Why Isn't My Air Conditioner Working?

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You want your uncovered ductwork to be extra than just ornamental. Here’s a guide on what to do in case your air conditioner isn’t running. Image: Cavan Images/Getty Images

Whether you stay in an area infamous for its sizzling summers or just don’t like tossing and turning at night time whilst your bed room is simply too warm, you’re going to want your A/C at the equipped. But what occurs when you go to show it on and then — not anything. What do you do? This manual is for the ones people who’ve determined ourselves asking, “Why isn’t my air conditioner working?”

Let’s start with the plain: not all A/C problems are the identical. Your air conditioning unit won't switch on, or it might energy up just excellent but blow air that doesn’t cool you down. Your problem may not even be along with your air at all, but along with your HVAC gadget’s drainage. We’ve amassed up a few FAQs for whilst your air conditioner isn’t working. Find the one that excellent applies to you and get your scenario looked after earlier than it receives too warm.

Why isn’t my air conditioner turning on?

If you word that there’s no air motion out of your HVAC machine, start by checking your thermostat. It seems silly, but in case you haven’t adjusted it because the climate warmed, it would just be set too high to trigger your gadget and interact your air conditioner.

Then, try resetting the circuit breaker. It could have been open, stopping the A/C unit from strolling, and a simple transfer flip will get you lower back in movement.

If that doesn’t work, take a look at the fuse. If it’s blown, you’ve located the problem.

Still no longer solved? Check your go back grills, the covers over your vents, and your air filters. (Psst! You must be swapping out your air filters seasonally, besides.) These items can get clogged, preventing air from flowing in which you need it.

If none of these options repair the hassle, you could constantly contact an HVAC expert to remedy the problem.

Why is my A/C walking all the time? (or) Why is my power bill so excessive?

Listen, we all want to preserve our homes and flats at a hyper-comfortable temperature in the summer season. But there’s a fee to pay for that kind of residing — actually. If your air conditioner seems like it’s constantly going for walks and you’re left with a high power bill, alter your thermostat.

The u.s. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 ranges F when you’re domestic in the summer season. And if you want to diminish even more off your bill, they advocate turning it up a piece when you go away the residence. There’s no sense paying to cool a area no one’s using, right? Close your window coverings to hold your own home from heating too much even as you’re long gone.

If you want your A/C to paintings much less so you can preserve more money in your pocket, test your house’s insulation. Keeping the cool air your aircon device creates internal is key to preserving your utility payments as low as viable.

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Make certain your HVAC unit sits unobstructed. Image: John Royal/Shutterstock

Why isn’t my air conditioner blowing bloodless air?

A breeze may experience fine, but the complete factor of having an A/C unit is to get chilly air while you need it. If your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air, your first step should be to take a look at your thermostat settings. Hey, it in no way hurts to double-test!

If you set your gadget to chill your own home however it isn’t doing the trick, take a look at the HVAC unit out of doors. Clear away any grass, sticks and different outside particles. They can clog the cooling coil, stopping you from getting cold air.

Still too heat? Check your indoor air handler coil. (Need help? Here’s a brief guide to this important part of your HVAC.) Dust it and get rid of any particles. That might resolve your trouble.

And, once more, don’t forget to check your filters. Not best does cleaning and changing them on a everyday schedule make certain your system can paintings effectively, preserving your house comfortable, it additionally makes your device greater green. And less electricity usage method a lower application invoice.

Why is my drain pan so full?

Most human beings don’t think about their HVAC device’s drain pan. In truth, did you recognize yours had one? If no longer, you’ve in all likelihood in no way faced an overflow scenario. But which can take place while the drainage that’s supposed to whisk away the condensation your A/C creates isn’t working properly.

If your drain pan is overflowing, its electric powered pump might be malfunctioning. This pump is meant to carry the condensation from your gadget to a drainage pipe. Make certain the pump is plugged in. Then, take a look at for any kinks within the drainage line.

Contact an HVAC professional

Tried all of those and nonetheless stumped? Don’t fear. Now is the time to get a pro out to get your air conditioner fixed so you can enjoy the summer. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC expert to get your air conditioner operating again. No sweat!

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