6 HGTV Secrets They Don't Want You to Know

If you’re like me, there’s not anything you love more than unwinding with HGTV. At the stop of an extended day, there’s some thing soothing about watching other people make excessive-stakes decisions. Whether it’s buying a seashore house, renovating a kitchen or selecting a circle of relatives home, HGTV has a total lock on house owner-based amusement. But how a great deal of what you see is actual? As it seems, HGTV secrets and techniques have an effect on the way you watch.

While on-display residence hunts and renos appear to go easily, appearances can be deceiving. Don’t get discouraged in case you feel like your home state of affairs is less than photograph ideal. Much of what you notice is good, old style smoke and mirrors. Here are a number of the HGTV secrets that keep you looking.

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Sold sign covering

Some of the “hunted homes” might be off the marketplace. Image: Andy Dean Photography/Shutterstock

1. Home looking is already whole

If you’ve ever looked for a new home, you know that viewing three properties probably won’t cut it. And even in case you’re lucky sufficient to decide on a brand new place, it’s no longer a assure you’ll be able to secure financing, win a bidding conflict and in reality pass in. So how is it that every proprietor on House Hunters is able to view, buy and flow in what seems like per week?

The secret's that owners are usually already underneath contract for their selected domestic earlier than they’re solid at the show. They already know which domestic is theirs and examine other homes to growth drama. It’s less of a hunt and more of a confirmation that they selected the proper domestic. In some cases, they’ve already purchased the home or even moved in before filming starts. Creative filming and staging the home to look empty make it appear like prospective hunters are seeing their domestic for the primary time.

2. Some homes aren’t even for sale

Feel like HGTV always has the satisfactory homes to pick out from? That’s due to the fact they don’t restriction hunted homes to those which can be presently available on the market. To make sure compelling content, House Hunters will lead searching for what you offer via houses that have already been bought by using different shoppers or even the houses of close by friends and family. Not simplest have the hunters already chosen their domestic, however a number of the places they see aren’t even an option. It’s all inside the call of creating a story where you, as the viewer, emerge as greater invested inside the manner.

Kitchen and dining room

Staged homes is probably more Photoshop than interior design. Image: Breadmaker/Shutterstock

three. Homes are truely staged

Staging houses isn’t exactly one of the maximum covered HGTV secrets. It’s a well-known practice amongst realtors, owners and people in the industry. But what HGTV doesn’t inform you is that a number of the staging you notice is achieved virtually. They’ll utilize automated fashions to make a home appearance greater positioned-collectively than truth. Even grass may be painted and edited after the truth to make it appearance lusher. So whilst they say that the grass is greener on the opposite side, remember that it is probably the result of Photoshop over fertilizer.

4. Construction is gotten smaller

Anyone who’s ever renovated a home knows it in no way is going as easily as they display on HGTV. What’s more, most of the initiatives seem like they’re finished singlehandedly with the aid of a charismatic host and a plucky sidekick. A week underneath production with the aid of a do-it-all TV star and voilà! The large display suggests a home that has been renovated top to backside.

In truth, maximum shows contract out the heavy lifting to neighborhood creation crews. The stars are available in and demo more than one cabinets or paint a few strokes before handing off the task to the real execs. Just keep in mind that real renovations are the result of time, attempt and know-how.

Contemporary master bedroom with metal accents

Not each room is renovated as part of the contract. Image: Photographee.ecu/Shutterstock

five. Rooms are not noted

The show Property Brothers is a scores destroy for HGTV, and why not? What’s no longer to like approximately a couple of appealing identical twins showing owners they could have their dream home for a little elbow grease and a small funding? The show doesn’t, but, make it clear what is left undone at the cease of the big screen.

The display certainly most effective contracts for 4 rooms to be designed and renovated. Usually, owners pick their maximum-visitors areas, just like the kitchen and dwelling room. But there's nonetheless a number of paintings left once the brothers offer up the dramatic end. Sure, renovating a cheaper home can be a valid funding, but keep in mind it’s a lot more complex than what’s show on HGTV.

6. Homeowners don’t maintain decor

You may wistfully watch your favorite suggests to peer the terrifi rugs, furnishings and decor used in every display. Most HGTV indicates finish with a before and after, with house owners’ previously worn-out furniture changed with up to date, luxurious decor.

Don’t get too green with envy, although. In most cases, the decor is used for staging handiest and doesn’t belong to the house owners. After the “after” shot is filmed, that stuff gets placed returned into HGTV storehouses for the next before and after. In some cases, the owners get the chance to buy the decor, however simplest if it’s in their budget. Usually, the renovation price range is lengthy long gone to pay for steeply-priced staples like floors and upkeep. Those mag-worthy finishing touches? They’re a short-term illusion.

Hey, I get it: HGTV is, at its great, natural escapism. No depend what your private home is like, you may neglect some of its challenges through watching other humans address the united states of americaand downs of homeownership. Still, it’s vital to don't forget that as a great deal as it’s billed as fact TV, maximum indicates use HGTV secrets and techniques and feature big manufacturing budgets, directors, assistants, excessive-paid stars and behind-the-scenes experts. You don’t assume your home to usually look like a professional movie set, so don’t make the error of comparing your vicinity to what could be a TV mirage.


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