Galley Kitchens: Pros Cons and Tips

Whether you’re thinking about transforming your kitchen or attempting to find a new domestic and weighing your options, the kitchen setup is extraordinarily critical. And in case you cook dinner lots, the format of this room genuinely matters.

Quite some homes have galley kitchens — and the owners both love them or want to take a sledgehammer to them. But what is a galley kitchen, and how do if this style is right for you? Freshome rounded up numerous experts that will help you understand the professionals and cons of a galley kitchen. They additionally supplied guidelines for designing a galley kitchen that you’ll love. 

A galley kitchen is great for one cook at a time.

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A galley kitchen is amazing for one cook at a time. Image: Ran Kyu Park/Getty Images

What is a galley kitchen and why is it used?

“A galley kitchen consists of two parallel runs of gadgets forming a imperative hall,” explains Ariel Richardson, a San Diego-based totally interior dressmaker and the founder of ASR Design Studio. The call “galley kitchen” is derived from the kitchens on ships, wherein the whole lot is in a directly line.

It’s a incredible solution whilst you don’t have a whole lot of space, or if a house has a tendency to be lengthy rather than huge. “A galley kitchen is normally considered an answer for smaller apartments. We’ve additionally accomplished some as 2d kitchens in larger houses, like a mom/daughter installation,” says Michael Radovic, CKD at Showcase Kitchens. “You can attain a functional and nicely integrated kitchen, one which works seamlessly with the relaxation of the decor, with a length of approximately seven to eight feet.”

You can save money creating a galley kitchen

You can store cash with a galley kitchen. Image: Hoxton-Martin Barraud/Getty Images

A galley kitchen is value-effective

One gain of a galley kitchen is that it gained’t blow your finances, in line with Nathan Outlaw, President at Onvico, a widespread contracting and layout-build organization in Thomasville, GA. “A galley kitchen will usually be extra price-powerful than a big, open kitchen,” he says. “You simplest have two sets of shelves with easy rectangle countertop slabs.” That leaves extra money to splurge on the trendy faucet developments.

You can save steps - if it’s not too wide.

You can shop steps — if it’s now not too extensive. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

A galley kitchen is efficient

But a galley kitchen isn’t best price-effective. It’s also green. “The home equipment are easily accessible. Galley style offers a very efficient kitchen work triangle,” says Joan Kaufman, an interior designer and President of Interior Planning & Design in Naperville, IL.

It’s a sentiment echoed by way of Erin Davis, Owner and Lead Designer at Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland, OR. “Because it’s smaller, fewer steps are required in between paintings regions,” Davis says. “In a few galley kitchens, the sink, refrigerator and variety are all along the identical wall. This can paintings nicely as long as there may be enough prep area in between work areas.”

However, if the corridor is just too a ways aside — more than 6 toes wide, mainly — Richardson warns that it's going to lose its efficiency.

In lieu of 2 walls, a galley kitchen can have one wall and one long island.

In lieu of walls, a galley kitchen can have one wall and one long island. Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling.

Chelsea Allard, VP of Design at Case Design/Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, has the same opinion that a galley kitchen can be efficient. “The galley kitchen is made from parallel paintings surfaces. In a small condominium, it could be partitions. Or it may be one wall of cabinetry parallel to a long island,” she explains. “Galley kitchens can be fairly efficient because they allow a linear route to arrange the major paintings zones: meals storage, prep and cooking, smooth-up and non-perishable garage.”

Two cooks will probably bump into each other.

Two cooks will probable come upon every different. Image: photographee.eu/Shutterstock

A galley kitchen isn’t the fine fashion for a couple of human beings

However, a galley kitchen isn’t usually designed for a whole lot of — or even some — people. “Due to length constraints, a galley kitchen certainly can only suit one or chefs at a time,” Outlaw explains. “It can be harder to move round all of us inside the kitchen.”

Allard concurs and says that except one of the facets is an island, a galley kitchen doesn’t manage traffic properly. “Proper spacing among every counter is crucial to making sure there is snug space for human beings to cook and bypass by way of each different,” she says. “A galley kitchen is brilliant for small areas, however can sense like a runway if it’s too lengthy.” On the opposite hand, when you have hardwood floors inside the kitchen, you can enjoy taking walks the runway.

You might not have a window view.

You may not have a window view. Image: Contrastaddict/GettyImages

There may not be a variety of natural mild

And in case you’re inside the dependancy of searching out the window as you wash dishes, this will not be the kitchen for you. “Views of the outdoor can be sacrificed,” says Kaufman. “There’s normally now not a sink directly in the front of a window. And on occasion, there won't also be a window within the kitchen.”

Make sure appliances will fit correctly.

Make positive home equipment will in shape efficiently. Image: Martin Deja/Getty Images

Consider your home equipment

If you’re planning a galley kitchen, plan on your home equipment as nicely. “You must realize the specifications of your home equipment and make sure that the principle appliances — sink, fridge and stove — are either in a triangle or near each other in a row,” advises Linda Hayslett at Lh.designs.

“Because galley kitchens are used for smaller spaces, the specifications of the home equipment are crucial, specifically the fridge and stove.” Hayslett says that many human beings don’t think about the spacing of these objects, but larger sizes can create issues in the course of set up.

Add light wherever you can.

Add lighting anywhere you may. Image: Mint Images/Getty Images

Making the galley kitchen experience large

Even although a galley kitchen has a tendency to be small, there are approaches to make it appear large. “Use mild or excessive-gloss finishes to create a extra open feel,” says Richardson. “Placement of mild furnishings is critical in developing an phantasm of extra space.”

Light and open galley kitchen.

A light and open galley kitchen. Image courtesy of Dawn Totty Designs.

Interior Designer Dawn Totty of Dawn Totty Designs in Chattanooga, TN, recommends the usage of a monochromatic coloration scheme in a light coloration to present the illusion of a bigger, more open area. “I continually say the first-rate kitchens are the maximum well-lit kitchens. But don’t just depend upon recessed lighting,” Totty says. She shows striking a lantern, chandeliers or a few other type of light furniture to feature a few personality to the room.

Since space is confined, Totty also recommends putting cabinets as high because the ceiling and utilising baskets and categorised packing containers.

“In addition, put into effect as a minimum two glass-front cabinets for a quite shine and to break up the heaviness of all-timber cabinets,” she says. “You could have a galley kitchen and an island, too.” Totty recommends either a custom or save-bought island with casters. “It’s a perfect manner to create more prep area. [Islands] also are amusing to apply as a bar or dessert cart for wonderful.”

You may be able to enlarge the footprint.

You may be capable of amplify the footprint. Image courtesy of Joan Kaufman — Interior Planning & Design.

Modifying the kitchen

If you’re surely bought at the idea of a galley kitchen however you don’t have the essential width, there are methods to make it work. “You can open up the partitions on both sides of the kitchen, that can add as much as 12 inches of cabinet and countertop space,” explains Shawn Breyer, proprietor of We Buy Houses Atlanta. If you don’t want to eliminate partitions, he has every other inspiration: add a glass door or a large window on the give up of the wall. “Adding large windows is a tactic utilized in smaller homes. It affords the belief of greater space, making it experience less cramped,” Breyer says.

Some galley kitchens are quite spacious.

Some galley kitchens are pretty spacious. Image: Contrastaddict/Getty Images

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