Mapped: What's The Most Searched For Furniture Item In Your State?

We’ve already pointed out how Google can deliver us some pretty cool facts in relation to interior design, but the monster search engine is proving itself another time. This time, Next Day Blinds analyzed Google shopping facts for over a year to discern out what is the most looked for furnishings object in each of the 50 states.

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>What did your state select? Scroll down to find out.

furniture item

What’s the maximum searched for furniture object to your country? Image: Next Day Blinds

A breakdown of the outcomes

A sectional became one of the two maximum looked for gadgets, topping the listing in Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.


Big or small, sectionals carry a feeling of heat and luxury into a residing or circle of relatives room. Image: Niche Interiors

The TV stand also got here in first in seven states, which include Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania,  Texas and Wisconsin.

furniture item

The TV stand is a staple element of any current residing space. Image: Velvet ocean/Shutterstock

A remote second, the hutch is favored in Delaware, Kansas and Nebraska.


A hutch is a traditional piece that will never go out of favor to your kitchen or eating area. Image: John Wollwerth/Shutterstock

Sofa tables had been additionally favored in three states: Colorado, Maryland and Missouri.

sofa table

If you want greater storage, keep in mind using a sofa table within the room. Try stylizing the surface with some decor pieces to make it even extra visually exciting. Image: KUPRYNENKO ANDRII/Shutterstock

Bar stools are famous in Idaho and Iowa.

bar stools

Bar stools don’t have to be for a bar. They’re excellent for finishing off a kitchen island. Image: Photographee.ecu/Shutterstock

Dining benches took the title in California and New Jersey.

dining bench

Looking for a way to make your formal eating room less formal? Try a dining bench in area of some of your chairs. Image: PlusONE/Shutterstock

Arizona and Florida decide on entertainment facilities.

An enjoyment center makes the ideal focal point for any living area. It provides function and company multi functional. Image: Keith Muratori/Shutterstock

Jewelry armoires are desired in Louisiana and Mississippi.


Those who like to get dressed to the nines ought to take into account a jewelry armoire to put your prized pieces on show. Image: Helen Hotson/Shutterstock

Recliners took the prize in Oklahoma and West Virginia.


There’s nothing comfier than a recliner. Round out the appearance by adding a sofa for stability. Image: Alexandre Zveiger/Shutterstock

TV shelves had been the object of desire in New Mexico and Oregon.

tv cabinet

TV cabinets are terrific in case you want to be able to cover the TV away while guests arrive. Image: Illustrator Graphic Desig/Shutterstock

Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming all voted for individual gadgets. See them beneath:


Find your country on this list. Image: Next Day Blinds

Key takeaways from the examine

living room

According to the consequences, the dwelling vicinity is the maximum critical space inside the whole house. Image: Jodie Johnson/Shutterstock

Based on these results, we can gather some key insights from the observe.

  • Sectionals and TV stand are the number 1 maximum searched home furniture item in 7 states each, tying for the highest number of any object protected within the study.

  • 27 states selected an object precise to the living room, highlighting the importance of the room within the home.

  • The eating room, but, turned into the least searched room. Only 2 states looked for any accompanying fixtures.
  • 5 of 14 states inside the Midwest are looking for a TV stand the maximum, while 5 of 16 states within the South are attempting to find a sectional. However, states in the Northeast and West have a tendency to all be looking for one-of-a-kind gadgets.

What do you believe you studied of these results? Will you be attempting to find your kingdom’s pinnacle pick?

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