5 Concrete Floors That Will Cement Your Love for This Material

concrete floors

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Cement your indoors design with one of the most up to date floors tendencies: concrete flooring. Image: Effect Home Builders

The layout world is warm for concrete proper now. It’s now not best one of 2018’s biggest design tendencies, it’s same parts sleekness and durability. Plus, it’s cheap and easy to hold. Need we are saying greater?

Just to be secure, we are able to. Concrete just might be your maximum eco-friendly floors alternative. If there’s already a concrete slab in your property or rental, all you need to do is have it sanded and sealed. You need most effective minimal additional substances, that means your impact on the environment is tiny. What’s more, concrete lasts a long time — we’re speaking centuries. That’s why such a lot of houses use it because the base for his or her flooring. If you need durable, sublime flooring that’s smooth to maintain up, appearance no further than concrete floors. Here are some examples of how to nail the slab-as-floors fashion.

concrete floors - bathroom

Give your toilet a spacious, spa-like sense with smooth concrete flooring. Image: Hillstar Construction

Concrete floors for airiness

It might seem counterintuitive to lean on this sort of heavy fabric to feature lightness to a area. But concrete lends an ethereal experience. Its color and texture is low-key lunar, and its smooth floor helps any room experience open. This works superbly in a rest room where you want to instill a zen, spa-like environment. It’s additionally tremendous for workplaces and dining rooms that want to sense spacious even when packed with human beings.

concrete floors - kitchen

Concrete doesn’t always have to be grey! Image: WA Design

The versatility of concrete

If you believe you studied concrete is uninteresting, think again. Thanks to stains, stamps and colors, concrete flooring can be pretty much something you want it to be. Maybe you want to stamp leaf styles into your entryway to lean into the character vibe. Maybe you need to stain your flooring with high gloss for additonal sleekness. Or maybe you want to add a visually interesting accent, just like the one pictured above. Gray concrete slabs are just the start.

concrete floors - entryway

If you battle to hold your property feeling easy, concrete ought to help. Image: TruexCullins

An easy-to-easy floors answer

Keeping your house’s high site visitors areas in pinnacle shape is a never-finishing chore. Do you feel like you’re constantly chasing in the back of a person with a brush? You may need to don't forget concrete flooring. The natural gray coloration of concrete is a perfect dirt-masker, plus the smooth floor hints the attention into wondering it’s clean. Or, if there’s a particular color of dirt that has you pulling out your hair, remember a concrete stain. The brown-hued stain on the concrete inside the above picture is best for hiding tracks from grimy shoes.

concrete floors - stained

Let your concrete flooring offer a layout carte blanche. Image: Wake + Loom

Your easy canvas

Design changes rapid. What become in just a few years in the past is all at once passé. Keeping up can either be a laugh or irritating, relying on the way you method it. If you want pivoting with the season’s hottest layout, it’s critical to make certain that your house’s greater permanent points – like flooring – can pivot with you. A concrete ground is a blank slate. This year, at the same time as concrete is hot, you might choose to leave maximum of your floor exposed. Down the street, when there’s any other new trend you’re excited about, you may layer it with rugs or sand and re-stain it. It’s a permanent answer that makes changing your interior design a breeze.

concrete floors - bedroom

Concrete can give a area more male electricity. Image: Vermont Custom Closets

Concrete floors for a masculine sense

Whether you’re a single guy designing your bachelor pad or a pair seeking to provide your private home or rental a gender-balanced layout, you is probably stumped. So a good deal of masculine layout tendencies closer to heavy pieces, darkish colorations and the ever-so-unique sports activities memorabilia. If, however, you want to provide a room male electricity with out portray it black and placing up a gaggle of pennants, look to concrete. Even with its soft shade and clean lines, concrete floors supply any area a robust, masculine feel.

One word about concrete: It cracks. If you like the herbal, stonelike experience that concrete provides – cracks and all – it’s a splendid choice. But if you don’t like the brought person of a crack here or there, be organized to look into other options. That is probably a simple as restaining the ground to make the crack more subtle or opting for massive concrete tiles in place of a full slab.

Ready to journey into the slab-tastic global of concrete? You can find greater concept in this geometric ground and other design uses for concrete. We’d like to hear your layout plans below!

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