmth pumps are a bit high-priced, they arrive with extremely good customer support and price. Some of the exceptional heat pumps below this brand are the XV20i and XV19 models.

  • The XV20i version offers efficiencies of up to twenty SEER and 10 HSPF, at the same time as the XV19 functions up to 19.five SEER and 12 HSPF.
  • The costs of Trane warmth pumps variety from $four,600 to $10,000, which includes set up charges.


York warmness pumps are relatively efficient and characteristic quiet operation to help you preserve a non violent home environment. York divides its products into several collection to in shape exclusive patron desires. Some of the pinnacle models are the YZV and YZT gadgets underneath the Affinity collection.

  • Both the YZV and YZT models have capacities between two and 5 tons.
  • The YZV heat pump has performance rankings of up to twenty SEER and eleven HSPF, whilst the YZT unit gives as much as 19 SEER and 10.zero HSPF.
  • The YZV and YZT fashions price approximately $2,850 and $1,seven hundred, respectively, now not together with set up prices. 


Tempstar heat pumps are efficient, and their parts are effortlessly to be had when you need upkeep. The manufacturer additionally gives a number of the quality warranties available on the market. Two of the maximum famous models are the TVH8 and TCH6.

  • Both the TVH8 and TCH6 have capacities among two and 5 tons.
  • The TVH8 warmth pump gives as much as 19 SEER, thirteen EER, and 11 HSPF, while the TCH6 capabilities as much as 17.five SEER, thirteen.5 EER, and nine.5 HSPF.


Carrier offers a huge range of fashions to pick from, no matter wherein you stay. The gadgets are long lasting and reliable, operating for over twenty years with proper protection. Some of the satisfactory Carrier warmness pump fashions are the 25VNA0 with Greenspeed intelligence and the 25VNA8.

  • The 25VNA0 has capacities between two and 5 heaps, even as the 25VNA8 has capacities between and 4 tons.
  • The 25VNA0 gives you up to twenty.5 SEER, sixteen EER, and 13 HSPF, at the same time as the 25VNA8 gives up to 18 SEER, 12.five EER, and eleven HSPF.
  • On common, buying and installing a 3-ton Carrier warmth pump fees about $7,690.

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are different heat pump brands that offer reliable products, quality components, true warranties, and excessive cost, such as Day & Night, Armstrong, and American Standard, so make certain to investigate all of your options before creating a shopping for selection. 

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