6 Must-Know Living Room Storage Tricks From Interior Design Pros

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living room storage

An ottoman may be a high-quality alternative for storing odds and ends. Image: Breadmaker/Shutterstock

Invest in a storage ottoman

“Storage ottomans are a exquisite solution for living rooms due to the fact they serve a dual purpose. In addition to having a cute area to relaxation your ft, they offer a terrific-sized area to tuck away items you don’t need all over the dwelling room. This could be a great area for blankets or greater pillows, perhaps even sheets when you have a pull-out couch bed. Storage ottomans can tuck away DVDs and video games, faraway controls and those magazines that pile up in the living room. This useful piece of furnishings is the suitable location to stash gadgets earlier than visitors arrive.”

—  Erika Bodine, Decorator, Interior Planner and Sales Manager, LuxeDecor

wall hooks

Create your personal entryway with some wall hooks. Image: New Africa/Shutterstock

Don’t forget wall hooks

“Installing multiple wall hooks is an handy manner to organize hats, coats and handbags with out cluttering drawers and counters. It’s crucial to find stability and spacing that works for the item you are placing, as it will create visible appeal and additionally obviously feature as wall decor.”

— Emilie Baltorinic, Interior Designer, Living Spaces

closed storage

Use closed garage to your advantage. Image: Photographee.eu/Shutterstock

Hide muddle in closed garage

“Some gadgets, like books, can shop definitely fantastically, whilst other objects, like papers, youngsters’s toys or small electronics, may be an eyesore.  For those more difficult items, don't forget closed storage like a fabric dice or wicker basket. This approach nonetheless makes all objects accessible but makes it less complicated to also design a practical area with storage in thoughts!”

— Kayla Hein, Creative Director, Modern Castle

wall storage unit

Go vertical with a wall garage unit. Image: Vadym Andrushchenko/Shutterstock

Think approximately the usage of a wall storage unit

“Symmetry creates order out of multiple objects. Storage wall units like the IKEA Kallax create a wall of squares that get items up and stale the floor and different horizontal surfaces. They also can be used to create those little function cubes where you can play with coloration, theme and texture.”

— Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer and Owner, HeartWork Organizing

sofa table

Use a sofa desk to feature storage that won’t take in plenty area. Image: Photographee.european/Shutterstock

Add a settee desk

“My preferred tip for growing the storage space [in a living room] is to feature a sofa table. In maximum cases, there is a bit bit of space left between the couch and the wall. Take gain of this area through setting a slender table in the back of the sofa. Pick a table with complementing colour that’s the identical length because the sofa. You can use it to save magazines, books, remotes, frames, decor or lamps. You may even deploy an outlet in the desk to create a telephone charging station.”

— Eva Bowker, Home Improvement Coordinator, Fantastic Handyman

under stair storage

Store larger items in the area under the stairs. Image: Jo Ann Snove/Shutterstock

Utilize the gap underneath the steps

“The area under the stairs may be used as a closet space with pull-out cabinets or racks. A remodeling contractor can create this greater garage correctly while preserving the structural integrity of the steps. This garage area may be used for lots purposes like shoes, coats or a mini library.”

— Amira Johnson, Interior Designer, Emerald Doors

Interior Design — No-Fail Tips & Tricks For Living Room Decorating

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