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Based in York, Pennsylvania, York International Corporation is an HVAC organisation founded in 1874. The employer initially manufactured ice cream machines before switching its consciousness to air conditioners.

York gives quite a few HVAC products that emphasize comfort, safety, and reliability. To help you navigate the array of HVAC solutions to be had, this manual critiques all York products.

Key definitions

Understanding the subsequent enterprise definitions let you evaluate the performance of York products.

  • Energy efficiency ratio: A unit’s EER rating shows its efficiency in outside temperatures of ninety five degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Annualized gasoline utilization efficiency: A furnace’s AFUE rating illustrates how correctly it makes use of fuel. Higher rankings imply greater green units.
  • Seasonal energy performance ratio: The SEER score suggests the performance of an AC unit. The SEER rating is calculated by dividing the unit’s cooling output at some stage in a given season via the power used.
  • Heat season overall performance issue: A warmth pump’s efficiency is illustrated via its HSPF rating, which measures the entire heating output in opposition to the entire strength used. More efficient warmth pumps have better HSPF rankings.
  • British thermal unit: One BTU represents the amount of warmth energy needed to improve one pound of water one diploma Fahrenheit at sea level. Units with higher BTUs can cool areas more speedy.

York furnaces

York gasoline furnaces supply reliable overall performance during winter. The company offers efficient devices that assist you to lessen power payments without compromising on comfort. York categorizes its fuel furnaces into 3 collection: Affinity, LX Series and Latitude.

Affinity collection

York offers two Affinity collection furnace fashions: the YP9C and YPLC. These premium, high-efficiency furnaces each feature a ClimaTrak Comfort System, which selects the right working cycle on your space. Each unit has communicating abilties and a modulating burner layout that continuously adjusts heating ranges.

A variable-pace ECM motor presents quiet operation, efficient movement, or even temperature manipulate. The Affinity furnaces are only 33 inches tall, to healthy in any dwelling area. The YP9C furnace is Energy Star certified, with an AFUE rating of up to 98 percentage. This unit has a capacity of 60 to 120 MBH input and expenses about $2,six hundred.

LX series

The LX series consists of a number of York’s most famous furnace models: the TM9V, TM9T, TM9Y, TM9E, TM8V, TM8Y, TM8T and TM8X. York’s LX fashions are exceptionally green and permit you to keep on electricity payments. The LX collection includes single-stage and two-degree furnaces.

Single-degree alternatives encompass the TM9E, TL9E, and the TL8E. The TM9V version is the most popular LX furnace, with Energy Star certification, a two-degree motor, and an incorporated ClimaTrak gadget. The variable-speed ECM fan motor is quiet, and the unit has an AFUE rating of up to ninety six percent. The TM9V typically costs $2,000 to $3,000.

Latitude collection

The Latitude collection includes compact, cost effective options turning in best and dependability. The TG9S and TG8S models are single-level furnaces, each with a regular-speed PSC fan motor. The TG9S furnace is available in capacities among 40 and a hundred thirty MBH and efficiencies of as much as 95.five percent AFUE. The common charge of this unit stages from $1,000 to $2,000.

York air conditioners

York provides air conditioner models underneath the Affinity and LX collection.

Affinity collection

The Affinity Series includes the YXV and YXT air conditioner models. The YXV is a variable-pace unit, whilst the YXT is a two-level air conditioner. Both models manage temperature and humidity. York’s Affinity AC gadgets are speaking succesful, are energy green and function QuietDrive sound reduction.

The YXV and the YXT are to be had in sizes among and five lots. The YXV air conditioner capabilities ClimateSet, which enables maximize cooling performance. The unit has a most efficiency of 21 SEER and charges about $2,779 for the unit by myself.

LX series

LX air conditioners include the energy-efficient YFK and YCG models. The LX series also includes an financial system category, with units of popular performance. The LX series consists of unmarried-degree and two-stage devices.

To pick out the high-quality alternative for your own home, you must recognize every version’s functions. The YFK air conditioner is a unmarried-phase unit with a -degree compressor and a tube-in-fin coil. The YFK is available in sizes starting from to five lots. This AC unit has a SEER score of as much as 17.

