35 Small Wine Cellars and Wine Room Ideas You Can Recreate

If you stay up for wine o’clock every night, why not flip a niche in your house into a beautiful wine room or wine cellar? You don’t need a large wine cave or masses of hundreds of bucks to build one. All you need is a small vicinity like a closet, pantry or nook to create your very own small wine cellar. Here’s how to emulate the most chic wine cellars accessible.

wine room ideas and wine cellars

Turn a segment of your shelves into a wine cellar by means of adding shelving backed with a mirror to enlarge and lighten the gap. Glass doors add a high-cease feel for your new wine cellar. Image: Interior ID

The mystery to a a hit wine room is weather manipulate

Wine is sensitive and doesn’t do properly with huge temperature and humidity fluctuations. The maximum essential aspect in your collection of wine room ideas is how you’re going to maintain your wine in top shape.

It’s all about preserving the temperature and humidity stage in wine cellars from changing an excessive amount of. The ideal temperature is fifty five degrees F, deliver or take 3 to five levels.

You have two options to maintain the most beneficial temperature and humidity in your wine cellar:

  • Invest in a very good wine fridge, cooler or cooling device
  • Choose a fab, dry, dark spot in your wine cellar, faraway from windows or exterior partitions, wherein the wine doesn’t experience outdoors temperature changes

Once you’ve were given that taken care of, it’s time to create a space that’s well-organized and inviting. Some things you could want to add for your wine room include:

  • Wine racks, shelving or custom cabinets
  • A wine glass caddy
  • A bar desk and stools or a few armchairs for serving and lounging
  • Good lighting fixtures that serves as mission lighting and ambiance
  • Barware like corkscrews, glass decanters and other add-ons
  • A small wine refrigerator for champagne or fragile aged wine
wine cellars

Homeowners converted a closet into an stylish wine room complete with ambient lighting fixtures, custom shelving and a wine refrigerator. Image: Perry Custom Homes

Now it’s time for the foundation. Check out these small wine room ideas that rival the most splendid wine cellars around. Cheers!

Wine room thoughts for underneath the stairs

wine cellars and small wine room ideas

An cheaper cord grid rack and some shelving can turn the unused space beneath a stairwell into a small, inexpensive wine cellar. To add resale fee, invest in a pitcher door. Images: Zooi Designs

wine cellar ideas

Glass doors and lights upload a layout touch for your wine room. Image: Volansky Studio

wine rooms

Walnut veneer pegboard and chrome steel rods create a present day wine room under the steps. Image: Genuwine Cellars

small wine cellar ideas

One of the most specific wine room ideas features the industrial-fashion use of wood crates outfitted with an iron grid and backlit with warm golden mild. Image: Beyond Beige

Turn a closet or pantry into a beautiful wine cellar

wine room ideas

A closet become converted right into a wine room. Part of the drywall was changed with glass to display the wine collection. Image: DCI Construction

wine cellar ideas and small wine rooms

Two pantries that were converted into a wine room. In the first case, the door become removed and the alcove completed with decorative tile. In the opposite example, a wine shelf become fitted in the pantry. Images: Chairma Design Group and Mark Lewis Interior Design

Lighting is vital in a wine cellar closet conversion. Images: RH Carder Construction and Safdie Rabines Architects

For the last tasting room, add a bar desk or front room chairs

best wine rooms

Add a small, intimate desk subsequent on your wine racks for a comfortable tasting room. Image: Elle Decor

A small bar place and bar stools create a niche to revel in your wine. Image: Moretti Interior Design

Turn a sitting room into a wine tasting room by using adding vertical wine garage and a bar to the place. Image: Vintage View

A large recycled wood bar table subsequent to a wine cellar may be hid with sliding panel doorways creates a minimalist wine room. Image: Studio Tramas

Innovative wine cabinets and glass doorways enclose and show your wine cellar superbly

Glass doors add a excessive-cease jewelry container effect to a wine series. Image: Chambers & Stark

A custom glass display is the center-piece of this contemporary loft. Image: Vin de Garde Cellar Systems

A unique glass enclosure in a excessive-upward push condo creates a cutting-edge wine cellar. Image: Flaunt Interiors

If you choose to enclose your small wine cellar in glass, ensure that the interior is artfully organized and properly-lit. Image: IWA Wine

An artisanal wine rack system is accentuated by means of the custom glass enclosure. Image: Harwick Homes

Glass doorways hold the wine series cooler with the aid of insulating in opposition to temperature fluctuations. Image: Vintage Cellars

Custom kitchen cabinets make terrific wine cellars

Create a small but realistic wine room with kitchen cabinets, a graceful countertop and a small wine cooler. Image: Dooley Custom Homes

Turn a small section of your kitchen into a custom wine room – similar to this homeowner did – with a few wall-established wine racks. Image: MIDMODERN Design

When you put your wine room together, take a cue from this small one on the way to show your wine items. Image: Collins Dupont

Lower kitchen shelves paired with top wine shelving provide lots of wine garage, even inside the smallest areas. Images: Connecticut Stone and Sunflower Studio

Choose modern-day cabinets or unusual wine racks that make a statement

Backlit floating ledges are an appropriate wine garage system on account that wine bottles want to rest on their facets to hold the corks wet. Image: Made Studio

Wall-set up wine racks make use of the vertical wall space that frequently is going unused. Image: SES Design Group

A wall-installed rack in opposition to a cool, stone wall is all you want to create a easy wine cellar. Image: Atwood Custom Home

Mount ground-to-ceiling vertical wine holders on a hallway or basement wall to create an instant wine room. Image: Creative Design Construction

A store-sold wine shelf is given a custom appearance with pink LED backlighting. Image: Brayer Design

Work a wine cellar into your kitchen

The contemporary layout fashion for wine cellars (and even refrigerators) is glass doorways and glass enclosures. Image: Cell Art

This wine cellar has a today's wine cooling device. But you could recreate the look at home, minus the cooling machine, for a chic wine room. Image: Vintage Cellars

Designers brought a business wine cooler into this contemporary kitchen. Image: Flynn Architect

With fall and the holidays arising, it’s the proper time to create a small wine room of your own. A nicely-deliberate one is the appropriate region to collect with pals and accumulate your favourite wines for years of enjoyment.

Want to peer extra stunning wine cellars and tasting rooms? Check out these 20 Luxury Residential Wine Cellars And Tasting Rooms.

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