5 Modern Ways to Use Wood Paneling

Wood paneling became all the rage inside the mid-20th century, earlier than falling out of favor for decades. If you wanted an up to date domestic, the primary thing to go was the wooden paneling on the partitions. Bright, glossy colors were used to update what turned into seen as dated timber textures.

But now wooden paneling is lower back. People are locating smart ways to apply it in a variety of contemporary patterns. With some glossy geometry, creative stylings and light colorations, timber paneling suits well into the up to date, contemporary area. Read on for several methods to use wood paneling for your present day domestic.

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Wood Paneling Lines Geometry

Warm wood paneling creates exceptional evaluation with cool grays. Image: Heritage Construction Companies

Use timber paneling to create sleek traces

A notable thing of wood paneling is that it can produce glossy geometry. By cutting the paneling into slender strips, you may get a greater coated, geometric appearance. Modern spaces are all about stark geometry, so that is a key manner to use wooden paneling in a contemporary fashion.

The image above indicates that converting the direction of paneling between the ceiling and the walls provides visual interest and formidable geometry. You can also attempt switching it up, with narrow panels on the ceiling and wider panels on the wall.

Wood Paneling Section Style

Wood paneling performs nicely with geometric factors just like the vertical layout over the balcony. Image: AGSIA Design Group

Create segmented spaces

Another way to include cutting-edge wooden paneling is to apply it on only a small part of the room. In the image above, a narrow place of paneling surrounded via white walls virtually enables the gap look greater current. The wooden area creates a unexpected trade in texture, producing visible hobby.

The wood paneling additionally acts as a visible barrier for the sitting region through the TV, which is a superb way to separate extraordinary areas in the open-concept areas that present day areas are regarded for.

Wood Paneling Accent Wall Reclaimed

Wood paneling fits right into a rustic sublime fashion. Image: Creative Floors

Opt for rustic elegant

A popular current fashion in houses is rustic sublime. That’s in which elements of rustic layout integrate with extra modern factors. For instance, inside the photo above, the rustic accessory wall (crafted from reclaimed barn timber) complements the current white chairs.

Another exciting detail is the herringbone layout of the wall, demonstrating once more the value of geometric designs. The distressed texture of the wood adds even greater interest.

Wood Paneling Three Dimensional

Three-dimensional wooden paneling may be diffused and still have a massive impact. Image: Legacy Construction Northeast

Go for 3-dimensional geometry

Yet another alternative for updating the idea of timber paneling is to attempt a more 3-dimensional style. This is straightforward to accomplish: Simply improve some panels above the main backdrop. It’s a cool fashion that suits nicely with modern-day patterns, due to the fact modern-day aesthetics generally tend to veer toward innovative geometry and three-dimensional domestic features.

What’s extra, this idea is fairly customizable. You may want to select massive rectangular panels at one-of-a-kind heights, like in the photo above, or choose slim, lengthy panels. You may also move for smaller panels of different sizes for a college impact.

Wood Paneling Light Color

Light-colored paneling suits obviously with present day shade schemes. Image: Berg Design Architecture

Use mild hues and lots of home windows

For a clean tackle a modern-day room, persist with paneling that has lighter colors. Lighter colours, in general, assist the distance experience greater open. The mild coloration of the walls breaks up the wood paneling on the ceiling and flooring, and the light gray stone on the hearth creates an exciting focal point.

Many human beings with modern tastes may consider an abundance of wooden to experience cramped — likening it to a comfortable cabin. The fashion above counters this worry with masses of natural mild. We’ve also spent some time detailing extra approaches to enliven a area.

Wood paneling doesn’t need to experience tacky or dated. With any of those pointers, it may absolutely paintings on your advantage in creating a space sense more current. Will you be incorporating this conventional fabric into your house? Let us understand about it below!

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