Modern Penthouse in Krakow Displays Intriguing Contrasts

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The creative crew at Blackhouse designed and finished Penthouse PK43, a contemporary penthouse located in Krakow, Poland. Although the layout scheme capabilities business references, this contemporary space does now not lack warm temperature and comfort.

According to the designers, they warmed up the uncooked areas with oiled wooden and natural substances which includes leather-based and felt. These also mark the limits among the practical areas of the current penthouse. Surfaces of concrete oppose the clean white plaster walls, developing an attention-grabbing visual evaluation.


As you step inner this modern penthouse, you spot an impressive open plan residing room and kitchen. While combined, the areas continue to be visually divided. Floor to ceiling windows allow natural light to enter the rental and spotlight its layout contrasts. Industrial references are seen, but minimized through the kind of textures.

The master suite is a true oasis, with timber protecting the partitions, floor and ceiling. Long curtains fall over the black-framed home windows, developing each a sense of privacy and a visible connection with the living regions. Can you notice any other information that you locate inspiring in this modern penthouse? Let us recognize within the comments. Photography courtesy of Tom Kurek


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