House Style: What features define a Creole Home?

Louisiana is a place like no different. It and its surrounding regions are domestic to a without a doubt specific fashion of structure referred to as the Creole domestic. Though you’re less likely to look this domestic outdoor of New Orleans, that during no way reductions the rich history and one-of-a-type make up that this home style has to offer.

Take an in-intensity observe the Creole domestic, such as its complex beginnings, its two wonderful sub-sorts and a number of the defining features of the style. Read directly to study for yourself what makes this form of structure so unique.

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Creole homes can be traced back to French colonization. Image: Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock

History of the Creole home

The word “Creole” has a numerous and complex history. It can discuss with anything from ethnic background to recipes or sorts of song. In a good deal the equal manner, the history of Creole architecture comes to us from quite a few extraordinary paths. No one is aware of for positive what the exact origins are.

However, we do know that in place of resulting as an variation to the environment, Creole architecture formed out of cultural impacts from the various settlers who referred to as the Mississippi Valley home. Some trust that Creole architecture is due largely to French Canadian settlers inside the location. Others suppose it came immediately from France. Still others argue that the architecture indicates extra have an effect on from the West Indies.

To complicate matters in addition, after two fires within the past due 1700’s destroyed many authentic Creole houses, Spanish settlers from the time responded through strengthening building codes and including their personal architectural impacts to the combination in the course of reconstruction.


There are distinct subtypes of Creole homes. Image: dejjf82 / Shutterstock

Types of Creole houses

There are two main sub-kinds of the Creole home. You can inform them apart inside the following ways.

The Creole Cottage

The smaller of the two house types, the Creole cottage is also the oldest. These houses function anywhere from one to 4 rooms with out a hallways to speak of. However, unlike the further-built shotgun house, which is likewise customary inside the area, these cottages have rooflines that run either side-to-facet or parallel to the road. They also function a 2nd half-tale for bedrooms. In rural areas, those homes are recognised for his or her sprawling front porches. However, in New Orleans, in which area is at a top rate, they meet the street.

The Creole Townhouse

The Creole townhouse is perhaps maximum well-known for its presence in New Orleans’s French Quarter. These houses date from after the Great New Orleans Fire in 1788. Made from stucco or brick, in place of timber, those houses are extra hearth-resistant. This kind of Creole home functions thick walls, open courtyards, arcades,and cast-iron balconies. Additionally, they display each Spanish and French affect with their steeply-pitched roofs and dormers.


Creole houses have a unique set of defining capabilities. Image: Phuong D. Nguyen / Shutterstock

Defining functions of Creole houses

Though the two sub-varieties of Creole homes range from one and other, they nonetheless proportion many similarities.  There are as few defining capabilities that tie this style together. Here are a number of the outside and indoors functions to search for in a Creole home.


  • Large the front porches on each tale (also referred to as galleries)
  • A extensive, spreading roofline that overhangs the galleries
  • Gallery roofs which are held up by means of colonnettes


  • Principal rooms above grade (in case of flooding)
  • A lack of hallways among rooms
  • Lots of French doors
  • Presence of French wraparound mantels

What do you think of this fashion of domestic? Let us recognize within the feedback!

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