York heat pumps

York heat pumps supply 12 months-spherical comfort and amazing performance. Heat pumps do away with heat air to keep you cool all through summer, and that they draw heat into your home for the duration of wintry weather. York heat pumps are to be had in Affinity and LX series models.

Affinity collection

Affinity warmness pumps are extraordinarily green. The variable-velocity YZV version and the 2-degree YZT version have communicating talents for stepped forward dehumidification and comfort control. QuietDrive sound reduction promotes quiet operation, and you could first-class-track blower operations for your genuine specs.

The tube-in-fin coils provide sturdiness and lengthy-lasting overall performance. The YZV heat pump is Energy Star certified and has a 21 SEER score and an eleven HSPF rating. The unit capabilities a hint-display thermostat and a integrated ClimateSet function for superior temperature and humidity manage. This version fees approximately $2,580, which include set up.

The YZT model is a -degree speaking warmth pump. The Energy Star-licensed model has a SEER score of nineteen and an HSPF rating of 10. The quiet warmth pump operates as quietly as 67 decibels.

LX series

The LX collection includes the superior and power-efficient YHM and YHG fashions. The YHE warmness pump is an economical LX model that can provide standard performance. The YHG warmth pump is Energy Star certified and has a single-level compressor. The unit capabilities a tube-in-fin coil that promotes defrosting and water dropping throughout harsh climate, and automotive-grade powder paint reduces corrosion. The YHG has a most cooling performance of 17 SEER and a heating performance of 10 HSPF.

York packaged systems

York packaged structures are compact and green, and they combine several components of a traditional HVAC system into a single unit. Packaged systems are installed outdoor your property. York only offers these structures beneath the LX collection.

LX series

The LX Series consists of each superior and financial system packaged systems. The advanced fashions feature high efficiency and are available in unmarried-phase and three-phase fashions. Advanced fashions include the PCE6, PCG6, PHE6, and PHG6 systems. Economical alternatives supply widespread efficiency and encompass the PCG4, PCE4, PHG4, and PHE4 models. Packaged structures in both class are to be had in sizes starting from two to 5 tons. The PCE6 packaged gadget is a two-degree cooling unit that supplies excessive degrees of temperature and humidity control. The Energy Star-licensed unit has efficiency scores of up to 16 SEER and 12.5 EER.

The PHE6 model is a two-stage packaged warmth pump. The gadget is Energy Star certified and decreases power intake without compromising on comfort. This unit will let you to keep space and springs in single-phase and 3-phase options. With capacities of to 5 heaps, this gadget has efficiency scores of as much as 16 SEER and eight.2 HSPF.

York warranties

York HVAC merchandise frequently supply reliable overall performance for many years. To defend its clients, York offers warranties on each unit. The Affinity collection break up-system air conditioners and heat pumps bring a 10-yr confined components assurance, a lifetime restricted compressor assurance, and a one-year restricted hard work assurance.

Affinity, LX and Latitude series furnaces come with an entire life restrained warmness exchanger guarantee, a ten-year restricted elements assurance, and a one-year restrained hard work assurance. LX Series break up-system air conditioners and warmth pumps deliver a 10-12 months constrained compressor assurance, a ten-12 months confined parts warranty, a 10-yr confined supplemental electric powered heat assurance, and a one-12 months confined labor guarantee.

LX Series packaged devices come with a 10-yr restricted components warranty, a ten-12 months restricted compressor assurance, a ten-12 months compressor electric heat exchanger confined assurance and a one-year limited labor warranty.

York evaluations

To pick the nice York HVAC product for your home, you must understand your alternatives. Comparing models will help you select the unit that high-quality suits your desires. One manner to accumulate data approximately HVAC merchandise is to read consumer critiques. While analyzing critiques, recognition on every unit’s overall performance, capability, performance, protection needs, and assurance. Additional factors to recall include sound ratings, charge and upkeep costs. You can read York product reviews on Freshome.com.

York is a dependable HVAC manufacturer that offers products to satisfy numerous heating and cooling needs. Visit Freshome.com to analyze extra about products from York and other HVAC manufacturers.

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