5 Unexpected Ways to Use Wood Textures in the Kitchen

Wood is a not unusual cloth for kitchens, from cabinets to partitions to countertops. You also can use timber textures within the kitchen in unexpected approaches to create a few visible interest and a fashion all of your very own. You can use wood in sudden ways or in sudden locations to make a assertion in a space. So if you’re seeking out something creative to do with a kitchen layout, test the exclusive ways to use wood textures in the kitchen.

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Textured wood creates a few exciting assessment towards the shelves’ grey color. Image: Stonington Cabinetry and Designs

Match wood in interesting places

One concept is to take a highly one-of-a-kind timber texture and use it in surprising places with high evaluation. The picture above suggests how the nice and cozy, textured wooden from the island become extensively utilized over the cooktop vicinity. This wood contrasts with the sleek grey cabinetry. Using a certain sort of timber for the island and lengthening it to other regions of the room creates design concord inside the space.

You can use this concept in numerous ways. You could use the wooden texture within the floors to line the shelves, as an example. Or you can use the timber texture in the chairs at the counter tops. You can get as creative as you need with this concept.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Gray Cabinets

Wood works properly in contemporary patterns. Image: Ania Stempi Design

Combine wood with sleek, contemporary designs

In the picture above, we see some other example of a way to use wood to create an attractive evaluation in opposition to shelves. The smooth, grey shelves look almost futuristic and the range hood style adds to the cutting-edge appearance, however the heat wood creates a form of herbal feel. What outcomes is some subtle assessment the use of timber textures inside the kitchen, assisting the kitchen feel contemporary but no longer stark.

The obviously textured stone countertop is serves as a nice dividing line between the present day and traditional styles. The countertop has the sleek traces of updated styles however the natural stone makes it appearance barely rustic. It serves as the unifying factor inside the style.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Contrast Wood

Deep, saturated hues create an appealing evaluation with timber textures. Image: Holmes Hole Builders

Mix and fit timber textures

There are such a lot of wood textures accessible, you could additionally persist with wooden by myself to create a contrasting fashion. The fashion in the photograph above contrasts notably textured darker barn wooden partitions against a lighter ceiling and ground.

You can see further comparison in the stainless steel refrigerator and appliances, giving this rustic area a contemporary touch. A blue and gray coloration scheme at the cabinets and kitchen region itself also juxtaposes with the encircling natural wooden. It is going to reveal that in case you need to use wooden textures in the kitchen in surprising ways, suppose excessive assessment.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Abstract Wood

A extra conceptual wooden texture works well in cutting-edge areas. Image: Scott Weston Architecture Design PL

Go for abstract timber textures in the kitchen

What is summary timber, exactly? The image above suggests the style at the drawers and island. Wood isn’t normally that gray, neither is it textured exactly like that. But the fashion nonetheless inspires a feeling of a wooden texture.

When paired with the brilliant orange minimalistic shelves, high-gloss white backsplash and black wire chair, you have a very well present day area even as still being capable of evoke warm temperature. You also can get a fashion like this by using using an outside addition like a kitchen cupboard vinyl wrap.

Wood Textures in the Kitchen Rustic Countertop

Go natural for a few particular style. Image: SF ARC Architecture

Use wild, rustic texture

Another concept for using sudden wooden textures inside the kitchen is to move as herbal as you in all likelihood can. The photo above suggests a countertop that looks like the wooden become just dragged proper out of the forest and thrown onto the kitchen island.

When blended with the sleek white design of the relaxation of the kitchen, it’s every other thrilling high-contrast style. Warm wood floors stop the countertop from searching too out of place. You should use similar highly rustic textures in other countertop spaces or in chairs and stools, too.

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Wood Textures in the Kitchen

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