10 Holiday Decor Storage Hacks You Need to Know

holiday decor storage hacks

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Here are some holiday decor garage hacks to take the pain out of packing up the season. Image: Joanna Kosinska

The vacation season is one of the maximum a laugh and delightful instances of the year. We gather with friends and circle of relatives, we percentage meals and presents and we can all sense the cheer in the air. When it comes time to percent up the tree, take down the stockings and unstring the lighting fixtures, it could sense a bit unhappy – and a little overwhelming. After the busyness of the season, you’re searching at a truthful quantity of work to get your property returned to everyday. Fortunately, those excursion decor storage hacks can make things a little less complicated for you.

Rather than just shoving things back into bins, simplest to find broken ornaments and missing bulbs when you start to enhance subsequent yr, employ those pointers. With these excursion decor storage hacks on your arsenal, packing up – and packing well – is a snap.

holiday decor storage hacks - labels

Label your decor as you placed it away to make redecorating easier subsequent yr. Image: Squared Away

Get on board with corporation

Here are suggestions that will help you save the entirety in a logical way so adorning subsequent year is a breeze.

  • As you’re packing matters up, set yourself up for success subsequent yr. Rather than shoving things into random boxes, label every one (e.g. The “Living Room” container would get packed with all the decorations you use within the dwelling room). You can also location character labels on objects of that you have multiple (e.g. “Banister Garland” and “Mantle Garland”). Those leftover present tags are ideal for labeling as you % up.
  • When you buy new strings of lights, write essential facts like wherein you purchased them (so that you know wherein to go for alternative bulbs) and period at the plug. Then, as you are taking strands down at the cease of the season, wrap them around an old Pringles can or cardboard tubes that held paper towels. Cut a slit within the lip to keep the plug in place so you can well wrap the complete strand and without difficulty get entry to the info you’ve written. You also can tape spare bulbs within the tube’s center.
holiday decor storage hacks - reuse

Reusing objects you have already got assist you to guard your holiday decor. Image: Make Life Lovely

Reuse to reduce

The holiday season creates quite a few waste. But you can use that on your advantage with those pointers.

  • Shred vintage wrapping paper, consisting of the ones random scraps that get left over when wrapping oddly shaped presents. Use this stuffing to pad fragile gadgets as you percent your excursion decor into garage.
  • Hold on to the packaging for your ornaments. This the suitable way to keep them so that they don’t get broken. If you’ve already tossed the packing containers, however, you’ve got a few other alternatives. Save egg cartons to shop smaller adorns. Larger adorns can get a comparable upcycle remedy in case you save two cardboard drink holders. Nestle 4 ornaments – one in each cupholder – inside the first one, then use the second one as a lid. Plastic carryout containers can be similarly useful whilst padded with a little leftover tissue paper.
  • Corral garlands and little vacation tchotchkes in antique tennis ball containers.
holiday decor storage hacks - moisture

Your holiday decorations are precious – so protective them from moisture is key. Image: Piccadilly Design

Minimize the effects of moisture

There’s a motive you devote treasured storage space in your excursion decor. Treasured heirlooms, handmade objects and reminiscence-crammed objects make up the majority of your decorations. Here are some methods to guard them.

  • Are you storing your decor inside the basement? If so, make sure you shield it from the consequences of a humid space. Pack everything in plastic packing containers to preserve it dry.
  • Put homemade, food-based adorns (like those valuable macaroni stars) in sandwich luggage to maintain the meals in higher form and prevent them from falling aside. Store the entirety in cookie tins to maintain away pests who would need a nibble.
holiday decor storage hacks - fresh

Opt for clean greenery that you could toss (or compost!) at the quit of the year to unfastened up garage area. Image: Julie Ranee Photography

Get fresh and unfastened

How much space do you commit the other eleven months of the 12 months to storing your decorations? Here are a few vacation decor garage hacks to help you free up some of that square pictures.

  • Fresh decor – like garlands, pinecones and cranberries – adds festive cheer to any space but can be tossed in the trash guilt-unfastened at the stop of the season. Plus, you just can’t beat that evergreen scent!
  • Tired of looking to stack rolls of wrapping paper? Use a plastic garment bag to corral them. Thread a hanger through the pinnacle to make it easy to dangle them up and out of the way.
  • Similarly, wreaths will stay in better form if they’re hung vertically, plus will take in much less space that manner. Twist tie a wreath to a hanger. Cut a hole within the backside of a trash bag and thread the hanger via to defend the wreath from dust.

Good success packing up the season! We wish these holiday decor garage hacks make life a little bit simpler for you. And in case you need to preserve the home hacks rolling, here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions to help you get your own home in pinnacle shape.

10 Holiday Hacks You Need To Know | Ornaments & Gift Wrap Tips

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