What Classifies A House Style: What Makes A Bungalow Home?

If you’ve been taking note of architectural tendencies lately, you recognize that bungalows are again in a large manner. With that during thoughts, we thought it turned into the perfect addition to our What Classifies A House Style collection. Keep reading to learn what makes this architectural style so particular and why the bungalow home has held a special region in our hearts for so many years.

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Bungalows originated in Bengal, India. Image: rSnapshotPhotos/ Shutterstock

History of the bungalow domestic

The word “bungalow” derives from the Hindustani word “bangala,” meaning “belonging to Bengal.” Bungalow homes had been first constructed in Bengal, India inside the mid-nineteenth century. At the time, India was under British rule and the ambassadors who traveled there sought to design an casual, effortlessly-built relaxation residence to apply at some point of their visits.

Soon after, the fashion became famous in England and it become ultimately introduced over to America. Architect brothers Charles Sumner Greene and Henry Mather Greene are credited because the maximum influential early practitioners of this fashion within the United States.

Together, they designed bungalows in Pasadena, California. Their designs have been nicely acquired and have been highlighted in the course of the country via famous magazines like House Beautiful and Good Housekeeping. Soon enough, pattern books featuring bungalow designs and entire mail order house kits became widely available, permitting the bungalow style to unfold quickly throughout the usa.


Bungalows are available in many shapes and sizes. Image: Robert Crum/Shutterstock

Types of bungalow houses

Believe it or now not, no longer all bungalows are created same. The bungalow home comes in lots of distinctive versions in the course of the united states of america. We’ve indexed some of the maximum popular patterns under. Read them over to get an idea of the different styles of bungalows that exist in these days’s layout panorama.

Craftsman bungalow

The term “Craftsman bungalow” is used to describe conventional bungalows, regardless of wherein they is probably positioned. Traditionally, those houses feature street-dealing with gables with shingled roofs. Additionally, they’re regularly painted or stained brown or darkish green to combination with nature. Finally, they’re most recognized for their wide, overhanging eaves

California bungalow

Since the California bungalow may be very much like the Craftsman, the 2 can be informed aside by means of the substances used of their creation. California bungalow domestic exteriors normally use stucco, wooden – particularly redwood – shingle and horizontal siding but now not brick. However, other bungalow subtypes do use brick.


Modern patterns have curved corners to offer a experience of movement. Additionally, they will have portholes or bulkheads. They’re usually fabricated from substances like concrete, glass and brick. Meanwhile, the interiors are commonly mild and ethereal with present day touches.

Tudor revival

Tudor revival bungalows have steeply-pitched roofs with large, problematic chimneys. Additionally, they function wall cladding, tall and slim windows and decorative half of-timbering.

Prairie style

Prairie style bungalows were evolved by using an particularly creative group of Chicago architects referred to as the Prairie School. Frank Lloyd Wright was most of the participants. These homes have massive piers, used to support their porch roofs, in addition to rows of casement home windows, wide and flat chimneys and contrasting wall materials and trim.


See the listing beneath for some of the defining characteristics of bungalows. Image: LesPalenik/ Shutterstock

Characteristics of a bungalow home

Even though there are numerous exceptional forms of bungalows, the style nevertheless has a defined set of traits that ties all of them together. To that cease, we’ve taken the liberty of list a number of those bungalow domestic traits below:


  • Balanced and nicely-proportioned, but no longer symmetrical, appearance from the the front
  • A low, exposed roof, frequently with beams or rafters showing
  • A modest the front porch or veranda
  • Square, tapered columns, once in a while known as “bungalow columns”


  • Usually 1.five tales
  • The the front door opens to the principle residing space
  • An open ground plan that lacks a proper parlor or sitting room
  • Simple decorative accents
  • Plenty of constructed-ins as a way of adornment

What Is A Bungalow Style Home

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