Think Wallpaper is Outdated? It Can Actually Update Your Bathroom

Wallpaper. Just the sight or sound of that phrase typically conjures up 18th Century scenic or floral photos or, worse, the gaudy, headache-inducing designs that were widely – and wildly – famous inside the 1970s. However, wallpaper is coming round again. Maybe “reincarnation” is a higher phrase because, happily, the brand new trend in wallpaper appears appreciably extraordinary from the forms of yesteryear.

In fact, wallpaper can absolutely be used inside the lavatory to create glamour, elegance, drama or even fun. Below are a number of the diverse alternatives to recollect:

Half-Wall Application

Half-wall application

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This gold and white wallpaper enables to create a pricey rest room. Image: Moen

You don’t should wallpaper the whole toilet. Used sparingly, like the wallpaper implemented underneath the chair rail molding in the photo above, it could nevertheless create a effective impression. “Wallpaper achieved tastefully can upload person to any room, specifically lavatories and bedrooms,” says Angela Williams, a Birmingham, AL-based realtor at Extreme Agent Realty. “I don’t advise papering a whole room, however accessory partitions are present day,” Williams says.

Updated Classic

Updated Classic

A fashionable powder room in a Wellington, FL domestic. Image: Pegasus Builders

The smooth lines of this conventional plaid wallpaper paintings well in this design.  Always order extra wallpaper, simply in case you want to replace a section and the producer has stopped making that precise fashion (or has long past out of enterprise).

Updated classic2

Another lavatory in the identical home. Image: Pegasus Builders

In both lavatories, the wallpaper is tasteful and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

Classic Victorian

A classic Victorian toilet. Image: Great Neighborhood Homes

In this loo, wallpaper provides more hobby than mere paint would.


Glam bathroom

A Minneapolis lavatory with bling. Martha O’Hara Interiors

This hand-painted, patterned wallpaper brings out the metallic inside the console, sconces and tap. When combined with the chandelier, it creates a glitzy toilet layout. “Wallpaper has honestly converted over the last decade,” explains Kimberly Schmunk, an interior dressmaker at Focus Builders. “There are several new designers that have numerous fresh and photograph designs and textures.”

Spa bathroom

A London spa rest room. Image: Gemma Zimmerhansl Interior Design

The wallpaper provides just the proper amount of sparkle on this master toilet in London.


Understated bathroom

The wallpaper blends into the history in this Miami domestic. Image: Krista + Home

The aqua linen wallpaper in this Miami grasp bath enhances the grays and whites within the layout.


Dramatic bathroom

This aptly named circus mural design is unforgettable. Image: Malcolm Duffin Design

If you've got an aptitude for the dramatic, you could definitely express it in a beautiful and vibrant wallpapered ceiling. This unique design is called Circus Mural and is made from numerous strips of wallpaper.  “I am a massive fan of mural wallpaper or ‘photo wallpaper,’ that's wallpaper on a totally large scale,” Schmunk says. Other popular styles of wall work of art and image wallpapers encompass such options as brick outcomes, marble, underwater pics, sports activities subject matters and graffiti.


Whimsical bathroom

This rest room is the place of as a minimum one of the three Rs. Image: Angela Gutekunst

This wallpaper layout is an ode to the truth that many human beings spend most of their studying time within the lavatory.

However, preserve in mind that Williams isn’t the handiest realtor now not completely sold at the deserves of wallpaper. “In my enjoy, wallpaper, while no longer a deal breaker, usually influences a sale adversely,” says Sheila Trichter, an agent at Warburg Realty. “The first issue many customers ask is, ‘How costly and difficult is it to remove the wallpaper?’ No remember how lovely.”

Mark Ferguson, a actual estate agent, investor and the writer and writer of Investfourmore.com, concurs. “I have in no way been a fan of wallpaper and that may be because it's far this type of ache to take off and we ought to get rid of a variety of it,” he says. “I actually have visible it begin to come again and I think it's miles crazy – I could no longer placed it in a residence I changed into rehabbing because I assume it'd only enchantment to a small portion of the population.”

Peel and Stick

Peel and stick

Tempaper affords the liberty to trade your mind. Image: Soft Surrounds

If you think you would possibly need to try a wallpaper layout on your lavatory, but you’re now not sure if you’ll find it irresistible or not, you is probably extra comfortable using removable wallpaper. Since you just peel off the lower back and stick the paper on the wall, it’s clean to remove or reposition it.

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