Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Countertops

If you hate your counter tops — kitchen, tub, bar, or storage — however you’re now not equipped to pony up the cash required to get granite, take coronary heart. There are other options, likely inexpensive than the tax you'll pay for granite, to convert counter tops.

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And the information gets even higher. You don’t ought to be a expert to convert your countertops yourself. We found several products that may make your counter tops appearance a whole lot higher with just a minimum quantity of effort.

Daich Countertop Finishing Kit


The Daich Countertop Finishing Kit can makeover your kitchen counters. Image courtesy of Daich Coatings.

You’ll want a paint brush or paint roller to use Daich’s merchandise, however don’t permit that fool you. “The SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Finishing Kit is sincerely now not paint in any respect. But it is carried out with a roller or brush for an easy, paint-like revel in,” explains Peter Daich, President of Daich Coatings in Hamilton, ON. “It is surely a real combined stone resurfacing fabric that may be easily rolled onto present kitchen countertops, lavatory vanities, bar tops, tables, and so forth.,” he says. Daich explains that this allows customers to add the ornamental elegance of a actual estate improve even as most effective paying a fraction of the fee.

He says the Daich Countertop Finishing Kit includes everything you’ll want, together with the tools, coatings and accessories. Each package covers 30 to 40 square feet.

You can use the refinishing package on laminate, timber, concrete, stone and different stable surfaces. Daich says that it's far a water-based, herbal stone cloth that is odorless, dries fast, resists staining and resists damage from hot pans and every day use.

The kit comes in 10 popular countertop colorings: Oyster, Natural White, Onyx Fog, Canyon Gold, Volcanic Black, Mantle Stone, Lodestar, Sundance, Ironstone and Yosemite.


Another instance of the Daich Countertop Finishing Kit. Image courtesy of Daich Coatings.

Applying the Daich Countertop Finishing Kit

So, what degree of know-how do you want? “Anyone can use this product,” Daich says. “It is a stone combination this is honestly rolled on like paint,” he explains. “No special equipment or artistic skills are required to attain an appealing end result.”

In fact, he says you don’t actually need to fear about messing up. “If a niche gets overlooked, just brush or roll some into the surface to repair it or just dab a few on with your finger.”

The three phases of refinishing your counter tops are as follows:

  1. 1) Roll on a bonding primer
  2. 2) Roll on two coats of stone
  3. 3) Apply clear coat day after today

So, how lengthy does the system take? Daich says it’s a very good weekend mission (two days). “The coatings in the kit roll on quickly and dry in as low as 30 minutes,” he explains. “Primer and Stone coating steps are normally finished on day one, followed with the aid of utility of the clear coat tomorrow.”

Giani Countertop Paint Kit

Giani marble countertop paint. Image courtesy of Giani

Giani Marble Countertop Paint offers an fashionable appearance. Image courtesy of Giani Granite

Giani Countertop Paint Kits are any other strategy to your lackluster counter tops. “You can paint right over your existing counter tops and remodel them into the look of natural stone,” says Ami Gruenenfelder at Giani Granite. She explains that it’s a simple 3-step method. First, roll at the black primer. Then sponge at the three corresponding mineral colors. Finally, roll on the topcoat.

Giani Bombay Black Countertop Paint instantly updates this kitchen. Image: Giani Granite

The package includes all the paint and programs, and one package covers 35 square ft. Since Giani Granite is water-based, it’s low odor and secure to apply. Because you paint over your existing counter tops, Giani’s kit hides any of your previous stains, burns or scratches. And  the high-gloss, durable, automotive-grade acrylic topcoat protects your new counter tops.

The countertop kit is available in several shades, inclusive of Marble, Chocolate Brown, Sicilian Sand, Bombay Black, White Diamond, and Slate.


These countertops were given a makeover with Giani Sicilian Sand Countertop Paint. Image courtesy of Giani Granite.

Applying Giani Countertop Paint

So, what’s the level of information required? “We’ve designed our kits to be a simple ‘paint-by using-numbers’ DIY challenge that absolutely everyone of any painting talent set can whole,” Gruenenfelder explains. In addition to written commands, there also are particular how-to films. And since the paint is layered, you could exchange the finish until you attain the appearance that you want. That way you can definitely change the color as you go alongside, or maybe upload veins. Gruenenfelder says the customer support department can respond thru phone, stay chat or e-mail when you have any questions or need a person to walk you via the process.

How lengthy does this procedure take? You have to be able to complete it in a weekend. “Your actual painting time might be about four hours and drying time is around sixteen hours,” Gruenenfelder says. “Typically, you would prep and top on Friday, sponge at the mineral paints and follow the first layer of topcoat on Saturday, then apply the final layer of topcoat and easy up on Sunday.”


Giani Countertop Paint can supply exquisite variations. Image courtesy of Giani Granite.

In June, Gianni can even release a DIY Butcher Block that’s made with timber tone burnt umber pigments and acrylic resin. It is impervious to moisture, and scratch and stain resistant.


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