Staircase Design: Don't Let Your Staircase Be Wasted Space

staircase design

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Stairs may be a forgotten area – or a place that wows. Here are a few pointers for staircase layout. Image: Martin Barraud/Getty Images

You’ve been working on your property layout. Bedroom? Check. Living room? Check. Kitchen? Bathroom? Dining room? Check, test and test. Before you positioned away your list and do not forget your self finished, reflect onconsideration on the regions of your own home that regularly go ignored however could make all the difference. For instance, don’t forget about about your staircase design.

Sure, the stairwell is a small location. The rectangular photos to be had to integrate sure layout elements is restricted. But it’s also the bridge between the floors of your house and, as such, the bridge which could join your separate room designs and create one cohesive sense all through your home. Don’t miss this design possibility! Here are 5 things you can add to take your staircase design to the next stage.

staircase design - art

Art is the obvious preference to amp up a staircase – and for correct cause. Image: Camilo Morales/Getty Images


Yes, art is the maximum obvious factor we will add to our staircases to present them a experience of layout. It additionally takes place to be the apparent choice for a motive. Adding artwork in your stairwell is an immediate manner to decorate the gap and add visible interest that doesn’t take up any rectangular photos. A single, massive piece can set up the space, however the staircase is also an excellent vicinity for a gallery wall. Try developing an art-primarily based staircase layout that flows with the stairs, as showcased in the photo above.

staircase design - railing

While replacing your railing would possibly require a little elbow grease, it’s a excessive-impact manner to revitalize this space. Image: Rade Kovac/Shutterstock


Creating an architecturally-thrilling staircase is a first rate way to make sure the distance can preserve its personal. It also can require a reasonably most important maintenance. Fortunately, you may supply your stairway architectural presence with out temporarily knocking out your get admission to to the second one floor. All you need to do is reconsider your railing.

Your railing is the correct possibility to convert the texture of any room that appears onto your stairs. An prolonged timber railing, just like the one within the photograph above, provides warm temperature and herbal texture to the room. Free-putting glass, alternatively, can create a minimalist, sleek sense. A cable railing lends an air of industrialism. Whatever tone you want for your home, your railing let you nail it.

staircase design - furniture

When you have got the gap to add furniture close to your stairs, it can wow. Image: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images


Not every staircase has a landing large enough to deal with furnishings. But assume creatively about the gap around the pinnacle and base of your stairs, too. Adding a bit of statement furnishings can right away rework the place from mundane to huge.

The trick with selecting the proper piece of furniture is matching the visible weight of the piece to the corresponding stairway. A stable, structural staircase, just like the one pictured above, is helped via a low-profile, visually heavy piece of fixtures. A narrower, less difficult staircase might be better served by using something greater lightweight. If you’re now not certain what's going to work, strive shifting portions you already personal into the area till you discover the right profile for the gap.

staircase design - lighting

There’s no better area to take risks with lighting fixtures than for your staircase design. Image: Photographee.ecu/Shutterstock


Thinking about an unusual pendant light but no longer certain in which it'd paintings? Have you desired to play with light sources set within the partitions or ground? This is the area to do it. Your staircase is a restricted layout opportunity. Its highly small footprint makes it a really perfect place to take a few massive risks. And due to the inherently sculptural nature of stairs, ambitious design choices may be specially a laugh and thrilling.

staircase design - millwork

Add interest without overwhelming the space by using playing with woodwork. Image: Marko Poplasen/Shutterstock

Molding & millwork

If you want a easy aesthetic in your home, you may not want to make a small space like a stairway look busy with artwork or runners. That doesn’t suggest you need to go away it plain, although. This is a perfect location to integrate molding or different millwork into your property. If you’re of the Joanna Gaines college of design and were bitten via the shiplap computer virus, your stairway may be the starter direction that starts its advent into your own home. And because that is a extraordinarily small location, adding wood-based factors – which can be quite high-priced in massive-scale rooms – is notably easier in your budget.

Have you put a few concept into your stairway layout? Or is that this a forgotten area of your private home? Have you ever been virtually wowed with the aid of a staircase? Let us understand within the remarks!

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