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Mediacom Internet

Mediacom is one of the distinguished Midwest and Southeastern net service companies, available in 21 states and serving nicely over six million customers. Providing excessive-pace broadband net through a cable network, Mediacom gives six internet packages at the side of digital cable TV and phone services.

If you stay inside the Midwest or South, Mediacom might also provide internet connectivity to your location in which other companies don’t, making them the obvious choice. With more than a few net applications from low speed to high, the organisation allows its clients to pick the plan that suits them pleasant. Furthermore, clients who stay in a place covered by using Mediacom’s Xtream Hotspots can also get connected outdoor their homes.

Mediacom internet applications

Mediacom’s internet plans range in 4 key regions:

  • Download velocity
  • Upload velocity
  • Usage allowance, also referred to as a information cap
  • Price

Uploads and downloads are measured in Megabits according to 2nd, or Mbps, representing how fast facts can switch from the net in your computer or vice versa. Usage allowance is the most quantity of records you're allowed to transfer every month, normally measured in Gigabytes, or GB.

Access 60

  • Designed for light net usage
  • Downloads as much as 60 Mbps
  • Uploads as much as five Mbps
  • Usage allowance of 60 GB
  • Mediacom bundle speed: 15 Mbps, and so on.
  • Mediacom package charge: $19.ninety nine/mo, and many others.

Internet 60

  • Designed for 2-3 simultaneous gadgets
  • Downloads up to 60 Mbps
  • Uploads as much as 5 Mbps
  • Usage allowance of 400 GB
  • Mediacom package pace: 15 Mbps, and many others.
  • Mediacom bundle charge: $19.99/mo, and many others.

Internet one hundred

  • Designed for three-6 simultaneous devices
  • Downloads as much as a hundred Mbps
  • Uploads up to ten Mbps
  • Usage allowance of one,000 GB
  • Mediacom bundle velocity: 15 Mbps, etc.
  • Mediacom package fee: $19.ninety nine/mo, etc.

Internet 2 hundred

  • Designed for six-12 simultaneous devices
  • Maximum down load: two hundred Mbps
  • Maximum add: 20 Mbps
  • Usage allowance of 2,000 GB
  • Mediacom package speed: 15 Mbps, and so on.
  • Mediacom bundle rate: $19.99/mo, and so on.

Internet 500

  • Designed for 12-20 simultaneous gadgets
  • Maximum down load: 500 Mbps
  • Maximum add: as much as 30 Mbps
  • Usage allowance of 4,000 GB
  • Mediacom package velocity: 15 Mbps, and many others.
  • Mediacom package charge: $19.99/mo, etc.

Internet 1 GIG

  • Designed for greater than 20 simultaneous devices
  • Maximum down load: 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps)
  • Maximum upload: up to 50 Mbps
  • Usage allowance of 6,000 GB
  • Mediacom package deal velocity: 15 Mbps, etc.
  • Mediacom bundle fee: $19.ninety nine/mo, and many others.

Mediacom availability

Mediacom gives internet plans in many Midwest and Southern states, in addition to pick states inside the West. The states that Mediacom serves are listed under:

  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Mediacom also offers WiFi connectivity thru Xtream Hotspots available in seven markets:

  • Alabama – Gulf Shores
  • Arizona – Apache Junction
  • Georgia – Valdosta
  • Illinois – Quad Cities, Galena
  • Iowa – Des Moines, Dubuque
  • Minnesota – Savage
  • Missouri – Columbia, Jefferson City

Mediacom capabilities

Besides fundamental connectivity to the internet, Mediacom programs encompass different capabilities. Some are covered loose and others are to be had at an extra charge.

In-domestic WiFi

Routers provided by Mediacom provide WiFi provider interior your private home, even though insurance for larger houses may additionally require an upgrade to the Xtream WiFi 360 bundle. Although there may be no extra rate for the WiFi carrier, the modem/router price is currently $11.50 consistent with month. Subscribers may additionally buy their personal modem/router as long as it's far well suited with Mediacom’s gadget.

Xtream WiFi 360

Designed to offer your private home WiFi connection a boost, Xtream WiFi 360 makes use of extenders to enlarge your WiFi signal and give speedy, regular carrier at some point of your complete domestic. While there are promotions available to provide this service freed from charge for a restrained time, the same old fee is $five.00 in line with month.

Total Defense security suite

Available at no fee, Total Defense protects as much as five non-public devices, computer systems or Android cell gadgets, with anti-spam, anti-adware and anti-virus packages and personal firewall, anti-phishing and parental controls.

Xtream Hotspots

Mediacom hosts hundreds of WiFi hotspots, allowing subscribers unlimited get entry to and users with out a Mediacom internet plan unfastened get right of entry to for 30 minutes in line with month.

Additional utilization allowance

While each Mediacom internet plan does have a information cap, customers may upload greater potential at a $10 price consistent with 50 GB.

Additional pricing records

While a few new subscribers can install their modem themselves, a popular installation by way of Mediacom consists of a $99.99 rate. Some installations require a Mediacom-authorized expert. All new customers must also pay a $10 one-time activation rate.

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