All About Bamboo Flooring — Understand Your Options

Bamboo Flooring Guide

Whether you’re looking to improve the arrival of 1 room in your private home or hoping to install a durable, eco-friendly flooring option all through your private home, bamboo flooring integrate the resilience of hardwood flooring with the smooth renovation of laminate.

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Like any sort of floors, bamboo floors convey with them various blessings and more than one drawbacks. Though they are greater susceptible to being scratched, they're easy to maintain and repair. And even as some bamboo flooring are constructed with VOCs which could reduce air pleasant, you may locate chemical-free alternatives in the marketplace as well.

In this guide, we’ll speak the blessings and downsides related to putting in a bamboo floor and help you discover the satisfactory resources for pricing and bamboo floor evaluations. Read directly to discover more approximately the special kinds of bamboo flooring currently available on the market, as well as which houses can gain from this sort of flooring.

Your Guide to bamboo flooring

Bamboo is a brief-growing grass, the shoots and stalks of which can be processed to create bamboo flooring. In truth, this process takes region without even destroying the plant itself. After undergoing more than a few approaches which includes boiling, fusing, and pressurizing, bamboo substances are fashioned into wooden-like planks.

Bamboo flooring evaluate

Bamboo floors is more water-proof than a few types of hardwood flooring, making it an attractive option for areas within the domestic that may incur light moisture. This is in particular actual if the bamboo floor is laid over right sub-floors or underlayment.

There are three varieties of bamboo floors: vertical, horizontal, and strand-woven.

  1. 1. Vertical bamboo floors are evolved with the aid of fusing stalks in a vertical way, which produces consistent, vertical strains that yield a cutting-edge look and experience.
  2. 2. Horizontal bamboo flooring make use of alternating layers of the plant to spotlight the bamboo’s increase joints. This form of processing allows for a greater organic influence.
  3. three. Strand-woven bamboo floors is produced from shredded bamboo fibers, that are fused underneath excessive warmth and strain to deliver the most long lasting sort of bamboo floor available.

All of those bamboo flooring alternatives can be made to resemble various varieties of hardwood floors to in shape the cultured you have got in thoughts for your dwelling area.

Bamboo Floor Pros

Eco-friendly – This type of flooring is derived from herbal plant life – the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a renewable aid that may be grown a lot quicker than different varieties of trees used for hardwood flooring. Bamboo reaches adulthood in as little as three to five years, whilst different trees like maple and okaycan take among ten and 20 years to be fully grown.

Easy to keep – You can hold your bamboo floors maintained with everyday sweeping and vacuuming and periodic damp mopping. Though bamboo flooring is extra liable to scratches, it's miles very easy to hold. The recuperation manner absolutely consists of being sanded down and refinished, leaving you with bamboo flooring which are as precise as new.

Durable – Certain styles of bamboo flooring are just as long lasting as some hardwood flooring which include purple oak. Durable styles of bamboo flooring are made from nicely processed un-carbonized bamboo. Floors made from strand-woven bamboo are even more difficult.

Trendy – Bamboo flooring are presently very cutting-edge in the indoors layout enterprise. They provide a sense of luxurious to any residing or corporate area and have an attractive look similar to that of hardwood flooring.

Bottom Line: Which forms of houses might benefit from bamboo floors?

If you’re looking for floors that gives a hardwood-floor-like look however that is simpler to keep, bamboo floors are a outstanding option. Since bamboo may be grown greater fast than hardwood trees, it’s also a extra green alternative.

Bamboo Floor Cons

Volatile natural chemicals emissions – Although bamboo floors comes from natural products, the adhesive used with it is able to produce risky natural chemical (VOC) emissions, which effect air high-quality. However, the Environmental Protection Agency asserts that “engineered wood flooring and bamboo flooring ought to be licensed beneath the UL GREENGUARD or FloorScore indoor emissions trying out applications.” Some engineered bamboo flooring are built with out the use of toxic chemicals and can be to be had for unique order

Vulnerable to scratches – As mentioned above, bamboo floors is more likely to incur scratches than a few different floor kinds. From shoes to pets to furniture, bamboo floors can be damaged on the floor level by means of a number of culprits. However, in spite of this fact, the flooring may be without problems maintained and restored with right care.

Vulnerable to water damage – Though bamboo is slightly extra water-proof than its hardwood opposite numbers, great water harm can cause floorboards to end up warped and/or stained.

No standardized grading machine – Bamboo floorboards vary from piece to piece, and there's currently no standardized grading gadget for consumers to consider. Though a few retailers kind bamboo into A or B grades primarily based on materials used, this machine is not established by way of an impartial assessor, and consequently might not be completely dependable.

Bottom Line: Which sorts of homes might not be best-desirable for bamboo flooring?

Bamboo floors have to no longer be utilized in regions that are in all likelihood to be susceptible to water damage. Therefore, forego adding a bamboo ground in your bathroom, kitchen, and different moisture-prone areas in the home.

Bamboo flooring pricing

Bamboo floors is generally affordable, despite the fact that costs range relying on the exact look and type of bamboo you prefer.

Prices for bamboo flooring can be as little as $1.99 in step with square foot and growth to upwards of $nine consistent with square foot, in step with the type of bamboo ground you pick. For example, EcoTimber’s Natural Skin bamboo planks price $nine.seventy six per rectangular foot and consist of a surface layer crafted from a sole bamboo stalk that has been cut and then compressed flat.

On the other hand, Home Decorators Collection bamboo planks function “conventional natural horizontal bamboo with ‘knuckles’” and cost $1.99 in step with square foot. You can discover various styles of bamboo flooring that fall among those fee parameters as well.

Bamboo flooring opinions

When weighing your alternatives for bamboo floors, make certain to read a lot of opinions to determine which ground is first-rate for you. Review the Consumer Reports Floor Buying Guide to see how bamboo flooring evaluate to different flooring options.

Additionally, you must research industry-main critics and specialists who can offer targeted insights into the quality bamboo floors alternatives currently available.

Before having your preferred bamboo floor established, it’s also important to read over reviews from contractors to your local location. Look for opinions that discuss the professionalism and pleasant of the contractor, as well as the warranties and packages they should offer. Shop around to discover the exceptional fine for the high-quality fee.

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