What Classifies A House Style: What Makes A Monterey Home?

We’ve talked a lot in this collection approximately how structure is regularly motivated by means of the patterns that got here before it. Nowhere is that truer than with the Monterey, or Monterey Colonial, domestic. This type of structure combines French, Spanish and English patterns. In reality it's so precise that it’s still well-liked today.

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Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at the Monterey home. We look at its history, its affects and its defining characteristics for you to come up with a clear photo of this domestic’s DNA. Read on beneath to examine greater.

Monterey houses are local to California. Image: Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

History of Monterey homes

Unlike different architectural styles, the beginning of Monterey homes traces lower back to a single source. They are the brainchild of architect and businessman Thomas O. Larkin. The fashion is inspired by the special places that he lived at some point of his lifestyles.

Larkin grew up in Lynn, Massachusetts, where he absolutely became acquainted with conventional Colonial houses. As a younger man, he traveled south to Charleston, South Carolina, to set up himself as a businessman. While there, he recorded observations in journals approximately the architectural splendor of southern churches. After a career setback, Larkin moved west to California to stay with own family. Once there, he got here into contact with the Spanish and Mexican architectural impacts that ruled Californian way of life on the time. All those affects come together in the Monterey domestic.

The first Monterey home came out of Larkin’s need to set up himself in California. He constructed it as a family domestic and the style soon won popularity regionally. As a end result, subsequent variations of Monterey homes consist of simple factors of Larkin’s have an effect on. They also contain their personal unique info due to the fact the development became left completely up to every character builder.

monterey house

These homes have Spanish, French and English affects. Image: Library of Congress

Cultural affects on Monterey houses

The factor that makes Monterey houses so precise is that the fashion definitely shows affects from a number of cultures. Specifically, you could see factors of English, French and Spanish architecture. We damage them down for you in greater detail beneath.


The exteriors of Monterey houses comprise extraordinarily few English details. A nod to New England Colonial houses, although, may be seen in their symmetrical facades. The interior is a distinct tale absolutely. The layout of the Monterey home is nearly same to that of a Colonial, which become innovative in California at the time. Homes there have been usually laid out further to Mexican adobes.


The homes’ French influence come from the time Larkin spent visiting down south as a businessman. Like the Creole homes which can be local to Louisiana, Monterey homes have an upper and lower balcony. Both usually function trims in wrought iron, as well. Monterey homes also tend to consist of French doorways.


Finally, you could see Spanish influences via the choice of construction materials. Typically, the partitions have been product of adobe and now and again roofs had been finished with Spanish tile. Decorating with ceramic or hand-painted tiles turned into additionally common at the indoors.

Monterey houses have a completely unique set of characteristics that cause them to identifiable. Image: Magnins LLC/Shutterstock

Characteristics of Monterey houses

Though Monterey homes may be very one of a kind from one and different, there are a few defining traits that tie them collectively. Here are some of those characteristics to offer you a higher idea of ways those homes have been constructed.


  • Symmetrical facade
  • Two-story verandas
  • Wooden framing
  • Adobe partitions
  • Covered entry door
  • An identical variety of home windows on each aspect of the door
  • A low-sloped roof of tiles or shingles


  • Formal entry
  • Central hall
  • Sala  (Combination parlor and ballroom)
  • Kitchen in most important constructing in preference to exterior
  • Interior stairs
  • Second-floor bedrooms

Monterey Colonial Home Design

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