50 Powder Room Ideas That Transform Your Small Half Bath From Ordinary To Extraordinary

The powder room, also known as a small guest bath or half of bathtub, is commonly placed near a domestic or condominium’s front and consists of a bathroom and sink. Most half bathtub spaces are small and fundamental, but they don’t should be.

If you entertain frequently, your guests will maximum probable use your 1/2 tub. What does the room say about you? It’s time to convert your half tub from normal to fantastic with our powder room ideas and guidelines to be able to make your guests’ visit a swoon-worth experience.

Use Some Creative Powder Room Ideas To Create A Picture-Worthy Setting

powder room ideas and half bath decor

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What’s the first component a first-time tourist will word after they open the door on your half of bathtub? Make it innovative and noteworthy, like this powder room. The house owner layered a decorative, antique reflect over the easy wall mirror and included plenty of half bath decor and artwork to finish the room. Image: Cynthia Driscoll Interiors


First matters first. Don’t treat your powder room like an ordinary rest room. See your 1/2 bath as a tiny treasure container waiting to be opened and determined. And so the first mystery to growing a fantastic area is to recollect what visitors will see the first time they open the door.

Tip: Open the door to your half bathtub and visualize what it have to ideally look like. Will there be a formidable splash of color? Will the vanity and lighting fixtures be symmetrical and flawlessly focused inside the door establishing? Will the colours and textures draw you in?

Pretend you’re a photographer and snap a photo of your half tub from out of doors the room with the door open. Then see how you could enhance the layout for a better photograph, like those half of bath ideas:

half bath ideas and half bath decor

When visualizing what you want your half of bath to seem like, consider what visitors will see once they open the door. Draw them in by way of choosing the nice and most stunning factors you could have the funds for. Images: BK Interior Design and Alidad

Half Bath Ideas Featuring Color

Powder rooms are in which you “freshen up,” so why now not freshen up your half of tub by using adding an surprising coloration like violet? Image: Black Lacquer Design

You’re managing a small space, so don’t be afraid to be bold. One of the very best ways to make a large announcement is with a bold coloration.

Tip: Forget the rule of thumb that small spaces have to be white or mild. Add your favorite coloration to the walls. Some powder room ideas that upload colour on your area consist of:

  • Painting the whole room in a deep, rich color – ceiling covered
  • Painting the wall behind the vanity in a excessive-gloss, formidable colour
  • Adding colourful accents like towels and artwork in shiny tones

Read greater approximately small rest room guidelines well worth breaking right here.

Here are some powder room thoughts proposing colour for notion:

Primary Color Powder Room Ideas

blue powder room ideas and half bath decor

Blues and indigos are a herbal color for a half of bathtub. If deciding on wealthy colors, assessment the tone with a white or mild secondary shade for the conceitedness, lavatory and towels. Images: Elena Phillips Interiors and Carla Aston

half bath color ideas

Colored glass and excessive-gloss finishes upload a reflective nice to wealthy colors and create a colourful half of tub. Images: Weinstein Luxury and Chris Jovanelly

half bath ideas

The coloration lilac is on-trend – and the appropriate coloration for a dramatic powder room. Images: Carey Karlan and Black Lacquer Design

Black Half Bath Ideas

black powder rooms

There’s not anything chicer than a black powder room. If you’re going black, commit 100 percentage and consist of the color at the ceiling and ground. Images: Just Jill Interiors and Cornerstone Architects

Wallpaper Your Powder Room Walls

A excessive-glam powder room featuring velvet, tufting, marble and a metallic geometric wallpaper. Image: Eurodale

The trendy wallpaper designs are a extraordinary manner to breathe existence (and design) into your small powder room. The type of hues and patterns available can transform your powder room into pretty the showcase!

Tip: Choose a vinyl, water-proof wallpaper, simply in case splashing takes place. And in case you stay in a condominium, search for detachable wallpapers that make it clean to take the wallpaper down without damaging the walls when you circulate out. You can study more on removable wallpaper here.

Colorful botanical or floral prints are famous selections for a powder room. Images: Together Interiors

The trendy detachable wallpapers are each water resistant and clean to take down. Images: f.a.D. Inc. And Kriste Michelini Interiors

Splurge On Stunning Tile

A geometric tile in style-forward lilac creates a one-of-a-type powder room. Image: Complementto Tiles

Tile may be steeply-priced. But if you have a tiny half of bath, you don’t need lots of tile to make a massive declaration. Go for it – the impact far exceeds the preliminary price.

Tip: If you’re going to splurge on tile, pick a tile with a photo pattern or specific look and use it ground-to-ceiling. If your budget is restrained, tile the conceitedness wall and use a much less luxurious floors choice, like vinyl adhesive tiles, that appear to be stone or real tiles.

powder room tile ideas

These powder rooms show particular approaches to feature tile. Images: TEC Plumbing & Construction and Risa Boyer

Don’t Settle For Ordinary Powder Room Mirrors

Your half bath square footage is limited, so make every inch count! Powder room mirrors are not most effective the exclamation factor for your half bath’s design, however additionally they increase a tiny lavatory.

Tip: Don’t shop for a fundamental reflect. Look for an exciting artwork body and add a mirror to one. Or do some thing surprising like growing a gallery wall of small mirrors over your vanity. Get creative!

powder room mirrors for your half bath

Look for a mirror with sudden details like a lattice design to the glass or a Moroccan form, like these dramatic powder room mirrors. Images: MHouse and St. Amand Design

powder room mirrors

What’s the primary issue you observe in these powder rooms? It’s most in all likelihood the stunning, uncommon mirrors. Images: Pulltab Designs and Croma Design

Choose Powder Room Lighting That’s Functional And Fashionable

There are numerous lighting fixtures elements in this modern powder room: a wall-washing overhead can, a candle and lighting fixtures established at the back of the replicate to cast a glow. Image: Chris Jovanelly

Good lighting can make all of the distinction on your powder room. Consider the powder room lighting to be the earrings that complete your outfit (or half bathtub).

