9 Things You Can Do With That Blank Wall

When redecorating your property, it’s not uncommon to have a one or clean walls that leave you puzzled. You don’t surely recognize what to do with them, but you do realize that the ones barren spaces are using you crazy. So, what are your options? Below are several thoughts to help make the ones blank walls the spotlight of each room.

Add millwork

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Millwork provides hobby and person. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Wainscoting, rail and molding can right away remodel a area. “For instance, you can upload size, architectural detail and a huge effect to any clean wall via using picture molding or batten molding to border out art work,” says Kymberlyn Lacy, Principal Designer at International Flair Designs.

Create a wood pallet wall

blank wall

Wood pallets received’t price a element. Image: SasinParaksa/Getty Images

“Installing timber pallet planks onto your partitions is a fantastic weekend undertaking,” says Shawn Breyer, Owner of Breyer Home Buyers. “The materials are loose as you are able to recycle vintage pallets that are being thrown away.” However, he recommends portray the wall you are editing a dark colour. “The pallet boards will not bump as much as each other flawlessly and you don’t want vibrant paint showing through the gaps.”

Add a map

Wall map

This map provides just the right amount of coloration. Image: Gvoic_M/Getty Images

Eric Gustafson, President of PureModern, recommends hanging one huge framed map as a announcement piece. “You can also create an accessory wall with a university of different maps, which can even be a a laugh undertaking to do with the kids.”

Add mirrors and sconces — or ledges

Pretty and functional lights

Pretty and practical. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

Gustafson also recommends redecorating a clean wall with sconces and a mirror. “Fancy sconces can upload a little flair to any area in your own home,” he says, specifically while used with a replicate. “The manner the mild from the sconces displays off the replicate can clearly mild up a room,” he adds. In your bedroom, you can additionally set up sconces on the wall and upload a huge piece of artwork.

“Or, set up a couple of image ledges to show your collections,” says Shandra Ward, Designer at Houston-based Signature Designs. “They’re the proper method to fill a blank area and it lets in you to interchange out your collections as regularly as you want.” Alix Greenberg, Founder + CEO of ArtSugar, advises readers to store money when decorating by way of buying a collection of budget-friendly framed prints rather than unique works of artwork.

Add a dramatic colour

Black wall

Black provides a formal, stylish appearance. Image: runna10/Getty Images

Paint is an cheaper manner to create a focal wall. “I advise the use of a bold coloration including black, military or a dark inexperienced hue to stay on trend,” Lacy says. Since black is the most elegant shade of each 12 months, it may be casual or stylish. Just bear in mind that your color selections are critical, and they are able to create a calming surroundings or a high-energy environment.

However, you’re now not restricted to strong colorings. “Painting horizontal stripes or a geometric design is a fast, easy and cheaper way to add some colour and hobby to a wall,” Ward says. “You could also use Washi tape if you’re decorating a room for a child.”

Create interesting garage alternatives

White shelves

The white cabinets hold this room from being too dark. Image: Romy Tesei/Getty Images

Use your creativeness to arrange shelves and storage alternatives to create an exciting layout. In the picture above, you could see how ledges may be used for e book storage or to show collectibles — or you could depart them blank.  Or, as verified within the photo below, you may add extra garage area inside the kitchen while retaining an open appearance.

Add extra kitchen storage.

Add more kitchen storage. Image: 2M/Shutterstock

Create a graffiti wall

Let your imagination be your guide.

Let your creativeness be your guide. Image: Room27/Shutterstock

If you really want to make a assertion, do not forget using that clean wall to reveal off your artistic abilities. Or, you can rent a person to caricature or paint a design on the wall. Yet some other alternative is to purchase graffiti mural wallpaper.

Create an proper-looking timber or stone wall


The appearance of wooden with out the hassle or the fee. Image courtesy of Stikwood.

If you like the appearance of wood — but not the time, effort or cash it would value to put in — you may try Stikwood, a peel-and-stick reclaimed and sustainable wood planking. Jerry McCall, Co-founder of Stikwood, tells Freshome that the product became advanced with ease of use in mind. “We fee our customers’ time, so we wanted to make a product that a homeowner, with none creation or woodworking enjoy, may want to use of their houses without loads of time involved.” In fact, McCall says it might handiest take some hours to finish a a hundred-rectangular-foot wall.


Snowden White TrikBrik. Image courtesy of Havwoods International.

If you decide upon the look of brick and stone partitions, TrikBrik by Havwoods International is every other product that can be effortlessly mounted. According to Allan Singh, General Manager at Havwoods International, “TrikBrik is really manufactured from stone. The crushed marble stone is mixed with excessive-density polyurethane and polyester resin to supply an exceptionally mild — but durable — quite practical pane.”

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