Using Brick Walls as a Design Element

Brick walls upload character to any room via serving as a focus or imparting a backdrop that either complements or contrasts the room’s different design elements. Whether your style is industrial or rustic, the beauty and uniformity of a brick wall can upload texture and splendor. Below are examples of natural, painted, distressed and even fake brick which could both upload old-global charm or update your area.

Vary the feel in a room

Brick -original and whiteashed

A mix of authentic and whitewashed brick. Image: asbe/Getty Images

Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors has used brick partitions as design accents within the homes of several clients. “If you’re lucky sufficient to stay in a domestic with stable masonry walls, selectively exposing the brick by getting rid of the top layer of plaster is a brilliant manner to feature texture, warm temperature and individual to your area,” Adams says.

Brick column

A brick column in a renovated Nineteen Forties Raleigh, NC, domestic. Image courtesy of Form and Function Raleigh.

“I love the satisfied coincidence of finding this brick wall (within the picture above) at some stage in a maintenance for our client,” says Carole Marcotte of Form and Function Raleigh. “We decided to go away it uncovered as a counterpoint to the new, modern bathroom,” she explains. “I think that is one of the more interesting methods to apply a brick wall wherein you may vary the texture in a room – easy as opposed to difficult, modern-day versus rustic.”

Exposed brick in bathroom

Exposed bricks in a minimalist rest room. Image: plusONE/Shutterstock

The photo above is the closing in industrial minimalist layout. The uncovered brick walls and rough-hewn, unpolished ground upload to the abandoned warehouse vibe in this open concept loft lavatory.

Black brick wall

A fresh coat of paint can replace the look of your brick wall. Image: asbe/Getty Images

Since black is the maximum stylish shade of each year, it can be used as an accessory or to create a comfy, calming environment. In the picture above, it enhances the wood flooring, ceiling, headboard and different wooden factors, and allows the white bookcase to stand out.

Create a focus

Brick fireplace surround

An updated fireplace inside the authentic brick structure. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

Marcotte says disposing of the plaster or drywall on a fireplace wall is any other super way to show brick in a room. “I love exposing the brick and opening the partitions on both aspect, if it’s a pass-through, and having this tower of brick continue to be for the hearth wall.”

Carve out an alphabet in the brick

Alphabet bricks. Image: Experience Interiors/Getty Images

If you've got a brick wall that has been plastered over, one definitely cool idea is to carve out a letter of the alphabet in brick (see picture above). However, if you decide to promote your own home, that’s something you will in all likelihood need to cover up earlier than placing the home available on the market.

brick accent wall

The brick accessory wall continues this room from being bland. Image: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Adding a brick wall

Brick wall and chair rail molding

Now, every person could have a brick wall. Image: asbe/Getty Images

However, if you don’t have an original brick wall, you can create the appearance of one. “Applying thin brick tiles (real brick that’s sliced thin) is some other wonderful manner to add intensity to an accessory wall,” Adams says. “Just be careful no longer to head overboard. Usually, a unmarried accent wall is enough to create effect.”

Brick veneer

A brick veneer wall can upload man or woman to your property. Image: kelllll/Getty Image

Thin brick veneers can add person to nearly any room of your property. “Adding a skinny brick veneer to present drywall might be a cool manner to give a brand new domestic or new walls the feel of an older home,” Marcotte says. “It simply imparts an business or loft vibe.”

However, there are a few cautions for the usage of fake brick partitions. “While they're a extremely good manner to add warm temperature and individual to a space, you want to make certain you pick placement in your property that makes sense, specially if your private home is more moderen production,” advises Rebecca Rowland of Rebecca Rowland Interiors in Seattle, WA. She says the wall wishes to look proper.

Where to use brick veneers

Brick veneer backsplash

A brick veneer backsplash is straightforward to smooth. Image: hikerston/Getty Images

While brick veneers can be used anywhere, they might look more practical in some locations. “A kitchen is a superb area to contain brick, specifically as a counter-to-ceiling backsplash above a stovetop,” Rowland says. “A hearth wall also works honestly nicely for a brick veneer accent.” However, she says that basements are a fave region for incorporating them – particularly amongst house owners who need to convert their basements. “It’s most believable that there would be a brick wall in that space and it does so much to transform the room, particularly when windows are confined.”

Varying shades of brick

Varying sun shades of brick create interest. Image: Sinenkyiy/Getty Images

Rowland says it’s additionally important to pick out the right product. “A brick veneer (half brick or skinny brick) that you should buy thru any huge field home development shop is an awful lot higher than a wallpaper that looks as if brick,” she says.

“Brick veneer is in reality constituted of the equal materials as everyday bricks, so in case you select the proper place in your own home in your brick wall, no one will ever comprehend it didn’t come with the residence,” she says. However, Rowland provides which you want to pick out the proper color of brick on the way to match your trim and furniture.

More brick veneer alternatives

TrikBrik white veneer

TrikBrik in white brick. Image courtesy of Havwoods International.

Havwoods International is a agency that makes brick veneers referred to as TrikBrik. “TrikBrik is extraordinarily flexible and easy to put in since it comes in one rectangular meter panels which might be smooth to reduce,” says Allan Singh, General Manager at Havwoods International.

Singh says that contractors have used TrikBrik to create the look of uncovered brick in bedrooms, kitchens and residing rooms and to create the look of a chimney or fireplace.

However, Adams warns that trying to upload a brick wall to a home where brick isn't already one of the architectural functions of the house ought to backfire. “It is probably a useless giveaway that it’s a ornamental addition. No count number how lots you adore the brick, it's going to grow to be searching out of area and will detract from your property’s value.”

“If you truly should add brick, reflect onconsideration on tiling your kitchen or mudroom floor in thin brick,” Adams recommends. “That manner, you get the appearance on a surface in which it makes sense for just about any domestic.”

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