What Makes a Home Style: Defining the Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod houses have been round for hundreds of years, yet they keep to enchant us. This kind of home, that is now synonymous with beachy fashion and weekends away, comes from very humble beginnings but nevertheless stays famous. That popularity led us to a question. What exactly is it that makes a Cape Cod-style domestic so specific?

We’ve laid out the answer beneath. Keep studying to learn greater about the long history of this old fashioned architectural fashion, what it's far that sets the unique varieties of Cape Cod homes apart and a few defining characteristics of the style as an entire. By the give up of this submit, you must be able to do not forget yourself a Cape Cod expert.

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Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses have been around since the time of the Puritan settlers. Image: REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder

History of the Cape Cod domestic

Believe it or not, this fashion of home dates lower back to the times of the earliest Puritan settlers. It occurred due to the fact they brought the idea of an English cottage to America after which tailored it to accommodate New England’s harsh iciness weather.

The symmetrical layout, organized around a large, open residing area – or “hall” as it became once called – is English in its culture. However, the steep roofs had been intended to limit the burden of snow settling on the roof. The characteristic low ceilings had been supposed to preserve warmness and the cute shutters were put in place to block harsh wintry weather winds.

The time period “Cape Cod house” wasn’t given to those cottages till the 1800s. The Reverend Timothy Dwight IV, President of Yale University, named them after a go to to Cape Cod. His observations from his visit had been published posthumously in “Travels in New England and New York” (1821-22)

That stated, the cutting-edge Cape Cods you spot nowadays have been popularized in the course of a Colonial Revival period inside the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties. Boston architect Royal Barry Willis reintroduced the Cape as a contemporary housing alternative. He retained the identical primary outdoors factors but adapted the interior format for present day residing. His paintings noticed every other boom after World War II, whilst the Cape’s simplistic layout made it a good match to house returning infantrymen.


There are several variations on Cape Cod houses as we recognize them nowadays. Image: Eagle Painting Inc

Variations on the Cape Cod home

Half Cape

Featuring a front door on one facet of the home with  multi-paned glass home windows on the alternative, this house turned into the starter domestic of its day. Settlers might regularly keep including additions to it as their families grew till, ultimately, it'd remodel right into a three-quarter Cape. This sort of domestic is every now and then also called a Single Cape.

Three-sector Cape

This domestic capabilities the the front door to 1 aspect of the home with two multi-paned windows on one side and one multi-paned window on the opposite. It become the most famous fashion of Cape inside the 18th and early-nineteenth centuries.

Full Cape

Also known as a Double Cape, this fashion is commonplace today however turned into uncommon among the settlers. It changed into reserved for the wealthiest among them. The full Cape has a imperative the front door and two multi-paned home windows placed symmetrically on either aspect. It also features a particularly steep roof and a big chimney.


Simplicity defines Cape Cod houses. Image: REEF Cape Cod’s Home Builder

Defining features of a Cape Cod

Though Cape Cod homes are available a variety of patterns, there are a few defining capabilities that convey all of them collectively. Here is a standard overview of what you could count on from this type of domestic:


  • Symmetrical appearance with a focused front access
  • Steep roofs with side gables and an overhang
  • Shingle siding
  • Gabled dormers
  • Double-hung home windows with shutters
  • Centralized chimneys
  • Simple outside ornamentation


  • 1 or 1.five testimonies
  • Low ceilings
  • Symmetrical format presenting a center corridor
  • Large, open-idea living area
  • Bedrooms in dormers or beneath gables
  • Clean strains, little aesthetic detailing

Have you fallen in love with the Cape Cod-fashion home? Do you dream of owning one in every of your own one day? Tell us all about it within the remarks below.

Facts About Cape Cod Homes || Real Estate Explained #214

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