Sunken Rooms: Design Challenge or Buried Treasure?

Sunken rooms – wherein a dwelling space is some steps below the relaxation of the home – may be traced back to the Nineteen Twenties. Still, the style didn’t honestly hit the mainstream till the swinging ‘60s. It turned into then that sunken rooms, or “conversation pits,” were the envy of all and sundry at the block. Created as a manner to introduce a sense of intimacy to homes, these sunken dwelling areas pushed households and guests into one small and comfy space.

While sunken rooms aren’t as popular today, there has been a resurgence of the fashion. You might have inherited a sunken room when to procure your own home. Or you’re searching out a unique layout characteristic for your new location. Either way, it might be time to start deliberating sunken rooms in a different way. With the right layout and decor, your sunken room would possibly just come to be your favorite spot in your home.

Sunken room pros

Living room with conversation pit

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Sunken rooms can create communique. Image: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock

There’s a cause sunken dwelling rooms have been so wildly popular inside the ‘60s and ‘70s. In an technology where social events occurred inside the home, sunken rooms had been the perfect way to make a home experience greater intimate. Even in case you’re no longer planning on throwing a celebration at your vicinity, sunken areas truely have their advantages.

  • They outline the distance. Sunken areas are super for huge, open idea houses. When walls are few, having rooms on a decrease stage really delineates the gap with out destroying any sight strains. The feeling of openness is preserved without losing any definition between, say, the dwelling room and the kitchen.
  • They create intimacy. Cozy sunken rooms which can be outfitted with cushty seating and pillows are a remarkable manner to introduce a greater intimate area in your private home. Whether you operate it for communique or board video games, it pushes the members of your own family right into a smaller area for a cozier vibe.
  • They introduce character. Sunken spaces deliver homes greater individual while in comparison to a flat, field-like floorplan. Some homes even characteristic round sunken spaces and thrilling woodwork to call attention to the detail.
  • They could make a room sense extra spacious. Sunken rooms boom the gap among the floor and ceiling, that may make the distance sense exceptionally open. The introduced space among floor and ceiling makes a room look larger. Installing a skylight or thrilling lights fixture above the sunken room also can draw the eye up.

Sunken room cons

Sunken room living room

Sunken rooms can create communication. Image: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock

Okay, so it’s not all peace, love and sunken spaces. There are some drawbacks to take into consideration, specifically in case you’re considering designing a sunken room in your private home.

  • They can reason accidents. If you requested most people what they disliked about their sunken rooms, probabilities are that the most important grievance would absolutely be that they’re cumbersome. If you’re now not looking ahead to a couple of stairs main right into a room, there’s a hazard of tripping and falling. It would possibly appear to be no big deal, however if you’re dwelling with someone who has accessibility issues, sunken rooms will be dangerous.
  • They don’t offer lots flexibility. Let’s face it: if you have a sunken room, there’s now not plenty you could do with it. Sure, you may repurpose a room for lounging or switch it out for a playroom, but you’re restrained to running with a from time to time unusual area for layouts. Even in case you get creative with how you use the space, it constantly stays inside the same area and you’re continually constrained by way of the scale and shape.
  • They aren’t open concept. If you’re craving an open concept home, sunken rooms can disrupt the ones goals. Because they define spaces so decisively, sunken rooms aren’t really considered factors in an open idea design.

Working with sunken rooms

Split level living room

Use color to indicate indoor stairs. Image: pics721/Shutterstock

Already have a domestic that capabilities a sunken room? There are really methods to make it go with the flow with the relaxation of your format. Try those tips to ensure your sunken room is as safe as it is elegant.

  • Take precautions. Remember that visitors gained’t be as used to the sunken space as someone who lives in your property. Install handrails or use materials to ensure the stairs are truely marked. You can use distinctive flooring for the stairs, as an instance. Or you may paint the stairs so that they’re easy to peer and don’t combo in with the rest of the ground.
  • Use the right furniture. Make sunken spaces look more practical and much less awkward via filling them with furniture. Using the right scale for couches, tables and pillows gives the sunken area a clean reason: lounging. Filling it with toy storage and pastime centers makes it clean that it’s intended for children. No remember how you operate your sunken space, filling it with pieces gets rid of awkward angles.
  • Use shade and mild. Sunken rooms – specially the ones in older houses – can from time to time seem dark and unwelcoming. Utilize mild and color to make the space more inviting. Incorporate the same colours within the sunken room as you do in the rest of your private home. Match upholstery and furnishings so the room is a cohesive part of your house layout. And don’t forget about plenty of mild: an interesting overhead fixture and masses of accessory lighting fixtures make certain your sunken room doesn’t sense darkish and dank.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sunken rooms will probably usually be a part of American architecture and home layout. Whether your private home came with a sunken room otherwise you’re making plans one as part of a brand new domestic, they are able to in reality be exciting and sublime layout functions. With the proper eye and a bit love, a sunken room can truely turn out to be your very own buried treasure.


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