What is a SEER Rating?

Shopping for a new HVAC gadget can experience like a daunting challenge. After all, how does the common person recognise what makes an excellent gadget? One aspect that you may take a look at is the unit’s SEER rating. In this publish, we’ll cover the basics of what a SEER score is, what makes for a terrific score, and what to look out for as you shop. Keep studying to research more.

SEER rating

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A SEER score is a measure of your HVAC unit’s maximum possible efficiency. Image: Shutterstock/ Konstantin L.

What is a SEER score?

Put simply, a SEER score is a measure of the way effectively your heating and cooling machine works. It stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Though, occasionally, it’s additionally written out as a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.

However you phrase it, a SEER score is the ratio of an HVAC unit’s cooling output over an entire cooling season, divided by way of the amount of electricity it makes use of in Watt-Hours. A machine’s cooling output issue is observed by using a regular indoor temperature in comparison to the strength that it takes to keep that at a variety of outside temperatures. These temperatures variety from 60 levels up to over a hundred ranges.

higher rating

The better your SEER rating, the higher. Image: Shutterstock/MIA Studio

What’s a good SEER Rating?

Generally talking, the higher the SEER rating, the higher the unit’s performance. These days, new units ought to have a rating of at the least thirteen and maximum have a rating among thirteen and 21, though a few models may fit even better. Older and lower-stop fashions, however, may have a lower rating. For reference, maximum builder-grade HVAC devices have a SEER score of eight or 9.

However, keep in mind that the rating is a measure of the HVAC unit’s maximum viable efficiency. It may not usually function at that degree. For the sake of evaluation, SEER scores characteristic loads like a vehicle’s gas mileage. Just because a vehicle receives up to 35 miles in step with gallon at the highway, doesn’t suggest it constantly features at that degree. In town traffic, your MPG is bound to be lots lower.

Minimum SEER scores with the aid of region

In an attempt to make sure the comfort and safety of citizens, the USA Department of Energy (DOE) placed minimum energy efficiency standards on quite a few family appliances, including HVAC systems. Where they’re are worried, these requirements take the form of a minimum SEER score. However, those rankings aren’t one-size-fits-all. Since weather patterns range across the u . S ., the DOE various the minimum score by way of area.

They divide the usa into 3 separate regions: Southwest, Southeast, and North. The areas are damaged up as follows:

  • Southwest: Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico
  • Southeast: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, the District of Columbia, and the u.s. Territories
  • North: The remainder of america

The minimal SEER score necessities for every location are:

  • Southwest:  14
  • Southeast: 14
  • North: thirteen

Pay interest to the SEER rating as you store. Image: Shutterstock/Chuchawan

The bottom line

As you keep for a new HVAC unit, you’ll see that there are more than a few SEER scores to be had. Keep the following elements in thoughts as you recognition in on which unit may in the long run work satisfactory in your property:

  • Make certain the unit meets the minimal necessities: The minimal SEER rating on your place is absolutely the lowest rating that groups are allowed to sell you, even if you ask them for lower. Keep your location’s minimal in thoughts as you shop. This will assist you purchase a system well-desirable for the climate.
  • Remember that your device received’t constantly paintings up to its SEER rating: Like miles in keeping with gallon in a automobile, the SEER rating measures the unit’s most viable efficiency. However, take into account that your gadget will most effective be capable of reach those requirements in near-ideal situations. Be certain to choose an energy-green machine that you’re confident will keep you cushty at all times.

Still have questions? Talk to an professional

Think you need greater assist finding the proper SEER score? Call an HVAC professional that will help you examine your house’s needs and to find the proper unit for your house.

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