Tip: Layer your lighting fixtures to consist of mood lighting and useful lighting. A pendant can create a announcement and still mild up the room. Wall sconces or candles can add to the environment. Consider a brighter, cooler-temperature bulb in your practical lights and dimmer, warmer bulbs on your ambient lights.

powder room ideas

Architectural wall sconces set the right environment to your powder room. Images: Jodie Rosen and Charlie & Co Design

A mixture of wall sconces and an overhead pendant create the perfect lighting effect to your half of bathtub. Images: Diel Design and Raegan Ford

Offset The Elements On Your Focal Wall For Visual Interest

Want to do something sparkling and present day for your 1/2 tub? You can middle the entirety and opt for a symmetrical look. Or you can break the regulations to add hobby via grouping things to at least one side.

Tip: Some methods you may upload visible interest through offsetting the factors to your powder room include:

  • Mounting the mirror to the left or proper of the conceitedness
  • Hanging lighting fixtures or pendants in a grouping on one aspect
  • Grouping accessories on one give up or the other
powder room ideas

Here are some examples of ways you can freshen things up by way of not centering factors like lighting, accessories and the replicate as expected. Images: Laney and UA Creative

Make The Vanity The Star Of Your Half Bath

The powder room has two principal functions: washing up and using the toilet. The arrogance, consequently, could be very crucial on your small toilet. Make it a showstopper.

Tip: Choose a small piece of furniture to repurpose as a arrogance. Add a vessel-style sink that sits on top of the piece. Or to keep area and go for a contemporary look, mount a floating-ledge counter. Looking for the right small toilet conceitedness? Check this roundup out, presenting the fine small lavatory vanities for sale now.

These geometric vanities create an thrilling impact. Although they don’t function a variety of garage, they do add a clean, minimalist look on your powder room. Images: Amy Emery Designs and Sara Stanley Baldwin Design Blog

For a modern-day look to your small half tub, mount a floating-ledge style floor with a vessel sink that sits at the ledge. Images: Zero Energy and VT Constructors

Here are two creative 1/2 bath conceitedness thoughts: an vintage sewing table and a farmhouse-style basin sink. Images: Int2 Architecture and Aamodt/Plumb

Dress Up Your Half Bath Walls To Add Value

The elegant wall panels, reminiscent of a French drawing room or conventional library, can upload a high priced look to your half tub. Image: Gresinger Construction

A little bit of carpentry can add a high-stop, costly sense to the most simple 1/2 tub. If you very own your home or rental, including wainscoting, paneling or molding to your powder room can increase your private home’s assets value.

Tip: Mount crown molding or pre-fab timber wall panels for your 1/2 bathtub and paint them in a semi-gloss or eggshell finish for a excessive-quit experience.

Here are some paneling thoughts you may contain into your powder room design. Images:MHouse Development and Laura Iverson Designs

Small In Space But Grand In Texture Is The Secret To A Stunning Half Bath

powder room ideas

The designer sourced an vintage Moroccan tile for the powder room. To keep the high-texture and sample topic, the pendant, replicate, wall artwork and arrogance characteristic Moroccan layout. Image: Imperfect Interiors

Texture provides an air of class to any interior. Texture is likewise relatively appealing to maximum people due to its tactile feeling that draws people toward contact. Although your powder room is small, layer as a good deal texture as you may to add intensity.

Tip: When running with texture, keep on with a soft, monochromatic color topic. If you stick with natural shades which might be varying sun shades of the equal tone, blending and matching special styles and textures may be a success.

Some ways to feature more texture into your powder room encompass herbal stone finishes with varying (and imperfect) styles and surfaces. Images: 2id Interiors and Laura U Interiors

Complete Your Half Bath With Accessories

powder room ideas and half bath decor

Here’s a 1/2 bath that’s crisp and nicely-tailor-made in impartial tones with black and white add-ons like hand towels, candles and wall artwork entire the appearance. Image: Magleby Construction

Now which you’ve created the good powder room ever, it’s time to tug it all together with the right add-ons. After all, the magic is within the info.

Tip: Some gadgets you can want to feature to complete your powder room encompass:

  • A wastebasket that coordinates with a cleaning soap dispenser, tissue field cowl and tray
  • Wall artwork
  • Candles or room diffusers
  • A vase or ornamental vase collection
  • Towels presenting a unique design detail
  • Plants or orchids

Check out those half bath decor ideas that entire the space:

half bath decor

Monogrammed towels, plants and touches of excessive-polish silver customize these powder rooms. Images: Traci Zeller and Lucy Interior Design

Add some fragrance on your powder room with reed diffusers and candles. Images: Moodhouse and 2id Interiors

Nix the apparent white towels and select guest towels in amusing colorations or patterns. Don’t neglect to add a lavatory-loving houseplant like an aloe or orchid. Faux silk ones look sensible and could always be in bloom. Images: Mercury Mosaics and Traci Zeller

We wish you’ve found plenty of idea in those powder room ideas so you can execute the maximum memorable 1/2 tub ever. Share your transformation with us on our Facebook page!

50 Small Bathroom Design Ideas 2018

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