6 Closet Cleaning Tips to (Finally) Get Your Wardrobe Organized

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Imagine: You open up your closet and everything seems neat and tidy. It’s full of portions you like, and you can see all your options for these days’s clothing. This isn’t only a scene from “Clueless.” It can be your fact if you’re prepared to employ some closet cleansing pointers.

We recognise that cleansing your closet is a chief mission. It may even be unexpectedly emotional; you would possibly have objects you understand you don’t need or need however sense you should keep due to their history. We’re here to help you address this main chore with confidence. We’ve rounded up six attempted-and-proper (sure – we’ve examined those ourselves!) closet cleaning suggestions.

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Of those six closet cleansing hints, flipping hangers is possibly the most conventional example. Image: VSP Interiors

1. Flip your hangers

Do you recognize which gadgets you put on and which are simply taking up area in your closet? You likely answered yes, however as you turn via your hangers you would possibly locate your self understanding you’re not quite certain whilst you remaining pulled out that sweater. If you need to get readability on what you truely put on, turn all of your hangers so the hooks are dealing with the lower back of your closet. As you put on each object, turn the hanger lower back to its regular function.

Wait three months, six months, or a yr, relying on how seasonally you operate the entire of your closet. At the give up of your predetermined time, ditch everything that also has a backward hanger. Yes, it’s a slow burn, but this hack is a surefire way to parent out which pieces are simply taking on space on your closet.

closet cleaning tips - konmari

Fill your closet with objects that carry you pleasure. Image: California Closets

2. Ask your self: “Does this bring me joy?”

Have you heard about “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”? The writer, Marie Kondo, has built an organisation empire on the thesis that we shouldn’t preserve anything that doesn’t carry us joy. It may sound hokey – however try it. Pick up that shirt you’ve been keeping because you wore it for your first day of college. Hold it for your fingers. Does it spark joy? If now not, you could supply it away. Kondo explains that we can be thankful to items for the meaning they introduced into our lives with out feeling guilty for parting with them when they now not serve us. It’s time to smooth out that trunk of relics out of your past!

Her book lays out the KonMari technique – your final guide to sooner or later getting your stuff in order – and offers you actual-existence tools to preserve it that manner. Check out this folding manual Goop evolved from her book. We’ve been the use of this method in our personal closets and we can attest to the machine of preserving the whole lot well stacked.

open space closet

Creating “to sell” piles is a brilliant litmus take a look at for what you really suppose you’ll wear. Image: Arciform

3. Try promoting your clothes

There are about a hundred methods to sell your used garments, from consignment stores to on-line stores. Find the method that works for you and build a bag of garments you want to try to sell. Now right here’s the sneaky component. You may additionally by no means actually create that Poshmark account or make the journey to Buffalo Exchange. But it’s illuminating to peer what you’re willing to element with while you suppose you might be capable of make a bit cash off of it. And – as an brought bonus – if you do turn out to be selling your garments, you’ll get a touch extra cash to pad your pockets!

closet cleaning tips - color coded

Color-code your closet to cast off duplicates and motivate your self to maintain it looking best. Image: Neat Method

4. Organize by shade

This is one of the exceptional-loved closet cleaning hints, and for suitable purpose. There are some of advantages to organizing your closet by means of color. First, it helps you see in which you have duplicates. You won't recognize you've got six black shirts until they’re all placing subsequent to each other. Once the similarities emerge as clear, you could make greater educated choices about what to keep. Sure, one black blouse is a tee, one is a pullover, and one is an athletic blouse. It makes experience to keep all of these. Those 3 black blouses, however, might not all be necessary.

Organizing via coloration has an ongoing gain, too. When you open up your closet and it appears great, you’re extra stimulated to keep it that manner. (We think that’s why the KonMari folding technique is so effective.) The inviting rainbow of a coloration-coded closet might just be the incentive you need to preserve matters so as.

closet shelves

One of the most thorough ways to easy out your closet is to first completely empty it. Image: Axiom

5. Take the whole thing out

Don’t hate us. But in case you’re virtually serious approximately cleaning out your closet, it’s worth making an investment the electricity to take the entirety out and eliminate any putting portions from their hangers. This would possibly first of all appear to be a waste of time, but it ultimately saves you – for the very motive you don’t want to do it in the first region. As you placed things returned in your closet, start together with your favorite pieces. By the give up, you’ll be quite ill of setting everything returned in location. If you’re no longer willing to do the work to put that blouse again at the hanger or fold up the ones pants, it’s a clean sign you don’t actually care about that object of garb. Into the giveaway pile it goes!

closet cleaning tips - box

Box matters up and positioned them in garage for a tribulation run in an open, organized closet. Image: California Closets

6. Box it up

We realize it isn’t smooth to permit move of clothing. So why now not take baby steps? Do a chief easy-out, setting any “maybes” in your giveaway box. Then tape up the container and positioned it in garage. If you locate yourself regretting pulling a positive object from your closet, you’ll be capable of retrieve it. Odds are, although, you’ll like the feel of an organized closet crammed only with clothes you like and also you’ll need to keep it cleared out.

More closet cleansing pointers

Feeling inspired? Keep that teach rolling with even extra closet employer ideas and idea on your dream stroll-in closet. With these closet cleansing tips and thoughts accessible, you’ll – sooner or later! – get your wardrobe organized in no time.

How to Clear Out and Organize Your Wardrobe | Closet Organization Ideas

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