Now You can Buy Scalamandré Jackie Kennedy's Favorite Textile Line

The perpetually fashionable Jacqueline Kennedy loved to apply Scalamandré, an American luxury textile manufacturer. She featured it in her domestic and the Kennedy White House. The line became only available to the alternate for years and a backyard of material ought to set you returned $100 — until now.

In a collaboration with The Inside, they now offer accents, furniture and textiles presenting numerous of the maximum famous patterns at lower priced charges.

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The new series features traditional and affordable home staples like beds, ottomans and occasional chairs in seven patterns. All pics courtesy of The Inside.

The team went via the nearly 100 yr antique Scalamandré archive to pick out six of the posh textile house’s most iconic fabrics. They covered the famous Zebra print from The Royal Tenenbaums, in addition to one by no means-before-visible print, Leaping Cheetahs. The photograph Baldwin Bamboo lattice pattern is also best for these days’s interiors.

They additionally tweaked each of the seven prints to look clean and modern-day for these days’s houses. Chad Stark, President of Scalamandré, says, “By rescaling and recoloring a selection of iconic patterns, we’ve crafted an assortment that enhances our exchange-simplest supplying and showcases our ninety yr-antique heritage emblem.”

Here are some of our favorite portions from the brand new line. You can explore the complete line here.

the inside and scalamandré

Each of the furnishings portions and accessories may be purchased in any of the Scalamandré prints.

What’s your favorite piece from of the Scalamandré + The Inside collaboration? How would you figure it into your space? Let us recognize within the comments!

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