Add Architectural Detail with Wainscoting

Wainscoting can transform a monotonous area into a piece of artwork. It can contain raised panels, recessed flat panels and bead board blended with diverse kinds of rail and molding. These add hobby, fashion and, especially, a focal point to nearly any room. Below are just some of the ways you may use it to create architectural element in your private home.

The history (and pronunciation) of wainscoting

Wainscoting beauty

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Wainscoting brings out this home’s natural splendor. Image: Jorge Salcedo/Shutterstock

“Wainscoting become originally used to beef up creation in wet areas of houses and agencies,” according to Justin Riordan, founder of Portland-based totally Spade and Archer Design Agency. He says it became most often utilized in regions like kitchens, lavatories, eating rooms and servant corridors. “With the invention of inexperienced ‘hardy’ board – which is a water resistant form of gypsum board, wainscot is purely decorative at this factor.”

If you plan to apply it, Riodan also believes you should recognise a way to successfully pronounce the phrase.  “It’s said ‘Wayne’s cot-ing’ not ‘Wayne’s coat-ing,’ he explains.

Materials and brands

Wainscoting texture

Wainscoting provides texture and hobby. Image: Sisoje/Getty Images

While formerly product of wood, Riordan says it's far now available in nearly any form of cloth, ranging from tile to wallpaper. “There are many one of a kind styles of wainscot — the least high priced and more pervasive would be beadboard,” he says.  “It’s no longer my first choice, however while a room calls for a hard finish and a low price, beadboard can genuinely make feel.” Raised and recessed panels are commonly the maximum famous sorts of wainscoting.

Wainscoting painted white

Painted white, wainscoting gives a smooth contrast. Image: ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

It appears that some people have a liberal definition of wainscoting (myself included). “Wainscoting is frequently transitioned at the top with a chair rail and with a base board at the lowest,” Riordan says. “When carried out efficaciously, wainscoting ought to run from the baseboard to the chair rail  and it need to not be any higher than 32 inches.” Riodan explains that if it’s better than that, it’s paneling, now not wainscoting.

Wainscoting bathroom

Wainscoting is a good alternative for lavatories and laundry rooms. Image: projects3d/Getty Image

Brian Moloney, owner of The Finishing Company in Richmond, VA, says he generally installs shadow box wainscoting, bead board wainscoting and board and batten wainscoting. Shadow field, even though, is the maximum popular among his customers. “The shadow wainscoting includes both a one- or two-piece chair railing with a ‘base cap’ or panel molding.” Moloney says all of the moldings can be bought at a neighborhood massive container save or millwork keep.

Wainscoting thoughts


Wainscoting image

Use wainscoting to create a dramatic entrance. Image: alabn/Getty Images

You can install wainscoting in any room. However, Moloney says his clients generally tend to love it within the foyer. “Homeowners want to make an influence at the primary entrance to their home, in particular alongside the staircase,” he says. Also, whilst many people don’t suppose they want a proper dwelling room, wainscoting can create a complicated and fashionable formal entertaining area.

Dining room

Wainscoting elegance

Wainscoting can assist to create an stylish eating room. Image: akurtz/Getty Images.

Dining rooms are every other famous place to install wainscoting. “Some owners select to continue the wainscoting to the ceiling with crown molding for a extra formal look,” Moloney explains. “From a useful aspect, the chair railing/wainscot forms a bodily barrier among the wall and furniture.” Also, while utilized in breakfast nooks, he says it helps to outline the distance.


Wainscoting style

Wainscoting works in lots of house patterns. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

Wainscoting is also famous in kitchens. George Markoutsas, Executive Vice President at The ABL Group in Highland Park, IL, says his organization makes use of it in a number of ways. “Traditionally, wainscoting has been used with beadboard and chair rail, however it extends a long way past that stylistically and may be used in a whole lot of settings.” Markoutsas says it works in styles starting from craftsman to present day. “There honestly isn't any restrict to how wainscoting may be used, and it surely elevates the space that it’s used in to a brand new degree,” he adds.


Wainscoting Getty Images

Create a headboard and focal wall inside the bedroom. Image: ArchiViz/Getty Images

Used within the bed room, wainscoting additionally creates a easy and fashionable appearance, specially while used as a headboard. “We have used wainscoting as an accent wall in a bedroom, eliminating the want for a headboard,” Markoutsas says.you also can use it to create separation and body art work.



Beadboard is a popular bathroom choice. Image: phillipspears/Getty Images

Bathrooms have lengthy been a favorite vicinity for putting in wainscoting. “With the popularity of shiplap developing exponentially, we were changing conventional beadboard applications in wainscoting to shiplap, giving the gap a completely unique look no longer historically visible,” Markoutsas says.

Living room/own family room

Wainscoting large rooms

Wainscoting additionally works well in massive rooms. Image: hikesterson/Getty Images

“Height is every other factor of wainscoting that we have seen tweaked with our installations,” Markoutsas says. “It is not uncommon to peer it getting used on ¾ of the wall, especially in areas that have 9’ plus ceiling heights.” He says this elevates the distance and livens up naked partitions which are otherwise dull and boring.

If you have got big rooms and areas, wainscoting can also cause them to extra intimate in appearance. “It can help lessen a big room, and visually lower the ceiling in a completely tall room,” in step with Josie Abate at Ambience Design Group.  “Besides the beauty it provides, wainscoting can help guard your partitions from markings, and additionally cover up existing damage to a wall,” Abate says.

What are your thoughts on wainscoting? Would you include it in your home? Let us realize within the feedback.

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