Caring for Windows: 5 Tips for People in Glass Houses

They say that humans in glass homes shouldn’t throw stones, but 13 years in a window-heavy home has taught me even more. The whole front of my domestic is made of 12 windows and, at the same time as they’re visually thrilling, I’ll be honest with you: they may be a primary pain to maintain easy. But as houses fashion closer to the extra modern-day, windows and glass are handiest turning into greater famous. Sure, that’s superb information for the window-washing company I use, but it additionally means plenty of house owner maintenance, too. Caring for windows is extra than only a spritz of blue glass purifier. Here are a number of the high-quality tips I’ve learned via existence in my very own glass residence.

Home with large windows in grassy landscape

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Windows upload masses of architectural hobby to your own home. Image: breadmaker/Shutterstock

1. Go industrial

Regular window purifier is ok for quick shine-ups, however your glass will need greater. Homes that function a variety of glass — specifically in region of exterior partitions — will acquire buildup from weather, dust, animals and more. And every so often, you can’t even virtually see how dirty your glass is until the sun shines without delay thru. In any case, it’s first-class to go for business window cleaning solutions. One of the excellent techniques is to simply use cleaning soap and water to get rid of the grime. Then, use a business-electricity window cleanser (it normally is available in foam, now not spray) to shine up.

Modern home with large picture windows

Avoid your hose to make your glass shine. Image: alexandre zveiger/Shutterstock

2. Wash and dry, but skip the hose

When I first moved into my glass residence, I figured a quick spray with the hose outside might be sufficient to remove dust and dust. But my window care contractor instructed me that I was probable just making it worse. Hose water is typically quite difficult and, what’s extra, mineral deposits can be absorbed with the aid of the porous surface of the glass. Caring for home windows well meant filling a bucket with water from interior my domestic, washing and then making sure to dry the glass earlier than completing. Never wash your home windows in direct sunlight, either, considering that’s the time windows are maximum porous.

Modern home with large windows

Make certain your landscape protection doesn’t damage your windows. Image: artazum/Shutterstock

three. Check your sprinklers

Automatic sprinklers are excellent convenient, however they’re without a doubt difficult on windows. Having a sprinkler gadget that splashes up against the glass in your property manner wave after wave of hard water and scale buildup over the years. I in reality fell sufferer to this problem the primary yr in my domestic; the sprinklers had to be reconfigured. Limescale and hard water buildup are notoriously difficult to get off of glass, so it’s excellent to keep away from them altogether. Make positive your sprinklers are pointed away from your home windows and water regions close to your private home through hand alternatively.

Living room with floor-to-ceiling windows

Yearly preservation can make sure more power green home windows. Image: Photographee.ecu/Shutterstock

4. Reseal annually

Having a domestic that is heavy on the glass may be beautiful, but it’s not continually the maximum energy efficient function. Caring for windows could make your home greater green and help preserve strength bills low. Seals round windows and glass can reduce and deform through the years, letting out precious warmth inside the iciness and letting it in via the summer months. It’s satisfactory to do an annual checkup of your window seals to ensure they’re tight and nevertheless pliable. The properly news? It’s an easy restore. A tube of caulk can make all of the distinction in preserving your glass residence snug all year long.

Large modern home

Call inside the professionals more than one instances per year. Image: rawmn/Shutterstock

5. Call inside the execs

I do my quality to keep our glass domestic in suitable shape but I’m now not an expert. That’s why I have expert window renovation come twice yearly to smooth home windows, clean debris, test seals and in any other case hold my home windows in exact shape. When your property functions quite a few windows, having them look grimy or in disrepair makes a massive distinction inside the appearance and feel of the residence. It’s typically $one hundred fifty to $three hundred, however it’s cash properly spent in retaining my residence green. While I’m sure we’ll have to replace our home windows in the end, it’s a massive fee. Taking care of your home windows will make bigger their existence and keep them searching great, so a expert opinion is clearly a worthy funding.

Caring for home windows is a chief part of homeownership. It’s even more important while glass is one in all your private home’s major capabilities.


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