How to Choose the Right Decking Materials

When you have got to update your deck, you generally simply recognize. The finishing on the floor of the decking substances begins to appearance worn. In more intense instances, quantities of the forums may be completely rotted through or damaged. In the maximum extreme instances, the body could start to go to pot, leading to risky deck collapses.

If you’re in a function in which your modern-day deck could use a few TLC, average restore fees may be within the low thousands of greenbacks. A whole new deck can fee everywhere from lots of bucks to tens of heaps of bucks, relying on the decking materials you operate, the scale of the deck and local hard work expenses.

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>Average estimates for the way lengthy it takes to complete a deck are around per week or less, whether you use a contractor or build the deck your self. Deck restore can take as low as an afternoon if repairs are minor. However, contractor schedules can vary.

Below, we’ll check the varieties of decking materials, overlaying some simple pros and cons of each. But first, you need to check whether to restore or replace that deck.

Decking Materials Broken Board

Sometimes character forums on the deck may need to get replaced. Image: WKanadpon/Shutterstock

Should you Repair your Deck?

The first query you ought to be asking is whether or not the body itself is showing signs and symptoms of corrosion. Damage to the structural support can lead to deck fall apart. Sometimes corrosion could be obvious, like in cases wherein you could see rot on the edge of the deck body itself. But you may should get a professional to carry out an inspection if you’re not an professional on woodwork. They’ll observe greater technical matters, like guardrail and stair connections.

Luckily, decks with structural guide intact, however worn boards and railings, can break out with a easy repair to the decking substances. You honestly need to update the character forums and railings that need repair. Some decks may want simplest a simple refinishing.

However, in case you want more recent substances, recognise that they can be heavier. In instances like these, the deck will need extra supports. The cost of additional helps may want to method simply putting in a brand new deck.

As every other observe, older decks from earlier than 2004 regularly contained the toxic chemical chromated copper arsenate, a kind of lumber preservative that has been classified a carcinogen due to the arsenic it includes. Fortunately, you can have those kinds of decks refinished by means of a professional, which can seal away the chemical.

Decking Materials Wood Deck

Natural wood can provide a deep shade and appealing texture to a deck. Image: Lauren Blackwell/Shutterstock

Types of Decking Materials

The marketplace gives a wide array of alternatives for decking materials, each of which has its own professionals and cons. Below is a reachable define of the most not unusual styles of decking substances that will help you decide that's right for you.

Pressure-treated lumber

This is manufactured from herbal wood, however it’s chemically dealt with to face up to bugs, fungus and decay. It’s low-cost and clean to supply. However, it could crack, warp and split with time. It also calls for upkeep, like every year electricity washing and restaining every couple of years or so. And humans with natural residing and sustainability issues may want to avoid decking materials with chemical remedies. However, it’s additionally the least steeply-priced sort of decking fabric.

Natural woods

Natural woods are a terrific investment for individuals who need to keep away from the chemical compounds of pressure-dealt with lumber. Some styles of woods have oils and tannins that lead them to clearly resistant to rot and insects, like redwood and purple cedar. Tropical hardwoods also can have comparable resistant characteristics, like tigerwood and ipe.

Shop cautiously for these types of decking materials, as unique styles of woods are extra hearty than others. And, like strain dealt with lumber, natural woods like redwood require annual power washing and a brand new stain each few years. Different woods may have their very own protection wishes, so do your homework. Prices may be all around the area primarily based on wood first-class and sort.


Wood fiber and plastic make up this decking fabric. It’s a highly long lasting alternative that doesn’t warp, rot or cut up as effortlessly as natural timber can. You don’t want to refinish it, however elective paint or stain can give it a fresh appearance. However, it seems extra synthetic, so some humans won't like the loss of herbal texture and coloration which can come with shifting away from herbal woods. And it is able to develop mould and spoil down over the years. You’ll be looking at mid-range pricing, compared to different decking materials.


This sort of deck is typically crafted from PVC and polyethylene, more than one famous options. There is likewise plastic lumber, that is made completely of a hundred percent recyclable plastic. Plastic is extra long lasting, especially in that it doesn’t rot or decay. Plus, it’s very mild. However, this fashion is getting even in addition far from the herbal beauty of hardwood, which can be a con for folks who like that aesthetic. It can also be slippery and may sag. Like composites, prices have a tendency to be mid-variety.


Aluminum is one of these final decking materials in terms of sturdiness. It doesn’t rot, bugs can’t devour it, it’s mold resistant, it won’t crack or warp and its finishes ultimate and last. For a con, however, it’s the maximum costly kind of decking. And a few human beings might not just like the sterile aesthetic of a metallic deck.

As you may see, every decking kind has its wonderful pluses and minuses. So the right decking for you'll depend upon your price range, tolerance for deck protection, outdoor enjoyment desires and aesthetic desire.

And recollect, if the value of repairing or upgrading a deck is near putting in a brand new one, you might just be better off getting a today's deck which can ultimate longer.

6 decking material options for every backyard aesthetic

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