Trend Alert: Kokedama Add Live Art To Your Home And Garden

Japanese moss balls, referred to as Kokedama, are warm proper now. No pot required — the historic Japanese artwork form is a way to show a plant where the exposed round root ball is the focal point. Hang it, mount one on the wall or create an arrangement on a desk for a modern-zen appearance. A Kokedama ball is traditionally created by means of the usage of soil that has a heavy clay composition and doesn’t collapse without problems. You can wrap the ball in moss or colourful twine to hold the shape and maintain some moisture.

what is kokedama?

Wrap colourful twine around the root ball for a ambitious, current look. Image: Mattis Kaminer/Getty Images

Or, in case you’d as an alternative no longer get your arms dirty, there are kits available:

Choose your plant in keeping with where you’re going to display your Kokedama moss ball. Orchids, African violets, ivy, succulents and ferns work nicely both interior and outside.

Here are some ways you may show your Kokedama round your property and lawn:

moss ball trend

Group a cluster of Kokedama as a dining table centerpiece. Image: chikaphotograph/Getty Images

hanging plant ideas

Ferns are top notch flowers for a striking moss ball design. Image: Dorling Kindersley and Rob Streeter/Getty Images

kokedama ideas

Group a set of different forms of vegetation and hold them at varying heights. Image: Dorling Kindersley and Rob Streeter/Getty Images

succulent moss balls

Use small succulents for an extremely low-upkeep and occasional-water design. Image: kindoki/Getty Images

moss ball design ideas

This kit to be had at Target includes the whole lot you want to create a zen vignette, except for the vase or bowl. Image courtesy of Target.

moss ball decorating ideas

For an artistic appearance, use a Kokedama ball in a design inspired by a pendulum. Image: yasmintas/Shutterstock

hanging plants ideas

Replace a set of pots with placing moss balls wrapped in wire. The layout is a splendid manner to take lower back valuable ground space. Image:Shutterstock

kokedama design ideas

Use a colorful flowering plant or orchid inner your Kokedama — like this Super Moss Kokedama package at Amazon — as a part of your moss ball design. The pop of coloration adds vibrancy to a setting. Image courtesy of Amazon.

How might you show your moss balls: striking or as part of a desk putting design?

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