Traditional House in Spain Incorporates a Contemporary Layout

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The innovative crew in the back of Dom Arquitectura completed this House in la Cerdanya. An inspiring conventional house in Spain, it blends classic elements with modern-day residing. The house acquaintances a stunning natural park and takes benefit of the encircling valley.

Faced with local building constraints, the developing group had to restrict the layout to nearby materials. “As a begin, we determined to construct the house with a wooden shape, dealing with the assignment from a bioclimatic method, to reap an efficient and sustainable production,” the architects explained. “The project included three exceptional textures: the stone and the clay tiles as stated inside the regulations and the wood as structural fabric,” in addition they stated.

The L-formed residence is partly buried inside the floor. Only the garage and most important entrance are at road level. The website dictated this structure because of its steep slope. An open-plan residing and eating vicinity acts as the middle of the traditional house in Spain. This additionally ensures expansive perspectives of the encircling place.

“The outdoors wall attracts a chain of slopes and counter slopes imparting the residence with a novel geometry. The roofs of both wings create a non-stop porch that surrounds the residence and generates a wide lounge vicinity in considered one of its stop,” the architects delivered. “In the conventional rural structure of the place,” they persisted, “the homes where enclosed toward the outside in a gesture of safety. This venture pursuits to open up the residing room, the lawn and the perspectives.” Information furnished by means of Dom Arquitectura; pictures courtesy of Jordi Anguera

Take within the views from this traditional residence in Spain

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