Pot Fillers are Trendy But Are They Practical?

Pot fillers are beautiful to examine — and, as one of the 2019 faucet trends, they’re all the rage. However, if the reason of a pot filler is to keep away from lugging large pots of water to the stove, there’s no such issue as a pot drainer, so, finally, you have to lug the pot again to the sink. Also, what occurs if the pot filler develops a leak in view that there’s no drainage on your cooktop? Are pot fillers practical or do they simply look accurate? We requested the professionals to weigh in on this subject matter.

The pot filler trend

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The Modern Pot Filler from Moen. Image courtesy of Moen.

According to Sandra L. Steiner-Houck, President and Senior Designer at Steiner-Houck & Associates in Mount Joy, PA, pot fillers aren’t a brand new fashion. “We’ve been incorporating them into our kitchen designs for many years,” Steiner-Houck says. In reality, she recalled installing a pot filler in the back of a range approximately 15 to 18 years ago.

However, as kitchens are getting bigger, Christine Ramos, Senior Product Manager of Kitchen Faucets at Kohler, believes pot fillers are a growing fashion. “Homeowners are incorporating pot fillers into their kitchens for max comfort,” she says.

Ramos believes it’s a part of a larger domestic chef trend.  “Consumers are creating areas that cause them to feel and act like a chef,” she says, even though they don’t have an commercial kitchen. “Farm-to-table and a greater awareness of what one is eating are also driving the chef trend within the kitchen. The pot filler is some other tool in this chef area.”


The Gerber Danze Parma Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Gerber.

And inside the quest to create an open concept, professionally inspired kitchen, Katie Hayes, Senior Product Manager for Faucets at Gerber Plumbing Fixtures, says pot fillers are right at home. “Kitchen layout tendencies impact all elements and info in the space. Soft contemporary and farmhouse patterns resonate with house owners in kitchen designs, consisting of pot filler patterns.”

Matte Black Pot Filler.

The Delta Matte Black Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Delta.

In truth, Hayes is seeing an increase in finishes like Satin Black inside the kitchen. “A black pot filler is so putting against a white tile or marbled wall and makes an impactful layout announcement,” she says.


The Elkay Explore Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Elkay.

Dan Worst, Product Manager at Elkay, agrees that pot fillers are in reality developing in recognition. “We find owners are specially drawn to the timeless detail of pot fillers, however respect a greater present day, sleek and smooth look which could in shape their kitchen style, some thing that may be.” And due to the fact pot fillers have a traditional style, he says they could work in a number of settings. “For instance, pot fillers provide a sophisticated way to combination business vibes with traditional and farmhouse kitchen styles,” Worst says.


The Artifacts Pot Filler from Kohler. Image courtesy of Kohler.

Pot fillers can add loads of style on your kitchen, however are they sensible? “The French culinary idea of ‘mise en area’ dictates that the whole lot has an area. It’s a mantra for organization in professional kitchens that can be carried out to home kitchens,” explains Ramos. “The humble pot filler has a totally unique position in the kitchen: it ought to usually be located above the range, and its call to motion is to fill pots with water.”

And Ramos says there are sure benefits to this. “Pot fillers are tools for performance. They go with the flow at a charge of 4.zero gallons in line with minute in comparison to a standard kitchen faucet, which flows at 1.5 gallons in keeping with minute,” Ramos explains. “This means you may fill a pot almost three times faster than using your other tap inside the kitchen.”


The Moen Modern Two-deal with Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Moen.

And, in keeping with Ann Pringle, Kitchen Product Manager at Moen, they make prep paintings less hard. “Wall-mount pot fillers assist improve ordinary tasks in the kitchen, from filling pasta pots to tea kettles, as they lessen the stress of wearing a heavy, complete pot of water throughout the kitchen,” she says. “Plus, Moen’s pot fillers are prepared with dual joints for maximum reach and twin shut-off valves so purchasers don’t want to reach over a hot floor to turn off the deliver of water.”

And there are other advantages. “A pot filler frees up the sink vicinity for other tasks, so you can turn your pot filler on to boil some water while you’re concurrently scrubbing veggies or washing kitchen tools,” Ramos says. “A free sink additionally makes cooking with a partner or pal easier — and, without a doubt, what’s higher than communal cooking?”

The advantages of pot fillers also expand to their layout. “Since maximum are smooth and hooked up better up at the wall like Elkay’s Avado Pot Filler, they may be seamlessly integrated into almost any sort of kitchen without getting within the manner,” Worst says.


The Kohler HiRise Pot Filler

The Kohler HiRise Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Kohler

But what about having to carry the heavy pot of water returned to the sink? Well, examine it this way: in case you didn’t have a pot filler, you will ought to deliver the water from the sink, and then convey it lower back to the sink. At least you’re simplest wearing it one manner.

What occurs if the pot filler leaks? “Dishwashers can also leak and cause damage to flooring and cabinetry around them, the identical manner a pot filler could leak over a variety,” explains Steiner-Houck. “It’s just a minor hazard for an added gain.”

 Pot filler recommendation

Moen Pot Filler

The Traditional Pot Filler from Moen. Image courtesy of Moen.

Our specialists had several suggestions to help owners make the right choice regarding pot fillers. “It’s essential to ensure your pot filler has a spout with 360-diploma rotation for maximum convenience,” says Ramos. She also recommends at the least a 22-inch extended spout to attain every burner in your cooktop.

If you're making the decision to add a pot filler during the design stage of a kitchen redecorate, Worst says you’ll have the smoothest installation method. “I might endorse homeowners to do their research first which will make sure the design fits the fashion and capability in their kitchen.” If you’re thinking about installing a pot filler after the layout degree or you want to add a pot filler in your current kitchen layout, Worst recommends contacting a nearby plumber to see if there will be any set up challenges and to also discuss your options.

Hayes agrees that an skilled, expert plumber must be consulted to obtain the nice outcomes. And she reminds homeowners that most pot fillers are single temperature.

This is the Kohler Deck Mount Pot Filler.

Not all pot fillers are wall-set up. This is the Kohler Artifacts Deck Mount Pot Filler. Image courtesy of Kohle

“Before installing a pot filler, bear in mind your cooking desires and the tools you regularly use,” Pringle advises. “For example, prior to installation, homeowners need to degree their cooktop vicinity, in addition to the peak in their tallest pot, while figuring out the place of the faucet.”

All of our specialists agree that a pot filler can be a fashionable and convenient addition to your kitchen. “In phrases of fashion, don’t be afraid to combine and healthy finishes and patterns along with your cutting-edge faucets and fittings inside the kitchen,” Ramos says. “It’s important to take present finish topics into account, however, depending on your kitchen layout, a pot filler may be a announcement maker or a diffused tool that’s hidden away except for usage.”

The KS8108DL Concord Pot Filler in Satin Nickel

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