How to Decide on the Best Fencing Materials

The large number of varieties of fences and fencing materials can be overwhelming. Wander down the fence aisle of any hardware shop and you’re searching at exclusive terms like “dog-eared fence” and “scalloped fence.” Then there are the 1/2-dozen substances, which may also or may not in shape the needs of your backyard and budget.

As a long way as the price range for installing a fence, even which could get perplexing. It can be smooth to study the fence panels on my own to decide the fee. But that’s before you keep in mind the posts you’ll need, any additional components like gate portions and labor charges to put in the fence. The average price to install a fence runs all over the low thousands of dollars.

If you do it yourself, getting fence posts into the ground may be backbreaking paintings that calls for a publish hollow digger. The mission can take days to weeks, relying on how a good deal time you have. A professionally set up fence may be up in as little as sooner or later.

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With the price and hard work involved, you want to be sure you’re choosing the great fencing on your backyard. Below, we’ll outline the special fencing substances and patterns so that you could make an informed choice.

Fencing Materials Wood Gate

Some patterns blend materials, like this masonry wall and wood gate layout. Image: Roy Pedersen/Shutterstock

Fencing materials

Fencing substances all carry pros and cons. Some paintings better in positive aesthetic styles than others, too. So your first step is to weigh exceptional fencing materials towards each different. Here’s a guide to help:


Wood is an appealing, traditional material that works in any backyard style. It’s also cheaper than different options like vinyl privateness fencing or masonry fencing materials. Cedar, teak and redwood are famous fencing cloth sorts for their long lasting and lengthy-lasting properties. Bamboo fencing has become an eco-trend choice since it grows so fast. You can also look into pressure-dealt with woods to increase durability and resistance to rot and insects. Wood fencing can ultimate a couple of decades or greater with proper care, though this may range based on timber kind. However, it does subsequently warp and decay. It can also require refinishing. This has brought about different fencing materials turning into famous.


There are some exclusive varieties of metal fences which are famous, like aluminum, wrought iron and chain hyperlink fencing. However, steel has a totally particular design aesthetic that could or may not paintings around your private home. For instance, wrought iron can upload a stately sense. Chain hyperlink fencing is usually discovered in very casual yards. Certain metals, like wrought iron, can also require scraping and portray to keep rust and different signs and symptoms of damage away. However, steel fences have a tendency to be inexpensive. And they serve functions like keeping pets in with out visually closing off the yard. Metal fences can final decades or longer with proper care.


These are constructed from wood fibers and plastic. They have the appearance of wooden with the accelerated durability of plastic. They gained’t warp or rot as badly as wooden and are extra proof against insects. The exceptional and rate of various composites vary extensively, so that you’ll need to make sure you do your studies and talk to a reputable vendor.


For fencing materials that lessen fee, you can’t beat PVC, which regularly works as the stakes, put up sleeves and pickets. It’s a way to lessen costs and increase sturdiness due to the fact less to no timber is getting used within the production.


Vinyl fencing is the movie star of the fencing global. It’s very expensive however, if you could come up with the money for it, you could need to take into account this kind of fence. It’s both stronger and greater flexible than timber. Plus, it’s maintenance-loose and really clean to smooth. It can also final from 20 to 30 years.

Masonry styles

An frequently-unnoticed style of “fencing” is masonry. This encompasses styles like concrete, brick, block, stucco or stone. These varieties of walls are recognized for his or her durability, regularly lasting over a hundred years with right renovation. They’re luxurious, however their durability may lead them to well worth the prematurely cost. They additionally go incredible with homes that have classic or stately patterns to them. However, they need to be hooked up by means of a expert, as they regularly need complicated footings and supports. And, over the years, they might need their mortar joints constant.

Fencing Materials Lattice Style

Privacy fences can come with appealing elaborations, like this lattice layout. Image: RonTech3000/Shutterstock

Fencing styles

Beyond fundamental fencing substances, fences also are available a extensive range of styles. So you’ll need to take into account the ones next. Each of those paintings in exclusive aesthetic settings and with specific goals for the yard. Here is a basic manual that will help you weigh fencing styles in opposition to every other:

Privacy fence

This is a common utilitarian form of fence that blocks all perspectives outside the backyard. It regularly comes in 6-foot-excessive panels.

Lattice fence

This blocks out maximum sightlines but has a partial view thru a ornamental checkered sample at the top of each panel. It adds a bit of romantic fashion to a backyard. You can usually find the lattice fence in 6-foot-high panels.

Spaced wood fence

When someone references the fundamental suburban white picket fence, this is the sort they’re speaking approximately. It’s usually waist-excessive and has extensively spaced slats. It can supply a smooth and classic appearance to yards.

Scalloped fence

This is just like the white picket fence, but the pinnacle of the fence has a curved layout shaped from pickets of various heights. It can supply a romantic, ornamental feel.

Dog-eared fence

The canine-eared fence obstructs perspectives with alternating planks located in the front of or at the back of each other. This kind can upload a few appealing texture to any yard.

Squared fence

This primary fence kind is definitely slender bars placed a few inches apart from every different. It’s an amazing addition to yards with a stark, modern-day attraction.

Farm fence

The farm fence is formed by way of a few broadly spaced slender planks of horizontal wooden. It’s usually round waist-high and offers just sufficient obstruction to prevent a cow from wandering off. It’s notable for us of a or rustic-styled houses.

And don't forget, before locating your dream fencing substances and patterns, check along with your neighborhood municipality. Some regions have height and privateness regulations for fences.

The Details of Wood Fence Types

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