Don't Hide Those Concrete Walls! Use Them in Your Interior Design

Few materials are as strong as concrete. According to the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), concrete is the maximum used man-made material in the global. It’s used more frequently than wooden, metallic and other constructing materials. In residential settings, concrete generally isn’t uncovered – besides, perhaps, in a basement or storage. However, homeowners are beginning to embrace the raw splendor of concrete walls in various programs.

Concrete smooth

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Concrete can be easy or porous. Image: Ashe/Getty Images

There are numerous ways to apply concrete walls in business designs. “Concrete is available in a lot of colours and finishes. These start from a totally easy and almost reflective surface, which is similar to Tadao Ando’s masterpieces, thru to the brutalist porous concrete that you would possibly discover in underground vehicle parks,” explains Michael Schienke, Director and Chartered Architect at VORBILD Architecture in London. “For indoors packages, the extra smooth or lightly porous finishes are most suitable,” he adds. “The coloration may be modified by including pigments or converting the combination ratio of the unique components.”


A concrete bathroom in London. Image courtesy of VORBILD Architecture.

Schienke designed the concrete toilet inside the pictures without delay above and underneath. “In this penthouse rental in a transformed church, concrete-clad bathrooms are on both aspects of the brand new kitchen,” Schienke says. “The absolutely lit ceiling is product of plexiglass panels, and the partitions and flooring are made from actual concrete panels.”



Another perspective of Schienke’s concrete lavatory layout in London. Image courtesy of VORBILD Architecture

“We have some successful tasks that involved polished concrete partitions and floors in toilets,” Schienke says. “You installation them similar to marble, on bolstered partitions, and as it’s a herbal material, it wishes to be sealed,” he explains. “They are of a undying splendor, yet their look turns into that of a warm background, very stylish and complicated.”

Concrete sustainable

Concrete is sustainable. Image: archideaphoto/Getty Images

Concrete is also a robust material, this means that you gained’t have to fear about decay or corrosion. It’s additionally non-flamable, which makes it a famous choice for hearth surrounds. In addition, concrete is a sustainable cloth. According to CSI, concrete partitions (and floors) lessen temperature swings by using slowing the passage of warmth transferring via the structure. And this could, in turn, lessen your heating and cooling expenses. Also, concrete is one of the maximum power-green substances to provide, the use of considerably much less power than aluminum, chrome steel, metallic, glass, wood and brick.

Will Concrete Walls Help or Hurt Resale Value?

Concrete not gray

Concrete doesn’t should be gray. Image: tulcarion/Getty Images

John Manning, Manager Broker at RE/MAX on Market in Seattle, WA, believes that the resale fee aspect will rely upon how and in which the concrete is used. “Bare concrete is frequently used as a feature in extremely-present day or commercial style architecture,” he says. “Up here in Seattle, we value cozy and warm in winter, so we’re not enthusiasts of bare concrete.”

However, whilst concrete is properly implemented, he believes that it is able to work. “There are many visually attractive finishes and color treatments that can be applied to concrete, and modern-day insulation techniques allow using concrete with extraordinary visible enchantment.”

Concrete not always appealing

Concrete may not enchantment to anyone. Image: Jov86/Getty Images

Patrick Garrett, Broker/Realtor at H&H Realty in Trussville, AL, doesn’t suppose his buyers would always be inspired with concrete partitions. “In my opinion, concrete walls are a unique architectural feature that would simplest enchantment to the eclectic homebuyer,” he says. “I’ve visible a few homes with concrete countertops however, again, these homes handiest enchantment to homebuyers looking for precise or uncommon decor.”

Alternatives to Real Concrete

Concrete imitation

Concrete can be realistically imitated. Image: Asbe/Getty Images

If you adore the appearance of concrete but you’re not sure if you need to decide to a concrete wall, there are several other options that you can try.

Concreate makes concrete panels in a whole lot of colorings, which include herbal gray, steel gray and bronze grey. The panels only weigh 1.three pounds per rectangular foot and are 1/8” thick.  Concreate panels can be implemented to drywall, plywood, cement board and concrete.

ConcreteWall wallpaper is every other choice to keep in mind. Made of non-woven vinyl, the wallpaper is scratch resistant and can be cleaned by means of washing it with a smooth fabric.

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