How To: Add an Outdoor Bar

outdoor bar - pottery barn bar

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Set up an outside bar to make the most of the summer season. Pieces just like the Abbott Brown Ultimate Bar can make it awesome easy. Image courtesy of Pottery Barn.

Summer is set to kick our out of doors time up a notch. And what which means: beverages al fresco. And yes, sure, you in all likelihood have some bars and restaurants close by that would thankfully serve you liquids on their patio — for a price. But why now not decrease the expense of playing your beverage en plein air (and disturbing approximately parking or a ride) with the aid of setting up your very own outdoor bar? Want to seize the summer time? Use this manual to installation an out of doors bar you could enjoy from the consolation of your home.

Find your spot

First matters first, you need to choose out an area in your bar. Ideally, it have to be somewhere in which both sun and coloration are available. That may want to mean adding a patio umbrella or two, or it can imply positioning your bar underneath a tree, awning or pergola. You need to offer yourself alternatives to maintain beverages in the shade but be able to experience the sun’s warm temperature in case you want it.

Then, search for level ground. Drinks spill. It’s crucial to have somewhere flat to installation your bar to preserve things as strong as feasible.

Stock your outside bar

Now, permit’s get into the a laugh stuff! Setting up your outdoor bar can remodel your outside area, give you greater room for exciting and assist you clutch some more diet D and sparkling air at some point of the temperate months. But you’ll best use it if it’s were given what you want to fast and without difficulty restore yourself a drink. Here’s what you need to gather for a properly-stocked bar.

outdoor bar - wayfair bar cart

A easy however strong bar cart, like the Bucksport Bar Serving Cart, can be all you want to get your bar started out. Image courtesy of Wayfair.

Serving surface

First, you’re going to want an area to place the entirety. You can buy a climate-resistant bar (like those options from Wayfair) if you need to certainly set yourself up for achievement, however a simple serving cart can do the trick. Ultimately, you just want someplace you can placed some bottles and pitchers without some thing toppling over.

Weather-secure storage area

That said, you do need to don't forget where you’ll put the whole lot while you’re no longer the use of your outdoor bar. And, sure, you could lug all of it out from inner, but you’re much more likely to use your bar on a ordinary basis if it’s smooth. A small, climate-safe cabinet could be all you need to maintain any breakables or spillable objects covered whilst your bar isn’t in use.

Cold garage

No one needs a lukewarm beverage. Make sure you have got a place where you may maintain things bloodless and in which you can take hold of ice. That might be a mini fridge, cooler or even only a bucket that you stock with ice when you’re the usage of your bar. If you go along with the cooler or bucket direction, consider including an ice bucket into the combination so you can easily grab easy ice while you’re creating a cocktail.

outdoor bar - acrylic glass anthropologie

Stemless and in ruin-resistant acrylic, the Valencia Wine Glasses are perfect for outside use. Image courtesy of Anthropologie.

Break-resistant barware

Even if your outside bar is mere ft from your home, it’s nevertheless exposed to the elements. Wind can spoil even the pleasant-laid plans, specially when glass is involved. Consider plastic or metallic cups to provide your barware some sturdiness (and save your self the trouble of looking to sweep up broken glass from choppy outdoor surfaces). Moscow mule mugs — like those ones from Crate & Barrel, which are available in metal finishes well beyond the usual copper — can be a stylish and long-lasting addition on your bar.


To sincerely make the maximum of your bar, you’re going to want a good way to get snug. Whether you add bar stools round a high-top desk, Adirondack chairs or a couple of benches, adding a few considerate seating touches can make all of the difference. Outdoor pillows and a few throw blankets (Mexican blankets are ideal for their warm temperature and sturdiness) can expand the hours of use on your outdoor bar well into the nighttime. If your outside bar is reasonably exposed, pick a climate-safe storage area which can suit a basket of these consolation-adding touches to guard them and maintain them clean.

Lighting and greater

Speaking of nighttime leisure of your bar, don’t forget lighting fixtures. There are tons of sun alternatives that prevent you from wanting to have strength at your bar. Citronella candles can upload a nice ambient glow and hold pests away. You’ve were given options, but don’t neglect to consider how your bar will transition from day to night time. Because, positive, all of us love socializing at some point of the day on a summer weekend, but the bulk of your bar’s use will probable fall later inside the day.

Now which you’ve began putting the environment, we’ve were given some greater pointers that will help you make your outside bar experience find it irresistible’s set in an oasis.

outdoor bar - west elm bar

With a integrated ice compartment, the Portside Outdoor Bar Cart could make pleasing extraordinarily smooth. Image courtesy of West Elm.

Serve it up

It’s time for the a laugh element! You’ve placed within the paintings to get your bar dialed in. Now, you can sit back and experience it. If you’re web hosting pals or own family, make exciting greater smooth on your self by way of taking a few steps to prepare.

  • If you don’t have a fridge at your outside bar, get beverages on ice multiple hours earlier than human beings arrive. Even if you do, ensure you have got smooth ice available for cocktails. Pair it with a scoop or tongs for smooth serving.
  • Consider making a big pitcher of a signature cocktail to minimize the quantity of bartending you’ll should do. Then, provide wine, beer and tough alcohol with staple mixers like soda water, tonic, lemons and limes and also you’re all set!
  • If you have outside candles, set a reminder to mild them for your phone to head off ten mins earlier than humans arrive.
  • Drape blankets over your seating so people realize they’re unfastened to use.

Then, kick back and enjoy! One of the first-rate things approximately an outdoor bar is how clean it makes website hosting — and cleanup. Someone makes a mess? No worries. You can just hose the whole lot down later.

Cheers to the summer!

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