What is an L-shaped Kitchen Layout?

The L-shaped format is the maximum famous kitchen configuration, in line with the NKBA 2019 kitchen layout traits. But what's an L-fashioned kitchen layout? We asked a few top experts to give an explanation for this format and provide recommendation for using it. After all, simply because it’s famous doesn’t suggest it’s the proper configuration for you.

L-shaped configuration are immensely popular.

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L-fashioned configurations are immensely popular. Image: Svet-Feo/Shutterstock

L-shaped kitchen layout options

“The L-formed design consists of adjacent, perpendicular walls of shelves that shape an impressive ‘L’ shape,” explains David Shove-Brown, Partner at Washington, d.c.-based totally boutique layout firm //3877. He says its popularity is due to the layout’s adaptability.

“Typically, one facet is dedicated to smaller kitchen obligations and acts as domestic base for the sink and countertop home equipment,” Shove-Brown says. “The different ‘wing’ is oriented for larger, more time-in depth activities, keeping the variety and fridge and supplying additional garage.”

An L-shaped configuration can also include an island

An L-fashioned configuration also can consist of an island. Image courtesy of Joan Kaufman/Interior Planning & Design.

An L-shaped kitchen format can also take any other shape. “There may be one wall with a cooktop and some other with the sink,” explains Joan Kaufman, Interior Designer and President of Interior Planning & Design in Naperville, IL. But in this design, the refrigerator may not be inside the L. “Often an island is inside the middle of this style kitchen.” An example of an L-fashioned kitchen designed through Kaufman is above.

While the kitchen paintings triangle is efficient, she says that making plans for the island is essential to ensuring that the gap is efficient. “Determining if an ‘L’ is proper for a home owner can be largely inspired by the ground plan and area availability.”

A window will affect your layout

A window will have an effect on your layout. Image courtesy of Showcase Kitchens.

Incorporating a window

Michael Radovic, CKD at Showcase Kitchens, admits that he loves L-formed kitchens due to the fact they're green and look super. “Being on Long Island, wherein there are generally graciously-sized private houses, we normally upload a middle island, however the perimeter is wherein all of the action is.” Radovic says that it’s most popular to place the sink — and modern day tap —  in the front of a window, as his organization did inside the layout above.

And that window can provide an remarkable view. “The leg of the L is regularly along an outer wall and you may create a large photo window to an first rate landscape,” says George Bevan, Principal of the architecture corporation Bevan & Associates in Sonoma, CA. “This permits for herbal light and whole views of the outside.”

However, in case you want a window at the back of the sink, apprehend how this will exchange the configuration. “It could be an influencing aspect within the placement of cabinetry and appliances for your kitchen,” Kaufman explains.

This style fits well in an open concept design.

This fashion fits nicely in an open concept layout. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

Open idea design

Open concept kitchens remain popular. “The L-fashioned kitchen format offers an smooth choice for developing a unbroken drift among the kitchen and adjoining living areas,” Shove-Brown explains. It does this through keeping kitchen essentials limited to 2 outside walls. “Movement at some point of the space is greater fluid with this floor plan.”

 A kitchen work triangle provides efficiency.

A kitchen paintings triangle presents efficiency. Image courtesy of Case Design/Remodeling.

The work triangle can deal with two cooks

Chelsea Allard, VP of Design at Case Design/Remodeling in Charlotte, NC, also likes an L-fashioned kitchen. “They are commonplace due to the fact they are able to create a nice work triangle among the fridge, sink and cooking surface,” she says. “Now greater than ever, we’re seeing L-formed kitchens paired with islands to create separate zones for more than one chefs.” Above is an L-formed kitchen designed by Allard’s company.

Shawn Breyer, Owner of We Buy Houses Atlanta, concurs that maximum owners and architects experience the open format of this ground plan. “It  spreads out the purposeful paintings regions to make a kitchen experience much less cramped.”

There’s plenty of floor space.

There’s plenty of ground area. Image: FluxFactory/Getty Images

It’s incredible for small areas

“These kitchen layouts paintings nicely in lofts with commercial kitchens and open idea ground plans where the dining room or breakfast corner is included into the distance,” in line with Ariel Richardson, the San Diego-primarily based Interior Designer and Founder of ASR Design Studio. “It’s exquisite for small- to medium-sized areas wherein you need the kitchen to feel like it’s a part of a larger area, which include a eating room and dwelling room.”

An L-shaped kitchen can also be intimate.

An L-shaped kitchen can also be intimate. Image: jujuenter/Getty Images

Shove-Brown says he’s seeing numerous townhouses and condominium homes contain the L-formed kitchen concept. “This layout is likewise exquisite for condos. The task is figuring out what human beings need to see and what human beings don’t need to look in their area,” he explains. For instance, Shove-Brown says that whilst L-fashioned kitchens hold cleanup and cooking regions separate, the whole thing is viewable to the adjacent residing spaces. “If you’re comfortable with an uninterrupted glide among each, then an L-fashioned kitchen is a extremely good in shape.”

Dead zones can waste space.

Dead zones can waste space. Image: Jimkruger/Getty Images

Potential problems

However, there are some downsides that house owners ought to plan to address. “In areas small and large, be privy to the ‘dead zones’ which could emerge from this format,” Shove-Brown warns. “In many instances, the nook area isn’t applied well.” He says the region isn't always pretty equipped for active use, but also no longer pretty right for garage. If viable, Shove-Brown recommends restricting the scale of this quarter.

Don’t place work areas too far away.

Don’t location work areas too a long way away. Image: BenAkika/Getty Images

And in case you don’t add an island, Breyer notes any other difficulty. “The hassle with the L-shaped kitchen comes whilst the purposeful regions are too spread out, making the workspace inefficient.” He says an island — even one on casters that can be moved — can shorten the distances among work regions.

Appliances can also be too close.

Appliances can also be too close. Image: dit26978/Getty Images

However, once in a while there’s not enough distance. “In small L-shaped kitchens, the appliances can be too close together to provide any powerful prep area,” Allard explains. She factors to restored ranch houses that didn’t have an original dishwasher or microwave for instance. “In the ones instances, lengthening one facet and adding an island can help to stretch out the zones, making them extra appropriate for the way we flow these days.”

L-shaped kitchen can be more expensive than galley configurations.

L-fashioned kitchens may be extra costly than galley configurations. Image: Artazum/Shutterstock

Nathan Outlaw, President at Onvico, a wellknown contracting and design-construct employer in Thomasville, GA, points out extra cons. “Compared to a galley kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen is more pricey, due to the greater complexity with cabinets and countertops and possibility of an island.”

And at the same time as a few families love open idea patterns for maximizing social interactions, that can also be a disadvantage. “Sometimes an L-formed kitchen may be too inviting, making it more difficult for the cook to ‘kick’ someone out,” Onvico says.

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